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RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

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editor’s letter

The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. In the United States alone, water covers over a quarter million square miles of territory. That’s a formidable amount of area any way you look at it. If an emergency occurs, natural or manmade, and you need to get yourself and your loved ones to safety, water may be the very method — and obstacle — that you will need to contend with. Our country is dotted with lakes and ponds and is crisscrossed with rivers and streams of all depths and sizes. Because we need to be prepared for anything that is thrown our way, it would be imprudent for us to only consider getting out of a danger zone by land. In this issue of OFFGRID, we look at water-based…

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new products

1 MAKE & MODEL Triple Aught Design Traverse Tech T FIT Standard COLORWAY Black, slate gray MSRP $70 URL NOTES At frst glance, 70 bucks for a crewneck T-shirt seems like a bit much. But once you wear the Traverse Tech T on a hike, a trip to the river, or a stroll to your favorite pub, you’ll soon realize that you’re defnitely getting what you paid for. This shirt is lightweight yet durable and versatile enough for all four seasons. The breathable Merino wool wicks moisture during hot summer days and insulates as a base layer for those bone-chilling winter months. In fact, wool continues to insulate even when wet, unlike cotton or other materials. Plus, it ain’t itchy like traditional wool. 2 MAKE & MODEL Secur Products Sun Power 6000 Charger DIMENSIONS 6 x 3.65 x 0.75 in WEIGHT 9.5 oz COLORWAY Black MSRP $129 URL NOTES Whether you need it to boost…

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pen shaped flashlights

Sometimes the best place to stash a flashlight is in those pen loops you find in everything from backpacks and laptop cases to pant pockets and even body armor admin pouches. But for that to happen, you’ll need a flashlight that is thin and shaped like a pen. In this installment of HIGHLights, we look at specialized lights that are not only slim and compact, but pack a powerful burst of bright light as well. You never know when you’ll need a light, but having one when and where you need it can make all the diference. We didn’t have to search far and wide for them, as there are many great pen-shaped flashlights available. Here’s a look at a few up close. 5.11 TMT PLx At the heart of 5.11’s Tactical Mission…

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off-grid and in touch

Just because you’re of-grid doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch. Previously we covered using ham radio as an alternative to cell phone and other wireless communication (OFFGRID Summer 2013) — but there’s another option. Satellite phones will allow you to keep in touch with everyone you need to, and it is as simple to operate as dialing a phone. Advantages to satellite phones over traditional mobile phones in times of emergency or disaster are obvious. Because they communicate directly with orbiting satellites, satellite-based phones are not dependent on terrestrial cell towers. This means they are completely independent of the power grid and traditional mobile telecommunications infrastructure. As long as you have a charged battery, you can not only make and receive calls, but texts and email as well.…

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Disease-producing biological agents are among the most feared weapons ever used against humanity. Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to frighten, intimidate, and coerce a group of people, especially for political purposes. Combine the two and you get one of the most powerful and horrific instruments of death and destruction. According to some experts, bioterrorism poses one of the most significant threats currently facing the United States. It’s estimated that just one wellcalculated attack could result in innumerable victims and cause enormous damage to critical infrastructure. Multiple attacks could potentially wreak havoc and destruction on a scale never before experienced on American soil. There are many reasons to be concerned — unlike other types of terrorist attacks, a bioterror attack could infect large portions of the population before any…

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5 bioterror quick facts

Bioterrorism is a very real threat, especially to urban dwellers in densely populated areas. Terrorists also know that the most devastating aspects of a bioterror attack could be psychological — millions of people reacting to news of the attacks with fear and panic, causing inevitable waves of chaos. Biological agents come in many diferent forms — some occur naturally, others are designed in a lab to be more efective. All can be lethal. Biological agents can be spread in many diferent ways — person to person, through the air, or via water. As with other kinds of terrorism, the objective of bioterrorism is to cause disruption, fear, and mass hysteria. Biological weapons appeal to terrorists because they are highly efective at achieving these goals. Agents can be released to spread far and wide,…