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Recoil January/February 2016

Our magazine is gear heavy featuring guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. Get Recoil digital magazine subscription today for gun evaluations, interviews with industry personalities, shooting tips from the pros, shooting sports, defense, do it yourself articles, and much more. We aim to appeal to the casual shooter as well as the core enthusiast.

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Editor’s Note: See page 46 for full article on KRISS Vector SMG version. 1 RIFLE MAKE: Kriss MODEL: Vector SBR MSRP: $1,399 (SMG shown) URL: 2 SHIRT MAKE: Velocity Systems MODEL: BOSS Rugby MSRP: $69 URL: 3 JACKET MAKE: Beyond Clothing MODEL: A5 Rig Light Jacket MSRP: $360 URL: 4 PANTS MAKE: First Tactical MODEL: Men’s Tactix Tactical Pant MSRP: $65 URL: 5 WATCH MAKE: Blackhawk! MODEL: Deep Sea Operator Titanium MSRP: $511 URL: 6 GLOVES MAKE: First Tactical MODEL: Hard Knuckle Glove MSRP: $40 URL: 7 BELT MAKE: Tacshield MODEL: Tactical Gun Belt MSRP: $60 URL: 8 PISTOL MAKE: ZEV Technologies MODEL: G19 MSRP: N/A URL: 9 HOLSTER MAKE: 45 Tactical MODEL: Belt Loop Carbon Fiber MSRP: $65 URL: 10 WEAPON LIGHT MAKE: SureFire MODEL: XC1 Ultra-Compact LED Handgun Light MSRP: $299 URL: OFF THE COVER 11 KNIFE MAKE: DPx Gear MODEL: Heat/F Shred MSRP: $250 URL: 12 MAG POUCH MAKE: 45 Tactical MODEL: Double Mag Pouch MSRP: $30 URL:…

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By the time this issue hits the shelves, we’ll be 12 months away from a presidential election. This tends to sharpen the mind and loosen the purse strings of both politicians and free men alike, so let’s reflect on what we’ve learned from previous experience. Firstly, as primary season approaches, candidates will be pandering to their bases and trying to differentiate themselves from opponents within their parties. Many will take positions that may not truly reflect their views, but will differ enough from the rest of the field to make a difference to single-issue voters. Others will show their true colors, knowing full well that the system of checks and balances instituted by our founding fathers will never allow them to implement some of their more fascistic wet dreams. And there…

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1 Known for making highly accurate rounds for precision shooters, Barnes Bullets now has its RangeAR Ammunition line for tactical and competitive shooters looking for high-quality training cartridges at affordable prices. Currently, the lead-free, copper-jacketed, zinc-core rounds come in 52-grain 5.56 NATO and 90-grain .300 AAC. We recently tested the 5.56 variety during a firearms course with Survival Edge Tactical Systems and were pleased to find the ammo performed flawlessly without a single malfunction MAKE: Barnes Bullets MODEL: RangeAR Ammunition MSRP: $19/box 5.56 NATO; $22/box .300 AAC URL: 2 Many people prefer small, slimmerprofile weapons such as the Glock 42, Glock 43, and S&W Shield for concealed carry. Others will only carry a pistol equipped with a weaponmounted light. Since there are few WMLs for subcompacts and pocket guns, this can be problematic. Enter…

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val trompia

Let’s say you were planning on setting up a large manufacturing plant. You’d probably look for a location with easy access to the sea, airports, rail, and roadways. A large population center from which to draw cheap labor wouldn’t hurt, along with plenty of easily developed land for future expansion. In short, you’d end up in Houston. Val Trompia has none of these advantages. Why, then, did gun industry titans such as Beretta choose to hang their shingle here? The reasons lie in history, and lots of it. The town of Gardonne lies at the heart of the Val Trompia valley, and it’s here that you’ll find the bulk of the Italian firearms industry. At its northern end, the valley terminates in a narrow, winding mountain pass — the kind of…

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2000 FORD EXCURSION 5.9L CUMMINS 6BT DIESEL ATS AUTOMATIC WWW.SURVIVORTRUCK.COM Back in RECOIL Issue 8 we featured Jim DeLozier’s Survivor Truck — a 1980 Chevy C70 kitted up with just about everything a doomsday prepper could want on a vehicle…and then some. We figured it wouldn’t be the last time we heard from someone so serious about stayin’ alive. Well, guess what? He’s at it again; this time with a 2000 Ford Excursion that leaves little, if anything, off the survival gear checklist. Many of you may wonder why he’s created another version. A glutton for gear, you might ask? That may be so. But like owning a gun, there’s not one that works perfectly for every situation. While you might think having two vehicles this extreme is overkill, Jim considers it practicality. The first truck…

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gentleman’s knives

Defining a gentleman is a breeze — he’s a chap who says “please” and “thank you,” opens doors for strangers, and walks on the outside of the sidewalk to keep himself between moving traffic and his lady. Defining a gentleman’s knife? That’s not as easy. Knife nuts might argue that it can’t have a pocket clip. Some will say it can’t have any modern-day accoutrements like assisted opening. Others will still claim that anything goes, so long as it’s not too long and doesn’t look too gaudy, too tactical, or too outdoorsy. Needless to say, trying to determine exactly what constitutes a gentleman’s knife is much like answering the question, “What’s the best handgun?” Fortunately, most reasonable enthusiasts can agree that a gentleman’s knife is any tool that can be carried just as…