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RECOIL OFFGRID August - September 2017

RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

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information is badass

When people learn that I’m the editor of this publication or that I’m a self-defense instructor, the common response is often, “Wow, you must be a badass expert.” That’s not how I see it. Like you, I’m first and foremost a perpetual student — constantly learning, practicing, and improving. Whether it’s in these pages or on the training mat, it’s my job to impart the most useful knowledge so that you can be better prepared for what might lie ahead. No, that doesn’t make me a badass expert. I leave those types of honorifics to people who deserve them. The irony is that those who’ve earned such titles don’t embrace them. I’ve had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with real-life heroes — fearless firefighters, elite military operators, and high-level survival instructors…

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1MAKE & MODEL GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Microlite 500 DIMENSIONS 3 by 2.6 by 9.2 inches MSRP $26 URL NOTES Most outdoor enthusiasts own a vacuum-insulated water bottle because it can retain cold or heat for way longer than regular vessels. But many of these popular bottles feature lids that require two hands to operate. Enter the Glacier Stainless Microlite 500. This model has a flip-top cap that locks closed for transport, but stays open with a simple push-button. The bottle’s moniker comes from its 500ml capacity (or 17 fluid ounces), yet it’s a third lighter than conventional designs of the same capacity. How? Its 18/8 stainless steel body has 2mm-thin walls that remain durable, yet keep hot beverages hot for 8 hours and cold libations cold for 16 hours. 2MAKE & MODEL First Tactical Fathom Stainless Steel Dive Watch COLORS Black, titanium MSRP $250 URL NOTES A dam…

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magnetic flashlights

Accomplishing tasks onehanded is often challenging — hence the phrase “with one hand tied behind my back.” Whether you’re cleaning a gun, changing your truck’s oil, or preparing dinner, simple undertakings can become frustrating ordeals if you can’t use both hands. This reinforces the importance of hands-free lighting. Without it, you may find yourself clenching the light in your teeth, balancing the light in a precarious position, or wishing you could grow a third hand that can hold the flashlight as you work. In previous issues, we addressed three common forms of hands-free lights: headlamps (Issue 2), lanterns (Issue 6), and angle-head flashlights (Issue 15). In this issue, we focus on an often-overlooked fourth variety: magnetic lights. These magnetized flashlights can be indispensable in urban areas where metal surfaces abound. Snap one…

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what if?

It wasn’t my call to make, and this wasn’t some goofy action flick on TV. There were hundreds of lives at risk if the rat’s nest of wires I glimpsed was actually a bomb. And if it was an explosive device, and if I sent a train attendant toward him, I knew that my sweet wife, everyone onboard, and I would likely find out if there was a God that morning. My mind reeled with the weight of my predicament, and my stomach was close to losing its contents. I was absolutely sure I saw something to be worried about — and it was my job to say some thing. But if he really was a bomber and someone spooked him, we were all dead. For a second or two, I…

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federal agent: erik lund’s approach

I felt a small little punch on my arm and looked over at my wife, Sara. “Hellooo … come back to Earth, spaceman Spiff,” she said. I smiled back and apologized for being distracted, but my mind was still trying to make sense of what I’d just seen. It sure as hell looked like a bomb in some sort of suicide vest, but I couldn’t be positive. My eyes tracked the man to his seat, while I tried not to look like I was watching him. The man continued to stumble around, taking extra care to not let anyone incidentally touch him. The man finally found his seat, four rows up from mine on the other side of the aisle. I whispered ever so quietly in Sara’s ear: “I think the man…

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former u.s. army psy-op sergeant: hakim isler’s approach

Without a doubt, I saw a bomb strapped to that man. Before I said anything to my wife, Sara, I wanted to get more details. After the train pulled away, I tapped the video camera app on my phone and hit record. I covered the screen with a hand towel while I walked to the bathroom. On my way there, I surveyed the exits and the passengers. Once in the restroom, I checked my footage. It had a decent view of the man, but mostly from behind. I decided to record again on my way back. Once back in my seat, I reviewed the video again. It was crooked, but I got some really good frontal video of him. As I began taking screen shots from the video, Sara asked, “What are…