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Golf Tips November/December 2018

Golf Tips is the best instruction and equipment-centric magazine in the industry. Made with the golfer in mind, each issue is filled with in-depth gear reviews, step-by-step instruction on proven techniques and advice from the top golfers in the game.

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swing through the season

The holiday season came early for me in several ways this year, on several fronts — as a golfer, as a golf journalist, and as a dad. In fact, the parade of golf-related goodies never ends through each calendar year, starting with the annual PGA Merchandise Show in January, where companies of all sizes, from the monster OEMs like Titleist and TaylorMade to the tiniest mom-and-pop startup, roll out their products for perusal and review by media, PGA professionals and golf course, club and resort operators. It’s a massive display of marketing muscle that reverberates through pro shops and big box retail outlets for many months to follow — indeed, until the next product cycle begins in earnest in late summer and early fall. As always Golf Tips will be in…

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putt like a pro

Touring pros work endlessly on distance control when putting. The two most important aspects of distance control are: • Hitting your putt consistently in the center of the club.• Maintaining the sense of even tempo back and through and matching the distance you take the putter back with the distance you follow through. We have all seen the tee drill that the pros use to help with hitting solid putts. This drill not only does the same but also makes you aware and helps you focus on path and distance control. Get that dozen of your favorite golf balls you purchased recently, and let’s use them as a teaching aid. Start with a straight 5 or 6-foot putt which, by tour standards, is made approximately 70 percent of the time. Set 2 sleeves parallel…

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throw in the towel for longer drives

Unlike most of the clubs in your bag, where hitting down on the ball is crucial for good contact, the driver demands a strike on the upswing. Unfortunately, many amateurs do the opposite, catching the ball when the club is still moving downward — leading to pop-ups and serious lack of distance. This tip has been around for a while, but it’s a good one. When you’re practicing your tee shots, place a rolled up towel a few inches in front of the ball. This visual will cause you to hit more “up” on the ball at impact to avoid hitting the towel. The benefit is clear: Hitting up on the ball several degrees (otherwise known as “angle of attack”) will create optimal launch conditions for the ball furthest flight. The ball…

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keep your head down? no!

I have been on the golf course many times when a lady has cold-topped it off the tee and/or hit a worm burner. The first thing her husband says is, “Honey, you lifted your head.” This is the worst advice you can give a golfer. Once a golfer hears that, they are often so worried about “lifting their head” they put their head down and tuck their chin in, which leads to rounded shoulders and poor posture, as I’m demonstrating in Photo 1. If the golfer tries to hit a shot with this set-up they almost always hit another shot that dribbles off the tee. Here is the issue. When golfers hit the skinny, low shots off the tee or in the fairway, they did not “lift their head,” they came out…

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through the green

Ball moved during a search If you unintentionally move your ball during a search, you must put it back, and you will receive 1 penalty stroke (without penalty if you are searching in abnormal ground conditions or in obstructions). If you do not put it back, you will be playing from the wrong spot, and you will incur 2 penalty strokes. If a fellow-player moves your ball it must also be put back but this does not incur a penalty. Ball moved when taking a practice swing If you take a practice swing and accidentally move your ball in doing so this does not count as a stroke, and you must put the ball back with 1 penalty stroke. If you do not put it back, you will incur 2 penalty strokes for playing…

5 min.
putting: speed control

AT TP Golf Schools in Naples, Florida, every day I go to the lesson tee I will try — in an admittedly pre-meditated manner — encourage my students to spend time with me on the putting green. Some will take the bait. Sadly, most will not. It is amazing to me in 2018 (soon to be 2019) how many recreational players fail to embrace the development of their putting games. Listen up, folks — without the putter as one of your strong suits, don’t plan on any truly low scores. Within the skill set we call putting there are only two major aspects that need to be developed: line and speed. During my 37-year-plus teaching and coaching journey, the aspect of the putting game that seems most lost in the recreational player’s tool…