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HOLA! MADE IN USA September 2018

We offer exclusive access to global celebrities, with a top-notch storytelling approach that is always ahead of the trend. With an irresistible twist of fashion and lifestyle, from beauty to celebrity glam to travel and life-changing moments, we deliver aspirational and intimate stories of the personalities our reader cares about. Through impactful images and human interest reports, we will make her life even more fulfilling, fun—and fabulous!

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in a nutshell

Sometimes, the most revealing details in a story—those that illuminate the character of a person—occur “off the record.” This is what happened with our cover star, who in addition to being warm and charming, amply demonstrated that quality possessed by the greats, “grace under pressure.” We landed in Los Angeles at 11:30 a.m. on a Friday: an inclement, historic heat wave (112 F in the shade) welcomed us. What worried us was that if the weather did not change by Sunday, we would have to photograph our beloved Eva Longoria in her home, in the midst of that unpleasant heat… only two and a half weeks after having given birth to her firstborn. What a way to interrupt her “maternity leave”! But when the day arrived—and despite the heat—Eva welcomed us with…

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spotlight behind the scenes

We spent a hot but productive day with the great Eva Longoria at her home in Los Angeles creating the fantastic cover story that we bring you in this 2nd anniversary edition of HOLA! USA (PAGE 68) . Needless to say, the rapport between our cover star and photographer Bernardo Doral was instantaneous. Below, left, our fashion editor Claudia Torres-Rondón, the beautiful Olivia Culpo, and photographer Derek Kettela had fun on the streets of New York City documenting the best looks for the season (PAGE 83) . Below, right, the stunning Alejandra Espinoza strikes a pose for the lens of Jorge Duva in Miami (PAGE 44) .…

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hollywood’s new latin ‘it’ girl

To say Eiza González is poised to become Hollywood’s next Latin sensation is an understatement. That’s because Eiza is not just hot: the 28-year-old Mexican beauty is positively incandescent! With seven films in postproduction, including Welcome to Marwen , with Steve Carrell, Paradise Hills , with Emma Roberts, and Kung Fury 2 , with Michael Fassbender, the actress and singer is ready to claim her crown. In 2012, when she was 22 years old, Eiza moved to the United States to study acting and try her luck in Hollywood. But luck has had nothing to do with her current success. An admittedly disciplined, “almost military style” person, Eiza credits her success to her ability to “put aside what others expected of me and find what I liked.” That, she says, is…

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the glamorous mexican, ex-model and art lover adriana abascal

“This is definitely the house of my dreams. My husband and I have decorated it together” Some of fashion’s biggest names have met their match in the striking Paris apartment that Adriana Abascal—a former Miss Mexico and model, blogger, and TV show host—shares with husband French businessman Emmanuel Schreder and their three children. While designer gowns by Oscar de la Renta, Balmain, and Dolce & Gabbana glimmer and shimmer in Adriana’s closets, the frocks are all upstaged by the jaw-dropping collection of contemporary art that takes pride of place on the walls—even the ceiling—as her passion for fashion gives way to a relish for works by some of the foremost artists of the day. “I’ve always been at home in the worlds of fashion and art. Though I’m still working in fashion, I’m…

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the princess diaries since her wedding meghan has become the new jewel in the crown of the british monarchy

“Harry is the best husband ever. I am really enjoying married life” From the Queen to Prince Charles and Kate, the entire Windsor dynasty has welcomed the newcomer Held just down the road from Windsor Castle and presided over by Queen Elizabeth II herself, Royal Ascot is the premiere race meet of the British society calendar. Sandwiched between polo festivals and Wimbledon, it’s where the crème de la crème gather to sip champagne, bet on curiously named thoroughbreds, and see and be seen. So arcane are Ascot’s dress codes that rules govern the exact diameter of headpieces, while jumpsuits have only been permitted this year. Welcome to Meghan’s new world. Since the band of Welsh gold traditionally worn by royals was slipped on her finger, the Duchess of Sussex has graced…

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bring on the bling

While mismatched, sentimental pieces are still a signature—she wore stackable Birks rings to the Trooping the Colour (below right)—Meghan’s jewelry box now contains serious ice. Keen on Cartier, she wore its white gold and diamond bracelet, worth $20,600, at a Palace garden party (above left). The Duchess also loves more affordable earrings by Vanessa Tugendhaft, which retail for about $1,385 (below left). Most revealing of her royal status is pearl earrings gifted by the Queen (above right).…