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Our readers' hands-on spirit is reflected in the magazine's comprehensive gear tests and personal adventure stories. Whether shopping for a new rifle, searching for the hottest fishing holes this weekend or thirsting for exciting adventure tales, Outdoor Life is the ultimate resource.

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philipsburg, pennsylvania/12:32 p.m.

letters@outdoorlife.comBeagles don’t retrieve rabbits. They eat them. Or at least, most beagles do. Duke (above) resists the temptation and fetches dead bunnies for his owner instead. He’s selective, though: Duke won’t bring rabbits to any other hunter.“His retrieving is more of a bond to me than it is an expression of his retriever sensibilites,” says Bob Ford, who currently owns six beagles—all of whom live indoors instead of in a kennel (see p. 108).In Ford’s house, Duke becomes “almost an annoying cuddler”; in the field, he’s a focused veteran. If a bunny tries something tricky, Duke is the one to pick up the trail. And if another dog reaches a dead rabbit first, Duke will enter the fray and exit victorious. —N.K. ■…

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Bear BuzzIt’s a shame hunters and biologists are hamstrung by environmental meddlers and antis, but the progress on the grizzly hunt is very good news (“To Hunt a Grizzly,” Summer 2018). I wish them luck as they weave through the pretzel-logic rules and regs.IllinoisRick, via outdoorlife.comI personally have no interest in killing a grizzly just to know I can kill one. But if the population needs to be kept in balance with the other animals, then let the hunt begin.jhjimbo, via outdoorlife.comWe hunters need to be more careful about the videos we post on YouTube and social media. There are some YouTube hunting videos that I find repulsive. Such videos hurt our reputation as a community. This is especially true for brown bear hunting, because most people perceive it as…

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technology in the field

The author after a successful open-country stalk in Montana.Long-range shooting is a hot trend in hunting, driven by improvements in rifles, optics, and ammo. I’m a poor long-range shot. I don’t practice at those distances and so have no business shooting game at extended ranges (to say nothing about what can go wrong at such distances with even the most proficient shooter). But there are more fundamental reasons why I try to get as close as possible when I’m hunting.In our annual optics test (p. 34), you’ll see that there is an arms race among companies to build riflescopes that use rangefinding technology, Bluetooth, smart reticles, and phone apps to make it possible for hunters to shoot accurately at ranges that would’ve astounded our fathers and grandfathers.Equipment that aids in…

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LAUGHING AT: Overheard at Deer CampHunters say the darndest things: Some quips are wise, some are funny, and some are dumber than a buck during the rut. Here are a few memorable one-liners that made us grin last season.“My wife bought me new pajamas this season. Look at these bad boys.”“It won’t take 30 seconds to walk here from the cabin. We should call this the Hangover Blind.”“We only have one rule: No yelling at anyone.” “Dammit, Craig!”“I’ll cook the tenderloins. Confidence is the best seasoning…right?”READINGI’ve been on a Cormac McCarthy kick for a year now. This is both because he’s prolific and because his books can get awfully dense or awfully dark—and usually both—thus mandating breaks for sunnier stuff. Not much beats the Border Trilogy for swinging into the…

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hog wild

TENNILLE, GEORGIATHTMWRITE US!IF WE USE YOUR STORY, YOU’LL GET THIS BOOK!“This Happened to Me” has been a fixture of OL since 1940. We’ve compiled our readers’ most hair-raising misadventures in a single volume. You can pore over the 183 pages of this action-packed book knowing you’re in good company. Copies are also available for purchase at» We publish true adventures. Send yours to Only those used will be acknowledged. ■…

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base camp and beyond

One of Outdoor Life’s central missions has always been comprehensive coverage of outdoor gear, then letting you know what works, what doesn’t, and how products can be improved. We give that same honest feedback directly to manufacturers.We’re now using that expertise to develop our own gear under the name OL Guide Life. We’re not just putting our name on existing products. OL’s experts are involved in the entire process, from concept to design to product testing.The product line starts where many adventures begin: base camp. Whether you’re hunting, or at a lakeside fish camp, or at a campground for the weekend with the family, having a home base that is comfortable and inviting makes every activity more enjoyable.All of the products in the OL Guide Life line are designed to…