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RECOIL OFFGRID October - November 2016

RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

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on the cover

1 Footwear MAKE & MODEL 5.11 Tactical Ranger Shoe MSRP $90 URL 2 Pants MAKE & MODEL Eddie Bauer Men’s Flex Jeans MSRP $70 URL 3 Belt MAKE & MODEL First Tactical Range Belt 1.5 Inch MSRP $20 URL 4 Shirt MAKE & MODEL Eddie Bauer Men’s Guide Long-Sleeve Shirt MSRP $80 URL 5 Eye Protection MAKE & MODEL Ergodyne Skullerz Kvasir Safety Glasses MSRP $15 URL 6 Hat MAKE & MODEL Ergodyne Skullerz 8960 Bump Cap with LED Lighting Technology MSRP $45 URL 7 Gloves MAKE & MODEL Ergodyne ProFlex 710TX Heavy-Duty + Touch Gloves MSRP $33 URL 8 Knife MAKE & MODEL Camillus Cutlery Les Stroud Inuit 9-Inch Fixed Blade Knife MSRP $35 URL 9 Radio MAKE & MODEL Midland Radio ER310 E+READY Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio MSRP $70 URL 10 Tool Storage MAKE & MODEL Voyager 19-Inch Toolbox with Top Tray MSRP $10 URL 11 Hammer MAKE & MODEL Pittsburgh 21-Ounce Fiberglass Professional Framing Hammer MSRP $8 URL 12 Pry Bar MAKE & MODEL Pittsburgh 15-Inch Flat Pry Bar MSRP $3 URL 13 Food and Water MAKE & MODEL Brownells ESG 72-Hour Food & Water Kit MSRP $87 URL 14 Light MAKE & MODEL Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repeller Camp Lantern MSRP $40 URL 15 Socks MAKE & MODEL FITS Light Tactical - Crew MSRP $18 URL OFF THE COVER…

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say no to tinfoil hats

The slaughter at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union. The attack on the Istanbul airport in Turkey. The circus that is the United States presidential race. The looming threat of a global Zika virus outbreak after the Olympics. The police shootings of black men captured on social media. The Dallas lunatic who killed five officers and the subsequent attacks on law enforcement in Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri. The ongoing wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, not to mention major conflicts in other parts of the Middle East and Africa. And, of course, the international worries over the growing influence of ISIS. For the tinfoil hat society, these are all signs of the coming apocalypse. But I call bullsh*t. The uninformed would have…

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gear up

1 MAKE & MODEL Fenix CL30R LUMENS 650 MSRP $144 URL NOTES Hang out with people running headlamps and see how quickly the evening devolves into a game of “you blinded me!” Headlamps are great for solo work, but lanterns enable healthy social interaction when you’re off-grid. The CL30R is the size of a juice glass, but will light up a campsite for hours on a single charge. It’s got six settings, running for 300 hours at its lowest (10 lumen) and 4.5 hours at its brightest (650 lumen). A set of 2,600-mAh rechargeable Li-ion batteries are included, but they can be swapped for higher capactiy 3,500-mAh cells for 20 percent more runtime. The unit charges via USB, and can be used while charging. It’ll also act as a USB charger for other devices. 2 MAKE & MODEL Trew Gear Superlight NuYarn…

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angle-head flashlights

Have you ever held a flashlight to illuminate your workspace, only to fumble with it and wish you had an extra pair of hands? Most of us have encountered this frustrating situation at one time or another. You could try setting the light down somewhere, but that’s impossible if you’re on the move. Alternatively, you could get a headlamp, but it could interfere with certain headgear. Plus, they don’t fit as conveniently in a pants pocket as a flashlight and can make you look like Spencer Spelunker. What you could really use is a device that bridges the gap between flashlight and headlamp. Fortunately, such a tool already exists: the angle-head flashlight. The key benefit of an angle-head flashlight is its ability to clip onto your existing gear, whether that’s a belt,…

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what if

The hard rain droplets sounded like small stones, popping against the windowpanes. Yet, you peered through the window anyway, trying to spot your father’s missing dog — you didn’t want to leave the animal behind. Your father was likely to refuse to leave if you couldn’t produce his missing dog, and the idea of leaving a beloved pet behind made you feel guilty. The conditions worsened as each minute passed. Delaying your departure on account of the missing dog risked not making it out at all — and then where would your other loved ones be? The hurricane preparedness and survival plans you carefully made with your family began to fall apart because of a lost pet. You couldn’t get to your supplies, nor get your aging father to a safer…

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about our panel

Candice Horner Candice Horner has the heart of a prepper, but the traveling schedule of a gypsy. Ever resourceful, this U.S. Marine Corps veteran and emergency room/prison nurse has a honed and refined skillset, focusing on adaptability and utilizing the tools at hand. As a competitive shooter, Horner is often on the road, so she’s usually rolling with a go-bag, a survivalist mentality, and enough firepower to have your back in a SHTF scenario. Ryan Lee Price Ryan Lee Price is a freelance journalist who specializes in outdoor adventuring, emergency preparedness, and the automotive industry. He has contributed to the SHTF survival column in our sister publication RECOIL and is a long-time hiking and camping enthusiast. He currently resides in Corona, California, with his wife, Kara, and their two children. Tim MacWelch Tim MacWelch…