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Log and Timber Home Living March/April 2020

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The nation’s premier log home magazine, Log Home Living encourages the dream of log home ownership. Each issue celebrates the log home lifestyle, provides practical advice, and offers photo tours of the nation’s most beautiful log homes.

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better together

Welcome to the new Log & Timber Home Living! If it looks familiar, there’s a good reason for that. For 36 years, our flagship magazine, Log Home Living, showcased the very best log homes and cabins; while its slightly younger sibling, Timber Home Living, enlightened readers about the exquisite craftsmanship of timber-framed homes. Though they’re built quite differently, log and timber homes have a lot in common, chiefly the unsurpassed beauty of exposed wood and the creative feats of design and engineering that go into them. Our core mission for each of these publications has always been to educate and inspire you to create the custom wood home of your dreams, and that tradition continues. The difference is that now you can get all the information you need about log, timber and…

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modern farmhouse style

For more farmhouse decor, log on to…

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what is a hybrid home?

As consumers, we are besieged by marketing buzzwords dozens, if not hundreds, of times a day. The concept of a “hybrid” is one of them. Over the past 20 years, the term has been applied to everything from tomatoes to transportation. Even within a singular industry, such as residential construction, there are many interpretations as to what the word “hybrid” means; and often the differences directly relate to the area in which you live. Somebody who lives in a subtropical climate like Florida will have a different vision of a hybrid home than a person who resides in snowy Vermont. For some, a hybrid home centers on energy efficient systems; for others, alternative building materials and atypical design are at its heart. Neither of these interpretations is wrong. However, from a log…

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like a moss

Are there areas of your landscape where you just can’t get anything to grow because they’re too shady, can’t be watered regularly or are hilly and difficult to manicure? Do you feel like you don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours as a DIY landscaper, yet you want the grounds around your log or timber home to feel lush and well-tended? Or, is your house a seasonal destination, and you don’t want to sacrifice a few days of your vacation to yard upkeep? The answer to all these questions is the same: Plant moss. When it comes to a single type of plant that can tie together various parts of a garden, thrive on rainwater alone, grow almost anywhere and won’t require soil tests to determine pH levels, moss is…

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make room for moss

SHEET MOSS grows low to the ground in carpet-like sheets, withstands heavy foot traffic and is easy to cultivate. ROCK CAP MOSS clings well to rocks and stone walls and comes in rich shades of medium to very dark green. HAIRCAP MOSS grows taller than other mosses and is a good complement for gardens in humid areas. CUSHION (WHITE) MOSS grows in dense tufts or balls and absorbs/retains water very well. DESERT MOSS a drought-tolerant groundcover; some sprout sporadic white flowers in summer. Though not technically “moss,” it’s a perfect imposter for arid areas.…

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fresh off the farm

Characterized by wrap-around porches and sensible layouts, farmhouse design has been part of the American landscape since Colonial times. But over the past decade, home buyers have not only rediscovered this housing genre, they’ve embraced it when building their modern log and timber dream homes. Today’s farmhouse design harkens back to a time when home buyers valued practicality above all else, according to Molly Hix Cooper, proprietor of Cooper & Co. Interior Design, a division of Honest Abe Log Homes. “It’s a welcoming look with clean lines,” says Molly, who served as the interior designer for Honest Abe’s “Southern Grace” concept home, which recently won a design award from the National Association of Home Builders. “People who tour this home love the pressed-tin and barrel ceiling in the kitchen so much, they…