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Golf Tips January/February 2019

Golf Tips is the best instruction and equipment-centric magazine in the industry. Made with the golfer in mind, each issue is filled with in-depth gear reviews, step-by-step instruction on proven techniques and advice from the top golfers in the game.

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the best they can be

Many people around the world are list-makers, but Americans tend to make a high art of it, all the way back to the Declaration of Independence and its forceful litany of grievances. From grocery lists scribbled on the back of an envelope to elaborate and detailed business plans, lists put information into a tight and tidy package. Just look at any media web site, ours included: Lots of “5 ways” this or “10 best” that. We love lists. Lists also help distinguish one group from another, give it collective gravitas without resorting to a flat-out “ranking” system. That’s what we hope we’ve done with our list of Top 25 Instructors for 2019-2020 — introducing its members as superstars in the American firmament of golf teaching, equal to the task of helping…

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meet golf tips’ top 25 instructors

GOLF TIPS MAGAZINE IS PROUD to present its Top 25 Instructors for 2019-2020. In early 2018 we decided to overhaul our previous Top 30 list, formed a nomination committee and undertook an exhaustive, months-long search for the best golf teaching talent we could find from coast to coast, finally narrowing our list to several dozen candidates. They submitted in-depth nomination forms detailing their instruction experience, previous teaching and competition accolades, community involvement and more. Long time readers will recognize a few names on the list, while others are brand new to Golf Tips. Together they will provide the best instructional content available today, both in print and online. Find a more in-depth bio of each and keep up to date on their lessons and tips at DALE ABRAHAM Director of Instruction,…

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editor’s picks

HANDS ON: BRIDGESTONE TOUR B JGR GOLF CLUBS So, this Bridgestone outfit, they’re the golf ball folks, right? The new ones Tiger put into play last year? Well, yeah, and darned fine golf balls they are, especially the Tour B RX. But this venerable company is no slouch in the golf club department, either. In fact, the next generation of Bridgestone Tour B JGR club series — driver, fairway metals, hybrids and either the graphite-shafted, wide-soled HF1 game improvement irons and steel-shafted, low-to-mid-handicapper HF2 irons — impressed me at every level over several testing rounds in advance of their fall 2018 debut. As you’d expect, the Tour B JGR line is, of course, designed with the everyday, average, aspiring amateur in mind, though they’re getting some love from Bridgestone Golf staff players…

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pga show preview

As a new golf equipment year, 2019, is upon us, consumers will hear the same refrains in regard to technology and innovation. Those are, that new versions of drivers, fairway metals, hybrids and irons — many of them to be shown off, struck and marketed at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Jan. 22-25 — are lighter because more weight has been removed; have improved construction and aesthetics thanks to exotic composites; and are more forgiving because of new clubface technologies. Callaway, for example, has its “Jailbreak’’ technology that helped propel the Rogue line of drivers and metal woods into one of the more successful in company history. TaylorMade Golf’s new P760 irons (3-7) features “SpeedFoam’’ technology that the company says serves the dual purpose of generating ball speed while…

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a glance at your stance

I’m a huge advocate of setting up your golf swing’s “launching pad” in a fundamentally sound condition. We hear a lot about the importance of a sound grip. We hear tons about your ability to properly align yourself to your target. We also hear how important a great athletic posture is to perform a successful motion. We often hear about the importance of ball position as it relates to quality of contact. All those things are certainly important in my coaching for each and every student that comes to my lesson tee. The thing I think is often overlooked by many of my students, only because they don’t fully understand its effect, is the width of their feet at address. The way you position your feet in your launching pad will dramatically…

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5 reasons why your’s not improving

As a golfer, we can’t control the weather, how the golf course is set up, and many other items. Then there are things in our lives we do have control of. Once placed in a priority list, these allow us to live our lives consistently and successfully. As a golfer you can control a lot of things — how you practice, how you prepare to play, how you make decisions, how you evaluate your rounds, and how you choose your improvement path. The key is finding and understanding those simple yet vital priorities in your game over which you have complete control. Once you you find the correct combination of items to work on, you’ll most likely become a more consistent golfer. Here are five of the most common and simplest items most…