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Log and Timber Home Living March 2020

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The nation’s premier log home magazine, Log Home Living encourages the dream of log home ownership. Each issue celebrates the log home lifestyle, provides practical advice, and offers photo tours of the nation’s most beautiful log homes.

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downsizing in a supersized world

Ever notice that when a company tries to entice you to buy its product, it claims how it offers you “so much more” than the competition? From automotive bells and whistles to hamburger-meal deals to “but, wait … there’s more!” infomercials, tacking on extras you don’t really need is standard practice. New-home builders, especially developers, are not exempt from this supersizing mentality. Reports by the U.S. Census and the National Association of Home Builders claim that the average new home built in the United States last year was 2,584 square feet. By comparison, the average size was 2,266 square feet at the turn of the millennium; 1,740 in 1980; and 1,660 in 1973, when the Census Bureau began tracking the statistic. But we here at Active Interest Media (publisher of Log Home Living…

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online resources LHL WEEKLY Our free weekly newsletter points you to helpful planning, design and maintenance articles that will save you time and money. Plus, you’ll get first dibs on special deals from our partners. Subscribe now at CONNECT WITH US Chat with our editors and share ideas, successes and photos with other log home enthusiasts. It’s the best place to get questions answered — and you might even see your story in the magazine! (an online community for log home enthusiasts) TAKE IT WITH YOU Find all of our digital editions at…

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small space savvy

See the rest of this 500 sq. ft. home on page 30…

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love at first sight

Dale Bacchetti: One day, I was out snowmobiling with my brother, and on the way home I spied this log house for sale. It looked like it needed a ton of work; but I called my wife, Kathleen, and we looked at it that night. As we pulled into the driveway, before we even went inside, Kathleen turned to me and said, “I want this place.” The previous owner let the bank take it over, so it needed a lot of TLC. I did much of the work myself, the rest of it I farmed out to the pros. We remodeled the kitchen, including installing new cherry cabinets. We also got a brand-new boiler system, and we just installed a new wood-burning stove about a month ago. The house sits on nearly…

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tongue & groovy, baby!

Everyone who’s building a log home is eager for one thing — move-in day! The faster you can get there, the better. Eagle Panel Systems has a roofing solution that can help shave time (and some labor costs) off of your log home build: IntegrooveTM tongue-and-groove laminated structural insulated panels. You’ve likely heard of T&G, as well as SIPs, so what’s so special about these? Eagle Panel brings the two together into one highly efficient system. White pine tongue-and-groove is pre-finished (a clear coat is standard, but tinted stain is an option), which is then pre-applied to the SIPs; so as your roof goes in, it’s already looks amazing. Each panel is 4 feet wide and up to 24 feet long, which gives you 96 square feet of framed, sheathed, insulated…

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great read!: housing finance 2020

Mystified by mortgages? Baffled by lending rules and regs? Concerned about covering closing costs and saving cash? Anna DeSimone has answers. In her highly informative, easy-to-understand book, Housing Finance 2020, DeSimone, Founder of Bankers Advisory, a mortgage compliance audit and consulting firm, starts from the top — securing a down payment — and works her way through everything from what constitutes qualifying income to submitting the loan application. Along the way, she offers a wealth of insider insight about how the lending rules have changed, tips to strengthen your financial position and, perhaps most importantly, real resources to help you navigate the financing process, including a state-by-state directory of assistance programs. Together, these timely tips can help take the guesswork out of applying for a mortgage as we enter a new…