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Pets Magazine

March/May 2019

Pets Magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that celebrates the human-animal bond, delving deeper into the core, speaking to the mind and heart of true animal lovers.

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welcoming a new beginning

Since we started Pets magazine in 2009, the pets industry has expanded tremendously. It’s not just about more people owning dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, not forgetting birds and fishes — it is also about pet owners becoming more sophisticated with their choices and responsible ownership. Our affluent and discerning owners are spoilt for choice with the constant influx of pet food, accessories and lifestyle products from all over the world. Premium pet services such as grooming, training and hospitality are also thriving. Vet clinics — including alternative wellness treatment centres — continue to mushroom across the island, with some offering around-the-clock service even. We have also seen Pet Lovers Centre evolve into the encompassing one-stop shop for all pet-related paraphernalia, growing its presence across Singapore and in the region. They…

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Meredith Lin When not hunched over typing out animal tales, Meredith can be found gambolling across sandy shores with her pup and scavenging for treats - both for herself and pet. Gwen Li Gwen graduated with a degree in Sociology and has spent the past eight years building communities in different industries. When not lobbying her husband to adopt a cat, she spends time in the kitchen cooking up storms. Saba Kash Saba is a Singaporean-born Persian with great adoration for animals. You can usually find her playing with her ginger Persian cat Charlie, who loves to get up to all kinds of shenanigans. CK Koo CK is sought after by fashion houses and magazines alike for his ability to put together timeless looks. When he isn’t styling shoots or conducting masterclasses, CK is a dedicated parent…

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in thing

Chimère’s Wooden Hutch Unless you are going for a brutalist industrial look, that wire cage for your pet rabbit or hamster really doesn’t go with any interior design style. Rethinking living premises for small furries are the people at Parisien company Chimère. Made from warm, matte oak, a cool, white lacquer and ceramic handles, the gorgeous bunny and hamster hutch measuring 77.4cm in height and 39.4cm in depth is cleverly raised to a height of 93.5cm — so that you can easily spy on your little furry friend while he snuggles in privacy. The hutch comes complete with a deck and ramp for exercise. And if you like, custom finishing is also possible. The little critters will love it — and so will any house-proud pet owner. $2,990. A Pretty Neat Litter…

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pockets full of sunshine

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rest easy

The recent Platinium Dogs Club saga has shone a spotlight on the largely unregulated pet boarding industry in Singapore. The experience of Prince, a Shetland sheepdog that died after being sent to the boarder at 7 Galistan Avenue, has led many to call for clearer guidelines for pet boarding — in the same way that pet shops and farms are regulated. But while the authorities sort this out, life goes on. Holidays and work trips can’t be put on hold, so pet owners without the luxury of caregivers at home still need to turn to a pet boarder. If anything, the Platinium Dogs Club case has stressed the importance of finding a reliable one. We pick three affordable boarders for you to choose from, depending on the type of pet you…

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sun’s out, buns out

going out for a meal with man’s best friend can prove to be a challenge. You want to eat well, and so does the dog. But more often than not, it is one or the other. You don’t usually have the luxury of bringing your dog to a proper restaurant, and the human food at most dog-friendly bistros doesn’t always cut the mustard. But there are the exceptions. For example, Three Buns, an offshoot of Potato Head Folk, is everything you could dream of: Sufficient space for the dogs to lounge, quality grub for them to feed on, and possibly some of the best burgers and fries in Singapore for you. FOOD AND DRINK Three Buns nails it with burgers made from carefully-sourced ingredients: Italian tomatoes, French cheeses, and Australian beef, used by…