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Golf Tips May/June 2019

Golf Tips is the best instruction and equipment-centric magazine in the industry. Made with the golfer in mind, each issue is filled with in-depth gear reviews, step-by-step instruction on proven techniques and advice from the top golfers in the game.

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it’s game renovation season

Well, it’s finally happened: After a year of visualizing, planning, financing, waiting, cleaning, permitting and waiting some more, we’ve finally embarked on one of life’s most stressful yet rewarding adventures: home renovation. Actually it’s “just” our kitchen, plus a new laundry room and walk-in closet, and somewhere down the road we’ll get to the master bathroom. But it’s a big deal (just ask our bank account). Then again, it’s spring, and that means new rebirth by whatever means comes along — tearing out walls and installing new cabinets and appliances, re-thinking that water-guzzling lawn (they’re doing it on the parts of golf courses to which no ball should venture, so why not me?), rededicating one’s self to a noble or charitable or plainly worthwhile pursuit … or, perhaps, remodeling one’s golf swing,…

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stop topping the ball

We have all heard the phrase, “Keep Your Head Down!” Some people might say, “Keep your eye on the ball.” People say this so we do not top the golf ball. It is one of the five old wives’ tales of golf. In fact, it is the NUMBER One Old Wives’ Tale. What is the challenge? If you look at the top of the golf ball, you will most likely hit the top of the golf ball. If you look at Photo 1, I have placed some golf tees behind the ball. If I look at the top of the golf ball, I will hit the top of the golf ball when I swing down. The tees on the ground will not move and the ball will not go in the air.…

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get your short game on plane

Most of you struggle with your short game because you swing the club too far inside on your takeaway. When we videotaped the best short game players we found when the club reaches parallel to the ground on the takeaway the club was parallel to the target line. So how do we learn the “On Plane” takeaway? Put an alignment rod on your toe line parallel to your target (Photo 1). Then dress-rehearse the takeaway several times, where you stop when the club is parallel to the target line and above the alignment rod (Photo 2). This takeaway blends the right amount of inside takeaway with the proper attack angle coming back into contact. Many of you hit behind the ball because the club is coming in too shallow from your…

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creating the proper on-plane downswing

No less an authority than Jack Nicklaus, as well as my teaching mentors Mike Austin and Dan Shauger, all believed that if the first move in the downswing was to move the weight into the lead foot, it is absolutely impossible to release the club too soon. But it’s how we move to the lead foot that is critically important and will have a major bearing on where the golf ball ends up. Think of yourself as baseball hitter in the righthander’s batter box (you lefties pretend that you’re either Ted Williams or Ichiro). You should be relaxed at address, as I am in Photo 1. After your backswing, to start the downswing your subtle bump of the left hip (4-5 inches) must go toward the pitcher. When this happens, the…

5 min.
rule the greens

I have known Bob Walton for over 25 years. We were introduced by our mutual friend Bob Ford, head PGA Professional at Seminole and past head professional at Oakmont. Bob Walton is as passionate a golfer as any living and breathing human being I have ever met on this planet. So when he called me this past winter season in Naples and said he wanted to travel down from his home in Hilton Head, South Carolina, to show me a putting training aid he had invented, I was all ears. This much I know about Bob Walton: he wouldn’t waste my time with something he didn’t feel had real merit. I have always believed putting was simply five learned skills. 1. Reading the putt2. Aiming the putter face3. Squaring the face to the…

4 min.
mark your golf milestones

Our lives are filled with milestones — significant dates and events within our lives that mark your coming of age. Whether it be the day you married, the birth of your first child, the wedding of a son or daughter, or the day you retire, milestones play a significant part in each person’s life. With the arrival of each milestone comes a new goal, a new adventure. And milestones provide us all the inspiration to continue our life’s journey. As a golfer, milestones are part of your life too. The day you break 100, your first birdie, your first hole-in-one, and the day you shoot your age are all simple yet very important milestones in your experiences as a golfer. Yet, the milestones that mark your maturation of scoring sometimes seem too…