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win, lose and draw

Jamie Coe on capturing Serena Williams and the GOATs: It can be really challenging to make the greatest athletes of all time look accurate! I started by sketching small, to get the concept working and to run through ideas quickly before fully committing. That was key. MORE ON PAGE 48 Alexander Wells on drawing Space Jam without drawing Space Jam: Due to copyright issues, I couldn’t actually draw anything Looney Tunes–related. The entire time I fought the urge to not draw Bugs Bunny. So I improvised by using the film’s bold original colors and aesthetics. MORE ON PAGE 60 Rafa Alvarez on illustrating his way through life events and Lakers drama: I got married between the rough sketches and the final illustrations. I had to ask for an extension to finish the…

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teamwork makes the dream work

SAM ALIPOUR: Before you wrote this screenplay for The Mag, we hopped on a call and had a brainstorming session—just like we’ve done in the past. On a scale of 1 to 10, how useful are these sessions when we come up with things? DAVID KOHAN: So the lowest I can go is 1, right? [Laughing] But actually, I think they are really helpful and fun. I love your engagement and enthusiasm. I’ll go with 9. What keeps you coming back for more? What do you enjoy about this screenwriter series that we do? You haven’t lost my phone number yet! [Laughing] I mean, I love it. The truth of the matter is that I like what I do: writing comedy television shows. But I love basketball and I love sports. And to…

3 min.
the truth

The Toronto Raptors had barely lifted the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy when the battering ram of the offseason shattered the locker room door. Would Kawhi Leonard stay or go? Kyrie Irving wanted out of Boston—which teams had cap room? Anthony Davis was soon traded to the Lakers—who would follow him there? It was time for business. My initial reflex is that professional sports leagues are overrestrictive; salary caps, drafts, luxury taxes should all be abolished, especially since their justification is the phantom of “competitive balance.” If the Pelicans want Zion Williamson to play for them, they should compete with other teams and negotiate a contract for his services. The moral case here is that athletes, like any other applicant entering a workforce, should have a say in their employment. The practical…

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1 dingers, twinsies and no-nos!

ASTRO-NOMICAL . The Astros will win it all. The Los Angeles Bellingers have been freakishly good, and the Second String Yankees are better than every other starting nine. None of that matters because Houston has Mr. October. I wouldn’t be surprised to see George Springer start Game 3. NO-HITTER WONDER . Justin Verlander will throw his third career no-hitter—this one against the Tigers. His former team will wish it had never traded him. Or that it had gotten 26 prospects in return instead of three. WOEFUL ORIOLES . The O’s will cement their status as the worst team ever. With a run differential of minus-167, they have a pretty good chance to break the record (-349) set by the 1932 Red Sox. The good news: Boston won it all just 72 years later! HAVE THE TWINS…

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3. games of the weak

It’s vacation time for most folks, and it’s also the perfect time to escape from all those boring playoff pictures, free agency trackers and title fights. Why not lie back, kick up your feet and relish some totally pointless bad sporting events? MLB Mets at Giants (July 20, 4:05 p.m. ET, FS1) The Mets spent the early summer hiring 82-year-old coaches and threatening reporters, while the Giants were yelling about home run celebrations. It can lead to only one thing—Get Off My Lawn Day at the ballpark! NFL Broncos vs. Falcons (Aug. 1, 8 p.m. ET, NBC) If you’re lucky, you’ll get 15 minutes of Joe Flacco vs. Matt Ryan in this HOF Game matchup—followed by three quarters of guys who can’t beat out Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. Helloooo, Kevin Hogan! All Big Ticket stats through June 30.…

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5. tape of the tales

MAX HOLLOWAY VS. FRANKIE EDGAR Holloway says he was raised by his grandmother, who had a rule that he could get only one pair of shoes per year until he outgrew them. Today the featherweight champ is one of UFC’s biggest sneakerheads—just check out his Twitter feed to see his collection of customs, which includes PG 2s, Jordan 11s and Air Vapormaxes. The gritty ex-plumber and former lightweight champ was born and raised in New Jersey, where he still trains and lives. In fact, Edgar met his wife, Renee, back when they were kindergartners. So what did Edgar and his wife use as an image on their wedding invitations? What else—their kindergarten class picture! Catch UFC 240 on July 27—prelims begin at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN, with the main card on…