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Autumn 2021

Foiling Magazine brings the best features, the latest tech and the finest tricks-and-tips to you from the world of foiling. Within this relatively new sport, Foiling Magazine is essential reading for any surf, SUP, Wing, wake or eFoiler. Working with the best riders, the biggest brands and the finest photographers, Foiling Magazine provides the ultimate representation of the most exciting sport on the planet…

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It’s that time of year again in my little corner of the world – the sun reveals itself significantly less, the stiff and increasingly chilly onshore winds become the rule, and the seasonal rainstorms are back, with a vengeance. A beard is in the offing, and my favorite chunky wool jumper, infused with actual sheep smell, just emerged from the wardrobe after a six-month hiatus. Therefore, it’s somewhat of a comfort at this point in the year to know that, when I get into my office each morning and power up the desktop, awaiting me will be a raft of exotic images fired toward my email account from distant corners of the world – corners that generally aren’t being blasted by Atlantic wind and weather, where glorious shades of blue form…

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RIDER Moona Whyte LOCATION North Shore, Hawaii PHOTOGRAPHER Christa Funk Moona: After spending a month surfing head high, mile long rights in Mexico, I returned home to summer in Hawaii: ankle biters max, on the North Shore. Surely I’d be too spoiled to really have fun in that, right? Fueled by leftover adrenaline begging me to go fast down the line, I picked up my Mantis wing and a foil and hopped into the blasting trade winds. Barely breaking one footers turned into powerful, slingshotting runners under my wing. Sometimes all it takes is a different craft and a change of perspective to score some mile long rides right here at home. RIDER Tom Soupart LOCATION Knokke-Heist, Belgium PHOTOGRAPHER Stijn Vanoverbeke Tom: It’s been a wet and cold summer season in Belgium’s North Sea, but a few…

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hydrofoil pathways featuring dale staples

Nice video Dale. How did this come about? Thanks so much – I’m very happy with how it came out. I was actually approached by the AK Durable Supply Co team with this idea and I was super stoked with what they came up with. You talk of the perils of competitive surfing. Do you regret the time spent on that, or do you feel without it you wouldn't have had the epiphany you had? I don’t regret the competitive side as I had some great times and really enjoyed it, but the losses and being a South African trying to accumulate the money to get to all the events with minimal backing is really hard, so the lows are really low… But I think that just made me a better person and…

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kaden pritchard

Hey Kaden! First up, tell our readers how old you are, where you live, and what you’re plans are for today… Hi I am Kaden Pritchard. I just turned 12 years old. I live in Maui, Hawaii. My plan for today is to go surf at my favorite wave, Ho’okipa, which is five minutes away from my house. When I get back I am going to go winging with my grandpa at Upper Kanaha and have fun! In order, which are your favorite foil disciplines and what do you love about them? Wave riding is first on the list because it’s just so fun to really try to rip the wave to pieces. Downwinding is my second favorite because it’s just like riding a wave. Freestyle is my favorite thing to do when…

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efoiling the english channel

On August 12 I became the first person to cross the English Channel by eFoil. I was closely followed by my son Morgan, who joined me riding a second board. We set off from Cap Griz Nez, France at 11.20am UK time to take advantage of a following tide that would push us towards the Atlantic and then switch in direction towards the North Sea at the halfway point. The 37km crossing took 1 hour and 40 minutes of riding, and I arrived on the shingle beach at Folkstone harbour with only 4% battery remaining. I’ve been riding a Fliteboard pretty much every day since 2018, but it was back in March 2021 that we started experimenting to see how far we could travel on a single charge. It didn’t take…

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felix von essen

Wingfoiling is so much more than just a water sport, it is about experiencing new places on our oceans, no matter the conditions. When it all started I could not imagine the possibilities this sport has to offer. Flying over the ocean at spots like this one, that are completely off the radar, by myself… well, for someone who loves water sports such as myself, it’s magic. And I guess I am addicted to it. Felix The magic of a secret spot is that only you and your friends know about it. Nowadays it is difficult with technology and social media to keep a site undiscovered by the masses. A clear example of freedom is this desolate and spectacular volcanic land that was active 15,000 years ago. It is in our…