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Golf Tips September/October 2018

Golf Tips is the best instruction and equipment-centric magazine in the industry. Made with the golfer in mind, each issue is filled with in-depth gear reviews, step-by-step instruction on proven techniques and advice from the top golfers in the game.

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3 min.
power to the golf people

I remember the first time I saw the raw power of Jack Nicklaus up close, at the 1983 PGA Championship at Riviera Country Club. On the par-5 first hole with that famous clifftop tee shot, he blasted a persimmon drive down the right side of the fairway, then pulled out a 5-wood (or was it 3-wood?) and knocked it onto the green, laser-like, for a two-putt birdie. I remember the first time I saw the unprecedented power of Tiger Woods up close, at the 2000 U.S. Open. On the par-5 6th hole he smoked a 3-metal into the rough right of the cliffhanging fairway, then pounded a blind 6-iron (!) over a finger of roiling Pacific, up the hill and onto the green, for an epic two-putt birdie. I remember the first…

13 min.
editor’s picks

SHORT PAR 4 GOLF GEAR SUBSCRIPTION For most guys, the words “shopping” and “department store” are enough to cause cold sweats or at least an urge to do something, anything, to avoid strolling the aisles for new clothes. Golfing men certainly aren’t immune to this aversion, which makes Short Par 4, a golf-inspired box subscription service that ships hand curated, top quality, branded golf apparel, footwear and accessories directly to golfers, such a great idea. For $99 to $125 per month, players who want to look their best on the links will receive in the mail each month (or every other month if preferred) a box of shirts, slacks, shoes, hats, belts and accessories, valued at $200 retail. Selections are curated by Short Par 4’s staff based on an online customer questionnaire. Now…

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club up to get up and down

The biggest mistake I see amateurs make when facing uphill lies with an uphill target is severely under-clubbing. They simply think a ball will travel as far as it would from a level lie to a “flat” target. Of course, that’s not the case, no matter how far you are from the hole. In this situation (Photo 1), I have 90 yards to clear to the front of the green, about a 10-foot elevation change and an uphill lie. My 56-degree sand wedge is my 90-yard club under flat conditions. I would take one more club to account for the elevation, but amateurs often fail to adjust for the uphill lie as well. In this case, where the elevation change equates to only one extra club and the uphill lie creates a…

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‘swoosh’ for power

The “Swoosh Drill” is a popular way to get rhythm back into your swing. Take out your driver and flip it around so you are holding more of the club head rather than the handle. Take a normal swing a few inches from the ground and listen for that “swoosh” sound. The accompanying images show where that sound should occur. The swoosh should happen at and just after impact. If you hear the swoosh anywhere else in your swing, there is a chance your hands are taking over, which is not what you want. Keep your hands very light. The right rhythm is a huge factor in a golf swing — you can’t get too quick with it, your body can’t move that fast!…

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keep it together for iron distance

Loss of power with your irons has many causes, but one of the biggest bugaboos is not keeping the hands, club and body connected throughout the swing. Not staying in sync will cause loss a lot of energy leaks, poor rhythm, lack of balance and both shorter and less accurate shots. Let’s go through this simple swing sequence to show how effortless power unfolds. At the start of the takeaway, keep everything very still and just let the club direct the swing — no swaying and moving hips all over the place. Keep the bottom half of the body quiet and building up the swing speed (Photo 1). Keep your arms “long” and using the entire club — no shortening of the swing when hitting full shots (Photo 2). Hitting the top of…

3 min.
6 steps to perfect alignment

Here is a great 6-Step Method to Proper Alignment: 1 Always pick your target from behind the ball, not beside the ball. If you are putting your club across your hips to line up to the target or along the toe line of your feet … STOP. The first step in alignment is to pick your target from behind the ball. You will do this whether you are putting, chipping, hitting a sand shot or a tee shot. 2 When choosing a target you want to pick a spot you want to hit or roll the ball toward. It is often too difficult to line up with a spot on the fairway or the left side of the green as there isn’t something specific enough to aim at. Pick a target line…