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Each issue of Overland Journal features in-depth coverage of equipment and vehicles, as well as full-length trip stories that span the globe. Our strict standards for writing and photography, in addition to our striking layout, means that our subscribers receive an expedition and adventure travel magazine that is at once inspiring, informative, and attractive.

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Fantastic Article Yesterday I received a copy of Overland Journal, and during lunch today I read your [Lois Pryce’s] article about Danny Liska. Even though I have read his book, and have visited with Johanna and Regina (at Johanna’s home in Houston), I still learned more about Danny and his trip. Thank you very much for the fantastic article. I am going to share it with my friend who I loaned my copy of Two Wheels to Adventure. He will enjoy it, plus it will remind him that he still has my book. Robert Stallones 2007 Tundra, 2011 4-Runner First Issue We have received our first issue and my wife and I think you guys have an awesome magazine. Maybe someday you will write about us on our epic journey around the world in…

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Ace Kvale Though Ace Kvale was originally drawn to the mountains for skiing, the friendships that were forged there have defined his life and career. From Colorado to Switzerland to the Himalaya, his travels have taken him to over 60 countries to document skiing and climbing expeditions. After coming to love the local cultures in these remote corners of the world, the actual climbing of mountains began to take a back seat. At that point he made a conscious decision to work with organizations committed to helping those who were most in need. Traveling with eye doctors who help to restore sight in Africa and Asia has become a personal quest, and his imagery is now used to raise awareness for this cause. When not traveling, Ace makes his home on…

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learning curve

While some lessons, invaluable lessons, are administered in the field by trial and error, acquiring a given skill prior to being thrown in the lion’s den can have its advantages. It was a cool Saturday afternoon in the winter of 1983. I’d sold everything I could part with, consolidated bank accounts, paid my rent, and plopped down what was left on a year-old Toyota 4WD. It was everything a 20-year-old kid could dream of, save the $4,000 loan and monthly payments. My friend Rich Currie, who also owned a Toyota 4WD, and I decided to make a quick run to South Fork, a muddy, trenchy, and rarely used OHV area in the Northern California foothills. My new love was bone stock, save the radical 31-inch tires (radical was hip back then).…

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capability redefined

This is a motorcycle that doesn’t pretend to dominate any one category, yet provides the most exceptional breadth of capability of any motorcycle built. Rolling off the throttle, the telelever suspension set and I applied light counter steer. I’d entered the turn at three times what the entry sign warned, and the R1200 GSW laid over into a wide sweeping arc, gusts from oncoming traffic buffeting my helmet with each pass. The wide bars provided dramatic leverage, allowing me to stand the bike up easily upon exit and roll into the throttle again; the 125 available horsepower shoving me against the pillion seat and rocketing the 525-pound Teutonic sled towards the next apex. Transitioning onto the dirt, the GSW changed personalities again, prompted by a few presses of the “mode” button until…

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we check out the newest gear and expedition vehicles at the 2013 overland expo

In just five years, Overland Expo has become the premier North American destination for adventure-minded folks to get outfitted, get trained, get inspired, and get going. There’s no other venue that combines the mix of quality equipment for motos, four-wheel drives, and large overland vehicles. As diverse as these platforms are, most of the kit on display would work well for any vehicle-based adventurer: Specialty gear for cooking, cleaning, sleeping, eating, vehicle recovery, power management, and vehicle modification equipment were plentiful. Based in a rural setting amongst the cool pine forest just south of Flagstaff, Arizona, Mormon Lake was the perfect location for a gathering of more than 6,000 overland travelers, equipment manufacturers, and people looking to sharpen their backcountry skills. The Camel Trophy training team was on hand again…