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IndigoBlue Magazine offers content on health, wellness, and personal growth & development from authors sharing their personal perspectives and expertise. Since so many of us are feeling disconnected, the magazine offers an opportunity to feel more connected by seeing our experience through the experience of others. Learn tips and solutions to support your health, mental health, and overall well-being.

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editor’s note–july 2021 issue

Healthy connections with others are key to our physical and mental health. But when connections are not possible, we need to focus on self-care. In this issue, we explore ways to quiet the mind, build more self-acceptance, and explore options for helping us achieve more balance in our lives. Once we do the inner work, we can better relate and connect with others. And as the world opens up more and more, now is the right time to reflect, focus, and generate awareness of what is holding us back and keeping us isolated. We hope you find the tips and solutions you need to improve your life. We remain committed to helping our readers achieve their goals, maintain their health and wellness, and establish lasting, healthy relationships.…

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the art of staying embodied

In a world of distancing, how can you nurture yourself when what you really need is touch? Without the presence of another it may be hard to feel connected to our physical selves. Working from home, and spending hours on Zoom can also play havoc with our awareness of what our body’s need. How can you stay embodied and nurture your physical self in a world that is becoming increasingly virtual? Here are some practices that can help. Body Scan Find a comfortable position to sit down or lie. Starting with the head and moving downward, bring your attention to every part of your body in order. Notice what sensations are there, or if there’s any tightness or tension. Just focus on noticing and accepting whatever is there. (You can find plenty…

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a comprehensive approach to treating ptsd

From the day I had to leave my job because I was having yet another panic attack to the day I found CBD was roughly two years. My husband took me to our local behavioral health hospital where I was committed for three days for suicidal ideation, an unfortunately common symptom of PTSD. I found out later that I was having an adverse reaction to yet another SSRI I had just been prescribed. The medication had exacerbated my hypervigilance, to the point where relatively mundane interactions turned into overwhelming triggers. I had been on and off several SSRIs and SNRIs since I was 17, about 20 years. The medications varied in their effectiveness. Some made it hard for me to stay awake. Some made it so that I couldn’t feel anything.…

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unwanted thoughts and ways to deal with them

Every day, your thoughts determine your mood, actions, reactions, and how you deal with life’s challenges. Most of the time your thoughts don’t seem to bother you much. However, there may be times when you get baffled by a sudden unwanted and unfortunate thought that seems to appear in your mind from nowhere. Such unwanted thoughts are also called intrusive thoughts, and they can include an imagined accident, death, violent action, or disgusting behavior. Intrusive thoughts are unpleasant and upsetting to your mind and they are often found to be linked with painful memories or traumatic experiences. Intrusive thoughts can be more common for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, the occurrence of intrusive thoughts is not limited to only people with these conditions. A recent study…

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here’s how you can set boundaries when returning to the office

“I just felt this overwhelming anxiety about going back to the office,” my coaching client explained to me, in tears. Moments before our call, she received an email from her boss announcing that everyone would be returning to the office. When her company went remote, my client found that she had greater flexibility and work-life balance working from home. She’s now worried about whether or not she can cope with the burden of returning to the workplace. My client isn’t alone in her fears. A recent study of U.S. employees found that two-thirds feel anxious about returning to the physical workplace and are fearful for their health and wellbeing. Now that vaccine rollouts are occurring across the country, many employees are questioning whether or not they want to return to the office. After…

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is binge eating all in your head?

For years, I would convince myself I had a “forever” problem: my willpower. I didn’t have the willpower to stop eating, even when I was full and past the point of enjoyment. I had an under-diagnosed and widely common eating disorder. Binge eating disorder (BED), is the most common eating disorder, but also the most overlooked because it affects people in all shapes and sizes. It’s defined as an uncontrollable need to eat past the point of fullness. Typically, an unusually large amount of food is eaten quickly. For me, after a long day of self-deprivation, an evening of eating everything in sight would follow. I would then sit on my bed having a pity party, scrolling through Tumblr (a microblogging website) seeking validation. Instead, I would find photos of girls whose…