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January/February 2021

Jaguar Journal is published by Jaguar Clubs of North America for members and Jaguar Enthusiasts. The magazine contains JCNA and Club news and calendar, Feature and Technical articles and a Marketplace section. A great information source for the North America Jaguar Scene, Jaguar Journal has been published for 60+ years.

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blowin’ smoke

Do your eyes deceive you? No, they do not. My mugshot is uglier and the type on this page is bigger (which, by the way, is better than the other way around – believe me). The old picture was taken sufficiently long ago that, had there been an in-person AGM last year, people might not have known who to complain to about JJ readability. Complaints? Well, some have asked if we could enlarge the font a little, so why didn’t we do so immediately? We tried various options, but making an obvious change would cut content by 30% and even this change of one point means about 18-19% fewer words per page. So partly to gauge reaction and partly to get readers used to the idea, we’re initially trying the…

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news shorts

Jaguar has updated the best-selling XF model for 2021. The stylish executive sedan was the first to showcase the modern new Jaguar look and has been updated once already, but this one concentrates on creating an old-school refined feeling of serenity, thanks to a plush contemporary, connected interior with an all-new Pivi Pro infotainment system. The 2021 XF will be offered in three configurations with both rear and all-wheel drive, featuring more standard luxury and convenience than before: XF P250 S RWD, P250 SE RWD, and P300 R-DYNAMIC SE AWD. JLR refused a UK government COVID bailout predicated on abandoning the internal combustion engine and the XF is one of the reasons why, featuring two ultra-efficient Ingenium engines of either 246 or 296 horsepower to give 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds…

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coventry foundation open letter to jcna clubs, members, and jaguar enthusiasts

A few short years ago an intrepid bunch of Jaguar fanatics dreamed of an organization devoted to the preservation and celebration of the Jaguar Automobile in North America. Undaunted by the myriad of governmental requirements and the simple fact that we had little in resources, we nevertheless continued to pursue our vision. We at the Foundation thought we should support the Journal and JCNA and purchase advertising space to update everyone directly about the Foundation, and its accomplishments, support of JCNA, and future plans. Currently the Foundation has a modest display of Jaguars and Jaguar memorabilia at the Petersburg, Virginia, branch of Moss Motors. We have a world class literature collection at the Columbia, South Carolina, library, as well as one of the world's largest collection of Jaguar and Daimler model…

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president’s perspective

Although I grew up in England, I still remember the closing lines of the Lone Ranger TV series: “Who was that masked man?” The current environment reminds me of that TV series and its catchphrase. Although, unlike the Lone Ranger, we don’t wear masks to hide our identity, they do cause recognition challenges and make expression-reading difficult. I was recently fortunate enough to attend the rescheduled San Diego Jaguar Club concours, whose traditional bay location was shut down in July. Tom Krefetz, Classic Showcase’s owner, jumped in and volunteered to host a rescheduled event in Oceanside, where I caught up with several friends. Masks made identification tricky, and conversation wasn’t straightforward, but we persevered and didn’t let face coverings spoil a great event. Masks are now personalized with many interesting…

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north central region report

As you read this, most of our cars are tucked away nice and dry, awaiting next year’s adventures. While the current all-wheel drive options make many of our newer Jaguars all-season vehicles, driving a concours-campaigned car in a Northern region winter presents its own special challenges. Understandably, one solution is car hibernation In 2020, COVID-19 made it difficult to hold events in the NC region, let alone in winter. Many were canceled. In reviewing the activities that were safely held, I noticed that the Wisconsin club’s concours was the first post-March show, followed by Michigan and then Pittsburgh. My wife, Bunni, and I were fortunate to attend all of these wonderful shows. The Wisconsin and Michigan events were held on the streets and grounds outside of shopping malls. There was plenty…

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canada calling

At last, some (we hope) COVID-proof events. We will start with Ray Newsom in our nation’s capital. OTTAWA Finally, something to talk about. In that brief gap between the first and second waves of COVID-19 and the retightening of COVID restrictions, the Ottawa Jaguar Club did manage a three-part outing while still maintaining safe distancing requirements. Our event started with a drive from the south end of Ottawa to the Calabogie Motorsports Park at Calabogie, Ontario. In spite of the rain, twelve hardy members showed up for this first and probably only driving event for 2020. Another four members joined along the way. The group arrived at the Calabogie track promptly at our 11:45 a.m. designated time. This world-class facility is home to the longest track in Canada; at 5.05 km in length,…