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Log and Timber Home Living Timber Annual Buyers Guide 2020

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The nation’s premier log home magazine, Log Home Living encourages the dream of log home ownership. Each issue celebrates the log home lifestyle, provides practical advice, and offers photo tours of the nation’s most beautiful log homes.

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5 reasons to fall in love with timber frame homes

There’s a lot to love about timber frame homes, but sometimes I do wonder if I’m biased. After all, I’ve been covering them in this magazine and working with producers and builders for more than 20 years, so I’ve had a front row seat to view some of the most impressive places to live that I’ve ever seen. But when I talk to our readers or attendees of our Log & Timber Home Shows, especially those who are new to this method of home building, their awe and enthusiasm for timber homes is palpable and contagious. I’m blessed to have the chance to fall in love with them all over again. As we set to work on our 2021 Timber Home Annual Buyer’s Guide, I thought back on these conversations and ruminated…

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timeless timber framing

Ask any timber home owner what’s so special about living in a timber frame and you’re bound to get a diffierent answer each and every time. From the awe-inspiring design to the close-to-nature feel that seems to radiate from these beautifully handcrafted homes, it’s hard to pinpoint what makes them so special. To start, the construction method of timber framing has been around for centuries. A symbol of history and strength, timber framing techniques date back to Neolithic times, and since then have been used in many areas of the world, including Japan, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Scotland and the United States. For a full breakdown of all the components that make up a timber frame, turn to page 61. They also have been used to construct buildings and homes during diffierent time…

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let’s get started

Owning a timber home isn’t just about putting a roof over your head. It’s an investment in exceptional craftsmanship and engineering ingenuity that’s steeped in history. It’s a decision to reside in a work of art. But despite all its positive features, timber framing remains a small segment of the custom-home market. As a result, how to buy and build one of these beauties is a mystery to most people. The key to figuring it all out: Understanding that it’s a process. During the planning phase, you’ll gather information to learn all that’s involved and the choices that are available to you. So, let’s get started. KNOW YOUR OPTIONS Timber homes fall within one of several categories, based on how the timbers are used or are fastened. All timber homes showcase the beauty…

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cost the factor

What does a timber home cost? It’s a standard question with anything but a standard answer. A timber home is a custom home, and everything from wood species and frame complexity to level of finishing materials and local labor costs will affect a home’s final price. Although it’s impossible to generalize costs nationwide, timber homes are comparable to other forms of custom construction. Put another way, custom construction often ranges between 15 to 25 percent more than your local tract home builder who offers few upgrades and no changes to floor plan. In 2019, our biennial Industry Insights* survey showed that the average base price of a timber frame home hovers in the neighborhood of $240 per square foot, but can quickly escalate depending on the amenities and appointments a buyer chooses. Hybrid designs…

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location location location

1 You need to understand the topography of your property to plan your home right. A site map will explain the traits, benefits and challenges of your proposed building site. If the land is undeveloped, you may also need a topographical survey. Your township or county zoning office can supply you with information about easements, utilities and environmental considerations. The natural features of the landscape, along with the location of utilities, should be indicated on the site map. 2 Many who dream of owning a timber home picture it in a remote setting surrounded by nature, but think carefully about the distance to necessities and amenities. Things like proximity to work, schools, stores and hospitals are important to consider before making a decision. Also, homes that are too far from a…

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a site better

When you picture living in your dream timber frame home, it's not just the house you envision. The site and the view are equally important. But when choosing a piece of land, beauty and serenity aren't the only considerations; you’ll also need to know what’s beneath the surface, as well as what it will take to access it. Let’s review the key points to consider to ensure you can live on the land you love. Evaluate Infrastructure A piece of property has to be more than pretty; it has to support your daily life in a cost effiective way. Think ahead: extending power lines for your personal use and blasting unforeseen bedrock can be big budget busters. Before you actually make an offer on a parcel, know exactly how you are going to…