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Recoil January/February 2015

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on the cover

1 JACKET MAKE: Kitanica MODEL: Mark IV MSRP: $597 URL: 2 PANTS MAKE: Kitanica MODEL: Backcountry Pants (Kryptek Typhon) MSRP: $129 URL: 3 GLOVES MAKE: Outdoor Research MODEL: Piledriver Gloves MSRP: $70 URL: 4 WEAPON SYSTEM MAKE: Tracking Point MODEL: Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 7.62 MSRP: $14,995 URL: OFF THE COVER 5 BELT MAKE: Griffon Industries MODEL: Ghost EDC Belt MSRP: $100 URL: 6 EAR PROTECTION MAKE: 3M Peltor MODEL: WS 100 MSRP: $499 URL: 7 EYE PROTECTION MAKE: ESS MODEL: Credence MSRP: $90 URL: 8 KNIFE MAKE: Pro-Tech Knives MODEL: TR-3 X1 MSRP: $250 URL: 9 FOOTWEAR MAKE: BLACKHAWK! MODEL: Ultra Light Side Zip Boot MSRP: $175 URL: 10 FLASHLIGHT MAKE: Olight MODEL: S15 Baton MSRP: $50 URL: 11 SMARTPHONE MAKE: Apple MODEL: iPhone 6 (64GB) MSRP: $299 (with two-year contract), $749 (no contract) URL:…

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down range

Those of us old enough to remember the dark days of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) might get a sense of déjà vu while reading Pete Palma’s review of the Ares Defense SCR carbine in this issue. Although subsequently determined by none other than the Department of Justice itself to be as useful as tits on a fsh, the AWB was nonetheless championed by toxic little fascists such as California Senator Dianne Feinstein as an effective and worthwhile measure to combat armed crime. By creating the term “assault weapon” out of whole cloth and then coming up with their own defnition thereof, the law’s creators did nothing but display both their ignorance of the subject and disdain for the rights of their constituents. The idea that one particular set of…

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1 Brainchild of Pete Palma (RECOIL contributor, former U.S. Marine scout sniper, and all-around wild man), MS Clean is a magazineshaped cleaning kit that provides a robust way to carry steel cleaning rods and lube without bending or breaking them. Although the kit is too big to ft into a rife’s magwell, we recommend stashing it away from your readyuse mags, just to be on the safe side. According to its website, “If you do manage to fnd yourself frantically inserting an MS Clean into your rife, you may want to consider that we purposely engineered a level of natural selection into our product.” MAKE: MS Clean MODEL: MS Clean Kit MSRP: $40 URL: 2 The nastiest part of rolling your own ammo is cleaning fred cases. Conventional vibratory case cleaners rely on corn…

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imperial war museum

London’s Imperial War Museum (IWM) was founded in 1917 and currently occupies the site of a former insane asylum. Its mission was to document the then-ongoing Great War, so it was perhaps inevitable and appropriate that at the centenary of the commencement of hostilities the museum would dedicate a huge amount of time and money to commemorate the sacrifces of both the armed forces and civilian population who were involved. Following a six-month-long renovation, the museum reopened its doors on July 16, 2014, and has seen record attendance ever since. Although the WWI exhibit has received the most coverage, the IWM’s four levels cover conficts from the early 20th century through to the present-day wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. As the visitor approaches the museum’s entrance, he or she is greeted…

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battering ram

2013 DODGE 3500 6.7L CUMMINS DIESEL SIX-SPEED AUTOMATIC Having a vehicle to promote your business is never a bad idea. However, it seems that most promotional cars or trucks are all show and no business. Typically they’re nothing more than some blinged-out, lifted pickup with wild graphics and tinted windows that the owner uses to drive to nightclubs so he can get out and high-five his “yes” crowd. In other words, they proudly represent their company by driving something that looks like Pimp My Ride threw up on it. For those of you familiar with Spike’s Tactical and its products, you’ll know the company is a no-nonsense brand with a fighting spirit and Second Amendment verbiage pumping through its veins. So when Spike himself was going to invest in a truck to…

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unusual suspects

The difference between carrying a frearm and knowing how to use it is about as stark as the classiness level between Frank Sinatra and Justin Bieber. The same can be said about a knife. Just because you carry a blade every day doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use it effectively — let alone disarm a bad guy with a shank. Enter the training knife. A blunt blade lets you practice drawing sparring, and self-defense drills with relative safety, but at realistic, high speeds. The amount of times your gut, neck, and arms get tagged with such a training tool will leave you more enlightened and your underwear a little bit moist. (Just as you would at the range, don’t forget to wear eye protection while training.) But, keep in mind not…