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HOLA! MADE IN USA December/January 2019

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in a nutshell

Thalía is a star in every sense of the word. Her talent as a singer, actress, businesswoman, and influencer on social media is more than proven. The passion she feels for her family—her husband, Tommy Mottola, and their adorable children, Sabrina and Matthew—is undeniable. And her charisma—that special “angel” that has captivated millions around the world since she became a household name in 1980 as a member of Timbiriche—is infinite. But without a doubt, what makes her unique is her spark, charm, and ability to make all feel like they are her best friend. And I got to experience this first hand. After many conversations with Thalía’s label and management team, I was scheduled for the cover story interview on my birthday. Let me explain that for me, spending it with…

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what’s hot

The year 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of ¡HOLA! magazine; its first issue was released on September 4, 1944. Through the years, the iconic publication—founded with few resources but much optimism by Antonio Sánchez and Mercedes Junco—has been witness to the most important events in the lives of the most relevant celebrities of the times. Representing international high society, Hollywood stars, and European royalty, ¡HOLA! unquestionably became an essential reference in entertainment and human interest journalism. This year, in each issue of HOLA! USA, we want to celebrate the longevity of our sister publication—an essential part of our cultural heritage.…

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we visited casa kukuta, the paradise in cap cana of lucy doughty

Lucy took over the reins after her husband died. He managed a billion-dollar empire and was, in his day, the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in the world. “I owe my knowledge of finance to his most trusted people” We enter Casa Kukuta, Lucy Doughty’s mansion in Cap Cana, which is located on the eastern part of the Dominican Republic and is the most spectacular real estate in the country. The immaculate beach is full of palm trees reaching the water, an unexpected garden of tropical plants with leaves in thousands of colors, and houses submerged in nature—its roofs lined with cane leaves typical of the Caribbean. It’s a decor where innumerable details are grounded in art, color, sophisticated craftsmanship, and well-curated luxury. Lucy Doughty, a woman who has lived an…

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meghan’s royal road to motherhood baby on board

The Duchess of Sussex recently said: “Harry and I are ready and excited to join the club,” as she let the world in on the couple’s baby news. Since then, we’ve loved seeing Meghan blossom. Royal bump watch has meant months of great maternity fashion, and of course, time to mull over important questions such as what kind of birth plan Meghan has, what title her child will receive, and who will be in his—or her—elite playdate posse. Assuming the Duchess was 12 weeks along when the pregnancy was announced, her due date is mid to late April. But some sources suggest she may have been further along, which means the little one could make an entrance any time from mid-March. Here, we give you the lowdown on Baby Sussex. 1 WHERE…

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the mexican actress is causing a sensation in la casa de las flores cecilia suárez

“No one in the team expected it [this success]. We knew that we liked what we were doing, but we never imagined that it would have that kind of reception. It’s been very nice” With that odd, halting manner of speaking and a delivery that turns phrases such as “Muévelo, muévelo” or “Almost without realizing it, we were lesbians” (addressed to her transvestite husband) into memes that set social networks on fire, the popularity of this Mexican actress has shot into the stratosphere. But before coming into her own thanks to the role of Paulina de la Mora in La casa de las flores (The House of Flowers) on Netflix, Cecilia Suárez already had an outstanding career. In fact, she’s the first Spanish-speaking actress to be nominated for the International Emmy…

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did you know?

A book: Any title by Thich Nhat Hanh. A style icon: María Félix. A must in your closet: Jeans. A guilty pleasure: Hazelnut cream. Happiest memory: The day I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t cry; I was very happy. Favorite flower: Peonies. A secret talent: I’m good at cutting hair. I think that in some past life I was a hairdresser. Your relationship with your cell phone: I try to keep it at a distance, and sometimes it‘s difficult for me, but the truth is I hope that we can get rid of those devices in the future.…