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HAWAII FISHING NEWS brings it all to you! Sportfishing in Hawaii is year-round! Aptly titled by HAWAII FISHING NEWS in 1977, the "Blue Marlin Capital of the World." Hawaii offers six species of billfish plus yellowfin (ahi), skipjack (aku), dogtooth, bonito, albacore & bigeye tuna. Other species of offshore game fish include wahoo (ono), dolphin fish (mahimahi), great barracuda (kaku) & rainbow runner (kamanu,or Hawaiian salmon). Bottom fishing is also popular in Hawaii with good catches of snapper at depths of 10 to 100 fathoms. Inshore waters of Hawaii, with 700 miles of fishable shoreline, draw the most activity from anglers. Heavy-duty shore casting rigs allow anglers to tackle giant ulua (jacks) of up to 200 lbs as they prowl the reefs at night. Medium tackle and ultralight fishing clubs have sprung up in Hawaii as anglers have discovered the excitement of fishing for the many other species that make the reefs and sandy channels their homes. Freshwater enthusiasts are not to be denied as Hawaii has more varieties of freshwater game fish than most areas of the mainland; these include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, oscar, tucunare, channel catfish and rainbow trout. What all this adds up to? Hawaii is a great place to fish!

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tail tales

Cover Story: Molokai Family’s First Ulua Catch is 110-lbs On March 14, my wife, Kalehua, our 5-year-old daughter, Evie, and I decided to get out of the house and go fishing. My parents, Franklin and Charmaine, decided to join us, as well. I loaded up the truck with my son Buzzy’s poles, riggings and bait, and we headed out. We got to our fishing spot at about 2:15 p.m. and had our lines out by 2:45 p.m. I’d cast one ulua pole and one spinner. I took my daughter to swim in the bay while my wife and parents watched the poles. We hadn’t even been at the bay for 10 minutes, when I heard a bell ringing. We jumped into the truck and headed back. My wife had started reeling in the…

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sharing data, aloha & our food

COVID-19 has changed life in Hawai‘i as we know it. Statistics show that the visitor industry, housing market and healthcare sector have all been seriously impacted by the virus, with impacts that will likely be longfelt. We have growing understanding of the impacts to our economy and to our people, but what do we know about direct and indirect impacts to our fishing community? There is clear evidence that Hawai‘i’s longline industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Fewer vessels are headed out, and the amount of fish leaving the auction has significantly decreased. While any decrease in island food security should be a concern for us all, for this particular commercially important industry, we can at least quantify COVID-19 impacts, develop a response plan and adjust accordingly to recover…

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hawaii’s best seafood cookbook!

Novice cooks and gourmet seafood chefs will love the tempting simplicity of the more than three hundred recipes that are offered in “FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY… from the FISHWIFE.” An extensive array of Fishwife’s Tips will guide readers to success—from choosing fresh seafood, to safe handling and preparation, to innovative cooking in the kitchen and barbecuing and smoking seafood outdoors. This, the second work of author and “Fishwife” Shirley Rizzuto, spanned the last decade of the 20th century. As we enter the next millennium and increasing attention is given to healthy living for longer life, scientists and dietitians predict we will turn more and more to the oceans of the world for healthy eating. With this in mind, “FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY” will most certainly become a popular and necessary part…

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DOBOR Defers Rent Using a Zoom video format, DLNR broadcast its April 9 Board of Land and Natural Resources monthly meeting. The meeting members discussed the deferral of the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) commercial boat operator income surcharge. As a result of Gov. Ige’s COVID-19 Emergency Proclamations on March 4, 16, 21 and 23, all commercial boating operations in Hawai‘i have ceased. DLNR Chairperson Suzanne Case said they have “received numerous requests [from] lessees, permits and concessionaires statewide for rent relief.” According to regulations passed last year, commercial boat operators pay fee surcharges that “shall be the greater of two times the mooring fees as provided in Section 13-234-3 or 3 percent of the monthly gross receipts.” Suzanne was firm in her testimony that all boaters are still paying mooring…

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the blue marlin capital

KONA MARCH Catch and Consume Report HUSTLER Capt. Beau Schmeckpeper with lucky anglers Tim Leeds & Michael Tomczyk and this 751-lbs monster. Angler Guy Arrington with Capt. Shane O’Brien and his crew caught this huge 707.5-lb marlin aboard WILD HOOKER. The amazing Capt. Bronson Cablay and crew of KAI KANE ,are all smiles with their haul, especially angler Adam Boroner with his 562-lb marlin. Greg McCarty fought this 530-lb marlin while out with Capt. Guaron on HIGH FLIER. Capt. Cyrus Widhalm of the KRAKEN helped angler Mike Miller hook up with this 171-lb ‘ahi. KONA MARCH Tag and Release Report…

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memories from the makena landing kayak fishing tournament

1st Place, Inshore Division: John Meriales Most kayak fishermen look forward to this event every year. This year was a little different for me. My wife decided to enter the tournament and compete against the “boys,” especially me; the pressure was on. It was a two-day tournament, held over a Saturday and Sunday. I chose to fish on the first day, while my wife chose the second day. Saturday morning was beautiful. I caught bait right away, but nothing hit my live bait. I decided to jig and caught a small uku. At least I was on the board. Then my live ‘opelu went off. I was hoping for an ulua, but it was a 6-lb uku. I told myself I had a chance at last place. It was 1 p.m., and…