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HAWAII FISHING NEWS brings it all to you! Sportfishing in Hawaii is year-round! Aptly titled by HAWAII FISHING NEWS in 1977, the "Blue Marlin Capital of the World." Hawaii offers six species of billfish plus yellowfin (ahi), skipjack (aku), dogtooth, bonito, albacore & bigeye tuna. Other species of offshore game fish include wahoo (ono), dolphin fish (mahimahi), great barracuda (kaku) & rainbow runner (kamanu,or Hawaiian salmon). Bottom fishing is also popular in Hawaii with good catches of snapper at depths of 10 to 100 fathoms. Inshore waters of Hawaii, with 700 miles of fishable shoreline, draw the most activity from anglers. Heavy-duty shore casting rigs allow anglers to tackle giant ulua (jacks) of up to 200 lbs as they prowl the reefs at night. Medium tackle and ultralight fishing clubs have sprung up in Hawaii as anglers have discovered the excitement of fishing for the many other species that make the reefs and sandy channels their homes. Freshwater enthusiasts are not to be denied as Hawaii has more varieties of freshwater game fish than most areas of the mainland; these include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, oscar, tucunare, channel catfish and rainbow trout. What all this adds up to? Hawaii is a great place to fish!

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100-plus club: the beast after the storm

Welcome to the Club Grant! It was a rainy start to an epic weekend of fishing. April 14, 2018, was the day after O‘ahu got hit with its first nasty storm of the year. Many people will remember this time because of a flash flood warning, road closures, power outages, high surf, a brown-water advisory and images of Kalaniana‘ole Highway under water. I will remember April 13 to 15 as one of the best fishing weekends I will ever experience in my lifetime. It was a weekend my fishing crew planned months in advance, and nothing was going to stop us from our fun–not even a storm. Owen and I arrived at our campsite first on Friday the 13th. We set up shop and just cruised while the storm passed over the…

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wahines kick off 2019 with big fish!

I grew up fly-fishing in Oregon, so it was second nature for me to take on ocean fishing when I moved to Hawai‘i. Being a paddler and training a lot on my OC-1 (outrigger canoe, one person), I figured canoe trolling would be a perfect way to have fun while putting in work. I usually paddle around Diamond Head, hooking awa, papio, ‘omilu, ‘aha and the occasional uku. This day, I decided to troll on a run from Hawai‘i Kai to the Outrigger Canoe Club (7 miles). It was late, 4:45 p.m., and the sun was expected to set at 5:50 p.m. I had plenty of time to make it by dark. . . unless, of course, I hooked a 60-lb ulua! I was using a Shimano Coltsniper Jerk bait and…

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cover story

Aloha! I am stoked to send in this story to HFN. Catching this big bull mahimahi 8 miles south of O‘ahu was tons of fun and part of a killer family-and-friends fishing trip. We headed out on a Wednesday when we’d normally have been at work. The weather was too good to resist and most of us aren’t working because of the government shutdown, so we had time to go find some fish. We were hoping for striped marlin. We got a bill slap and one on for 30 seconds just after dawn, but then things slowed down for a while. A few hours passed while we looked for bird piles and got a few smaller mahimahi. At around 2 p.m. we saw some red-footed boobies that looked like they were having…

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watt’s up

Big Island old-timer Jimmy Watt is a hunting friend I’ve known for more than 20 years. We share a passion for upland game-bird hunting and shoot skeet together during the off-season. We recently discussed the changed conditions of the public hunting areas on Mauna Kea and what could be a related decline in the game resource. Richard: Jimmy, you’ve essentially spent all your life on the Big Island. Could you touch on your hunting experiences and the changes you’ve witnessed over the past several decades? Jimmy: In the late ’50s, the state Division of Fish and Game was responsible for, and very involved in, the management of the island’s game resource, which included populations of California valley quail, ring-necked pheasants and doves. Foot travel was relatively easy, and sheep were plentiful. In…

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brothers of the aina

Three Brothers, Three Deer I found fishing early on in my life, so early that I consider it my first memory. I grew up in a fishing family and proudly carry on the tradition today. I didn’t become a hunter until I was 30. I was living in Kodiak, Alaska, and spent nearly three unsuccessful seasons learning about marksmanship, mountain fitness and how to move over the land without being busted by a Sitka black-tailed deer, or mauled by a Kodiak brown bear. I was finally successful on the last day of my final deer season there. That moment awoke something deep inside of me. It was like a diploma after three years of studies. Six years have passed since then, and my love of the complementary aspects of both fishing and…

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makena landing kayak fishing 2018 adventures

Another fun-filled Makena Landing Kayak Fishing Tournament has come and gone. I want to thank all of our sponsors and participants who supported this year’s gathering. Without you, this event wouldn’t be possible. It was a great event. Everyone in the family from grandchildren to grandparents enjoyed fishing together. Seeing the kids’ faces always makes the effort worth it. A lot of nice-sized fish came in, and everybody had fun. Most importantly, everyone came back safely. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Mahalo to all of the HFN ‘ohana for making us feel like a part of your ‘ohana. The following stories were written by some of the tournament participants. Enjoy! . . . Tai Leo Pagaduan 1st Place - Inshore Division “Three-time champion of Makena Landing Kayak Fishing Tournament” sounded so good to my…