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Golf Tips July/August 2019

Golf Tips is the best instruction and equipment-centric magazine in the industry. Made with the golfer in mind, each issue is filled with in-depth gear reviews, step-by-step instruction on proven techniques and advice from the top golfers in the game.

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MORE TOP 25 INSTRUCTION Get the best lessons in America with our rich archive of top tips from this year’s Top 25 teachers, and many more. ALSO ON THE WEB: more great gear Besides editors’ favorites from the PGA Show, we’re constantly updating the latest in equipment news and reviews. state of the game Read editor Vic Williams’ read on what’s happening on the Tours and outside the ropes, plus guest columns from other contributors where to go next Get the goods on the golf destinations you might have missed along they way, or favorites you need to visit again. And again. CONNECT WITH US NEWSLETTER The latest instruction, equipment, video and travel delivered to you every week.…

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EDITORIAL Editor Vic Williams | 617-315-9159 Contributing Editors Tom Patri, PGA, John Hughes, PGA SALES & MARKETING VP, Media Solutions Stuart Crystal Media Solutions Manager Dave Honeywell | 617-706-9093 Client Services Marketing Director Andrew Yeum Marketing Associate Tommy Goodale Social Media Manager Tim Doolan Content Marketing Associates Anthony Buzzeo, Joanna Cassidy ART Art Director Carolyn V. Marsden Graphic Designer Haley Nunes MADAVOR MEDIA OPERATIONS VP, Strategy Jason Pomerantz Operations Coordinator Toni Eunice Human Resources Generalist Alicia Roach Supervisor, Client Services Cheyenne Corliss Senior Client Services Associate Tou Zong Her Client Services Aubrie Britto, Darren Cormier, Andrea Palli Accounting Director Amanda Joyce Accounts Payable Associate Tina McDermott Accounts Receivable Associate Wayne Tuggle DIGITAL OPERATIONS Senior Director, Digital Products Renee Dextradeur Wordpress Developer David Glassman Senior Digital Designer Mike Decker EXECUTIVE Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey C. Wolk Chief Operating Officer Peter Madden SVP, Sales & Marketing Robin Morse VP, Business Operations Courtney Whitaker TOP 25 GOLF INSTRUCTORS Dale Abraham, PGA, Bighorn Golf Club Adam Bazalgette, PGA, Mediterra Golf Club Warren Bottke, PGA PGA National Resort Alison Curdt, LPGA, Wood Ranch Golf Club Mike Diffley, PGA Pelham Country Club Krista Dunton, LPGA Berkeley Hall Golf Club Wayne…

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let tiger lead the way

Finally summer and its promise of long, warm, golf-packed days is here, but if we’re honest with ourselves, our favorite sport hit its 2019 peak back in April, on a cloudy and muggy Georgia Sunday. Tiger Woods in red and green, in the Butler cabin. Again. For the fifth time. After 14 years. After 11 years of major drought. After a decade of physical pain, mental anguish, public shame followed by relentless hard work on body and mind and, yes, soul. After it all, there he was. There we were, with him, behind him, shedding a tear for him. When that little bogey putt dropped on No. 18 at Augusta National, the fully reconstituted, reborn Tiger Woods did a little fist pump, then let fly with a wide-armed scream that, he says, he…

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editor’s picks

ADIDAS BOOST BOA-ENHANCED GOLF SHOES Colorado-based BOA got its start in the snowboard business, but they’re is making big waves on the golf front, too; so far three top shoe manufacturers — Adidas, Ecco and FootJoy — have incorporated its unique and proprietary “turnbuckle” technology into certain lines of its spiked and spikeless shoes. You put your foot in, pull to engage the dial and turn clockwise to tighten. The lace guides are bit wider so you can get the tension all the way down, to get a nice even fit over the top of your foot. It adapts to any foot type — no hot spots, no pinching, no slipping. The laces are made of either thin metal wrapped in a special protective vinyl layer, or a brand new Forged Fiber…

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how to grip it right every time

The only thing that touches the clubs is your hands. Making sure they are on the club correctly is imperative. I have a very simple set-up routine that, if you follow it, you will know for sure you are correct. Eliminating doubt is one of the best things you can do for your game. 1. Stand away from the ball about three feet. Allow your left arm to hand relaxed from your shoulder, as I’m doing in Photo 1. When I say relaxed, I mean holding naturally. Don’t see the palm of your hand.2. Have the golf club by your side, and put your left hand on the club. You would like this step to feel as natural as possible. Do NOT twist your arm or hand. Photo 2 shows what…

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watch clubhead and ball collide

We have all heard it. The well-intentioned advice of “keep your head down.” Keeping your head down in a static sense is an unnatural and tense position. This is because keeping your head down rigidly restricts the free swinging motion of your body through the ball. You could easily wind up hitting at the ball rather than swinging through it. Instead, try to “watch the collision” of the clubhead and ball. This thought will help keep your spine angle constant and your focus of attention on the ball. When the weight shifts and the rotation of the body occurs, the right shoulder passing under your chin will help your head come up after impact so that you can follow the flight of the ball, getting to the optimal balanced finish position. Remember,…