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RECOIL OFFGRID April - May 2016

RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

United States
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on the cover

1 Respirator MAKE & MODEL 3M N95 Particulate Respirator MSRP $19 per pack of 10 URL 2 Jacket MAKE & MODEL Arc’teryx Camosun Parka MSRP $675 URL 3 Pants MAKE & MODEL Kitanica Jeans MSRP $99 URL 4 Shirt MAKE & MODEL Kitanica LWV Long Sleeve Shirt MSRP $119 URL 5 Gloves MAKE & MODEL Mechanix Wear FastFit Insulated MSRP $20 URL 6 Lantern MAKE & MODEL Streamlight Siege AA with Magnetic Base MSRP $53 URL 7 Optic MAKE & MODEL Barska 8x32mm Level Precision Monocular MSRP $143 URL 8 Axe MAKE & MODEL Black MacGyver Tengu Ono MSRP N/A at press time URL 9 Headlamp MAKE & MODEL Streamlight Double Clutch MSRP $75, $85 with AC Adapter URL 10 Belt MAKE & MODEL 5.11 Tactical Double Duty TD Belt MSRP $23 URL 11 Hat MAKE & MODEL Dakine Flip Jungle MSRP $20 URL 12 Knife MAKE & MODEL Zero Tolerance 0900 MSRP $240 URL 13 Pack MAKE & MODEL Cannae Pro Gear The Transport Duffle MSRP $120 URL 14 Watch MAKE & MODEL Timex Expedition Sierra MSRP $120 URL 15 Footwear MAKE & MODEL LOWA Palermo MSRP $150 URL 16 Rope MAKE & MODEL Ultimate Survival Technoligies Para 550 Heavy Duty Cord MSRP $10 URL…

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always been this way

The world seems like a scary place and is getting scarier by the day — but only if you’re unprepared. It’s easy to feel like a victim. At the time of this writing on the eve of 2016, there has been a glut of dire news filled with catastrophes that struck either unexpectedly or over a huge region. A female driver killed one and injured dozens of others when she plowed her car into pedestrians on a Las Vegas Strip sidewalk. In Michigan, the mayor of Flint declared a state of emergency after it was discovered the water supply was tainted with high levels of lead. In addition to the usual wet and freezing conditions, much of the Southeast felt the devastation of deadly thunderstorms that brought intense winds, tornadoes, and…

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gear up

1 MAKE & MODEL Red Hill Tibo Striker Kit MSRP $150 URL + NOTES Two things will get you through just about anything: fire and a good knife. We haven’t found a better way to make sure we’ve got both of those things handy than this new modular sheath system from Red Hill Sheaths. Made from 0.093 Kydex, it’s like a Lego set for your backwoods EDC. Sold as a kit with the TOPS Tibo knife and an Exotac Nano STRIKER XL firestarter, the Tibo Striker kit is a configurable sheath that can be worn on a belt, as a neck knife, or attached to a dropleg platform or a bag with the use of a few accessories. The Tibo is a minimalist knife designed by Brian Griffin to be the most blade in the smallest…

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high-lumen flashlig

A great deal can be said about having quick access to intensely bright light. Whether you’re fending off an attacker in a dark alley by blinding him with a quick burst or searching for survivors of an office building collapse, sometimes only massive levels of illumination can get the job done adequately. Eye-stinging devices come in all shapes and sizes. A spotlight mounted on a helicopter can definitely provide plenty of light for emergency uses, and even the high-intensity discharge headlamps of a vehicle could be a source of lighting in a pinch — but their lack of portability and their power requirements limit their practicality. Fortunately, there are high-lumen flashlights. These go-anywhere tools can be carried in a pocket, mounted on a belt, or stuffed into a pack to be…

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what if?

Wes Massey had the sharpest eyes of anyone I’d ever known, and as we walked down a busy Seattle street something caught his attention. His pace slowed a bit, and I slowed my stride to match him. Without raising a hand to point, he simply nodded his head to direct my attention toward a homeless-looking fellow who was sitting up against a building. In a quiet voice, meant only for me to hear, Wes said “Hey, check out that guy.” We both slowed our walk to the point where people were bumping into us, and tried not to openly stare at the man. The scruffy and unwashed old man was coughing up blood. Red rivulets of spit and blood were running out of the corners of his mouth, down onto his…

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disaster-prep expert: jim cobb’s approach

It was the Department of Health vans that finally made it seem real. Up until that point, we’d felt like it was more of a hypothetical scenario rather than reality. But, seeing those squad cars leading the Department of Health vans up the street was our personal call to action. At that moment, we had two primary goals. First, we needed to get back to the hotel as quickly as possible, while hopefully avoiding any infected people. Second, we needed information. The talking heads on the network news programs likely didn’t know much more than we did at that point. Thankfully, the restaurant we were in was only a few blocks from the hotel. I told Kevin to grab the cloth napkins from the table as we got up to leave.…