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RECOIL Presents: ConcealmentRECOIL Presents: Concealment

RECOIL Presents: Concealment Concealment #11 2018

RECOIL Presents: Concealment is a new firearms lifestyle publication dedicated to the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue will feature the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides.

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on the cover

(COVER PHOTO BY STRAIGHT 8)1 CARABINERMAKE: Mummert KnivesMODEL: Grub Multitool/CarabinerMSRP: $130URL: mummertknives.com2 PISTOLMAKE: Grand PowerMODEL: Q1SMSRP: $574URL: grandpower.eagleimportsinc.com3 PENMAKE: Tuff-WriterMODEL: Mini Click Fluted BarrelMSRP: $210URL: tuffwriter.com4 WATCHMAKE: Christopher WardMODEL: C60 Trident 300MSRP: $455-$530URL: christopherward.com5 KNIFE WITH FRAG PATTERNMAKE: Dmitry SinkevichMODEL: F.C.K. (Functional Carabiner Knife) Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern Limited EditionMSRP: $599URL: monkeyedge.com6 LARGE KNIFEMAKE: Chris Reeve KnivesMODEL: Large Inkosi with Black Canvas Micarta inlaysMSRP: $550URL:…

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editor’s letter

Due to politicians engaging in hair-on-fire sensationalism over the DOJ’s settlement with Cody Wilson, in this issue we decided to cover what any sensible bunch of Second Amendment guys would write about. So naturally, we have for your edification an article that details how to build your own handgun from an 80-percent frame without applying for a permission slip from the government.Now, the right to make your own firearm has been part of societal fabric since the invention of gunpowder, but this doesn’t seem to have muted the volume of wails coming from certain camera-chasing media whores and their attendant useful idiots in the media. In order to save humanity from the imaginary hobgoblin this state of affairs creates, the phrase “DIY freedom” simply wouldn’t do. Thus a couple of…

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1 It’s easy to focus on only gear that creates holes in targets, but you shouldn’t neglect the tools that plug holes, too. Premier Safety Group makes that a little easier with the Tac Pac Jr. This everyday-carry medical kit is about the size and weight of two Game of Thrones paperbacks sandwiched together, yet it holds vital life-saving equipment: CAT tourniquet, pressure gauze, pen light, and CPR barrier mask. All of that comes in a compact, waterproof pack that can be attached to your belt or MOLLE-compatible bag. Plus, the Tac Pac Jr. includes a pouch for your smartphone to make it even more EDC-friendly.MAKEPremier Safety GroupMODELTac Pac Jr.DIMENSIONS7 by 4.5 by 3 inchesMSRP$47URLwww.premiersafetygroup.com2 As much as we’d like to have a custom set of accessories for our race…

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lorcin’s infamous l-25

Junk guns. Mouse guns. Pocket pistols. Saturday night specials. Suicide specials. A most unflattering litany of nicknames for a particular size, shape, and class of pistol: cheaply made .25 ACP automatics with 2- to 3-inch barrels. A handful of companies based out of California were the primary manufacturers of such pistols — an intertwined conglomerate of small businesses once dubbed the “Ring of Fire” by a UC Davis health professor, due to their disproportionate use in holdups, muggings, and street violence in the mid ’90s.One of these companies was Lorcin Engineering, which had a rather meteoric rise, and fall, even by firearms industry standards. The company was founded in 1989. In 1993, they were the leading handgun manufacturer in the United States, producing nearly 350,000 pistols that year. In 1996,…

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1MAKEMission First TacticalMODELIWB Ambi HolsterFITS1911, Glock, HK, Ruger, Springfield, Taurus, SIG SAUER, S&W, WaltherMSRP$50FURTHERmissionfirsttactical.comNOTESMission First Tactical’s entry into the adaptable holster market is molded thermo plastic slip-on affair that features a wide plastic clip to grab 1.5-inch belts. While the holster is ambidextrous, there are only a couple screw holes on each side for setting ride height. Cant adjustment is pretty limited, but simple and effective for most shooters running a gun from common AIWB and 3 to 4 o’clock positions.Even with the retention adjustment screw set on the loose end, we found the pistol retention a bit on the aggressive side. With a bit of sleuthing, we figured out why. It turns out the belt clip screws protrude into the mouth of the holster enough to come in contact…

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everyman edc

RYAN CLECKNERPROFESSIONAttorney, author, entrepreneurCURRENT JOB TITLEFounder/president of Mayday SafetyDESCRIBE YOUR CURRENT WORKING ENVIRONMENTMostly desk-jockey with some range timeHOW DOES YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT AFFECT YOUR EDC?Thankfully, I work in the firearms industry and firearms are not an issue for my work.URLwww.ryancleckner.comLIST AND EXPLAIN EACH OF YOUR EDC ITEMSSIG SAUER P365 with Barnes 115-grain TAC-XPDThe P365 is the perfect blend for me of size, shoot-ability, and capacity. With a backup mag, I can carry 25 rounds of 9mm in a micro-sized handgun that I competently shoot. I carry it either appendix or ankle carry.Benchmade 941-2This is my fourth Benchmade 940 series knife (the previous three have been “lost” with the help of TSA during travel). The design and quality of this knife is a no-brainer for me — it’s small enough for…