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Golf Tips March/April 2020

Golf Tips is the best instruction and equipment-centric magazine in the industry. Made with the golfer in mind, each issue is filled with in-depth gear reviews, step-by-step instruction on proven techniques and advice from the top golfers in the game.

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FULL EQUIPMENT COVERAGE Get the full scoop on what golf products rocked our world at the annual PGA Merchandise Show and beyond. ALSO ON THE WEB: even more instruction Check out fresh lessons long before they're in print … and revisit the best features from issues past to keep your game at its best. news and opinion There’s plenty to learn off the practice tee, too, and we’ll help you keep up on the latest tour trends and offer insights from the golfing world. the video vault Between classic video lessons from our own archives and special selections from our friends at Secret Golf, you’ve got lots to watch. CONNECT WITH US NEWSLETTER The latest instruction, equipment, video and travel delivered to you every week.…

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keeping the major faith

So, where do we get off featuring Jordan Spieth on the cover of this issue? After all, he didn’t notch a PGA Tour win in 2019, dropping him to 44th in the World Rankings. As the season wore on, his vaunted putting stroke went into hiding and he could barely find a fairway. It was tough to watch, though I’ll remind everyone that he did finish third at both the Masters and the PGA Championship. But now that we’ve come to another season of rebirth – and re-belief among golfers of every stripe that this will be the year we finally find our games for good – I find myself rooting for the young star’s return to greatness. He’s got it in him. Just think back to a mere five years ago. Spieth…

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don’t leave putts short!

Clearly, when it comes to putting from 20 feet or less, we have one goal. Hole it! Make the putt! From 50 feet, getting it close and two putting is fine. Well done. BUT if you are not trying to make every putt inside 25 feet, you will lose to someone who is. The worst miss from this distance is short. Ugh! Even thinking about leaving a makeable putt short hurts. There are four misses: Long, left, right, and short. We don’t love any of them, but short is the worst. This great drill will assist your feel with feedback so you avoid leaving those putts short. Lay a mid-iron down two and a half to three feet behind the hole. Use three balls and your normal routine for each putt. Simulate playing conditions…

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quiet hands for better chips

Occasionally, newer and seasoned golfers alike get nervous over the ball when faced with a tough lie, forced carry or tight pin. But if your knees are knocking over every chip, this tip is for you. Next time you miss a green, let the thumb and index finger of your trail hand go along for the ride. We’ve all heard “quiet hands” when it comes to chipping. What that really means is the muscles in your arms should be more active than the muscles in your hands. The easiest way to feel this separation is to take the thumb and index finger of your trail hand off the club when practicing chips. Using the muscles in those fingers are great for writing or throwing, but are very often the culprits to miserable…

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get it over the lip!

When my ball is in a bunker with a big lip, I like to move the ball toward the front of my stance and open the face as much as possible. A big swing generates a lot of club head speed to power through the sand and lift the ball up quickly. The goal at impact is to take a wide and even patch of sand out while following through high and toward your target. Practice bunker shots to build confidence in taking the right amount of sand to control distance. Kali Quick is Director of Instruction at The Club at Spanish Peaks in Big Sky, Montana…