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ESPN The Magazine is for the NEXT generation of sports fans who want to stay on top of the athletes, teams, topics and upcoming events in their own sports world. The Magazine celebrates not only sports, but the cultures and lifestyles that are an integral part of them - all with ESPN's unique personality and authority.

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glam squad

How many athletes have you groomed and glammed up over the years? 25! My first athlete for Body was rugby player Todd Clever in 2015. Who’d you work with this year? I worked with Liz Cambage, Katelyn Ohashi, Scout Bassett, Lakey Peterson, Michael Thomas, James Hinchcliffe and Christian Yelich. What does your job entail on set? I start every shoot by saying to the athlete, “We are going to be best friends.” I will do the hair, the makeup. I will shave them. I will put oil and lotion on them. I will be there with a towel to cover them up when they are done. I am going to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Let’s be real, what’s it like to “groom” some of the most elite athletes? Let me get candid: I’ve only…

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meet the body issue writers

Sam Miller “You could hit a home run and not know why,” Christian Yelich said. At first, it sounded like a shrug, but I soon realized it was my story’s thesis statement. PAGE 50 Tim Keown Whenever I’m tempted to type “courage” to describe an athlete, I’ll think of Scout Bassett and her unbelievable story—and then choose another word. PAGE 56 Ryan McGee I’ve covered motorsports for 25 years, but the racers still manage to surprise me. Add James Hinchcliffe’s honesty about his injuries to that list. PAGE 78 Ramona Shelburne Watching Liz Cambage juggle her All-Star commitments, I thought of another star I followed at the height of her fame: Ronda Rousey. PAGE 86 Seth Wickersham What drove Alex Honnold to free solo El Capitan? His feats are so perilous and insane that he leaves that open to…

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meet the body issue photographers

Peggy Sirota on Myles Garrett Shooting in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree, California, in June was no joke. It felt like 200 degrees that day. But Myles stood there with a smile on his face, doing whatever it took to get the golden shot. PAGE 30 Dana Scruggs on Katelyn Ohashi Shooting for the Body Issue a second year in a row, I got the opportunity to push my work further than I ever have, conceptually. Katelyn’s expressive fearlessness made the images stronger than I even imagined. PAGE 38 Rob Daly on Brooks Koepka Mother Nature can always present challenges, especially in Florida. Most of shoot day was overcast. But at one point on the golf course, the clouds parted, and it was like the heavens opened up for the perfect shot. PAGE 44 Joe Pugliese on…

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the next big thing

WHEN ESPN THE MAGAZINE burst onto the scene 21 years ago, the swaggering declaration that our four original cover stars were Next was as much about calling our own shot as it was about bestowing the label on those young athletes. From Day 1, the vision was clear: Game stories were (literally) yesterday’s news, and game-action images were supporting material only. This magazine was all about offering fans insider access and incomparable insight into the lives and stories of the very real people behind the scores and stats we all follow so obsessively from season to season. The impact was immediate. As a new generation of athletes—from LeBron and Serena to Brady, Phelps and Tiger—claimed dominance, so too did ESPN The Magazine. In our two-plus decades, we’ve won the National Magazine…

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espn the magazine

Vice President, Editor in Chief, ESPN The Magazine Alison Overholt Executive Editor Scott Burton Senior Creative Director Chin Wang Senior Deputy Editor Jena Janovy Deputy Editors Ryan Hockensmith, Paul Kix, Eric Neel, Ty Wenger Senior Editors Susie Arth, Aimee Crawford, Ericka Goodman-Hughey, Rebecca Hudson, Ross Marrinson, Rebecca Nordquist, Michael Philbrick, Rachel Ullrich General Editors Dotun Akintoye, Elaine Teng Associate Editors Dan Appenfeller, Jenisha Watts Senior Writers Sam Alipour, Sam Borden, Howard Bryant, Wayne Drehs, David Fleming, Bonnie D. Ford, Allison Glock, Tom Junod, Peter Keating, Tim Keown, Mina Kimes, Ryan McGee, Elizabeth Merrill, Sam Miller, Stacey Pressman, Alyssa Roenigk, Ramona Shelburne, Wright Thompson, Pablo S. Torre, Don Van Natta Jr., Kevin Van Valkenburg, Seth Wickersham, Steve Wulf Writer/Reporters Katie Barnes, Hallie Grossman Contributing Writers Kevin Arnovitz, Bill Barnwell, Scott Eden, Baxter Holmes, Emily Kaplan, Jackie MacMullan, Anna Peele, Marly…

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generation next

SEEMS LIKE YESTERDAY. There they stand, four young men in black, posed against a white backdrop: Kobe, Alex, Kordell, Eric. Above their heads is a gold ESPN logo, and above that, at the top of the page, PREMIER ISSUE. The date in the lower left hand corner reads March 23, 1998. But it’s the red cover billing on that very first issue that speaks the loudest: Next. With a period. End of sentence. From the perspective of today, there is a bittersweet irony to that word. This is the last regular edition of ESPN The Magazine: October 2019. And while staff members past and present are naturally wistful about the end of an era, we’re also grateful for the opportunity to have taken readers on a voyage around the sports world. In…