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Recoil January/February 2017

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on the cover

1 RIFLE MAKE: Lithgow Arms MODEL: ATRAX MSRP: $1,999 URL: 2 BELT MAKE: ZeroBravo MODEL: Alpha Belt MSRP: $100 URL: 3 WATCH MAKE: Suunto MODEL: Traverse Alpha MSRP: $569 URL: 4 PLATE CARRIER MAKE: Australian Defense Apparel MODEL: ABAS Vest (Alpha Modular) MSRP: $180 URL: 5 TOMAHAWK MAKE: Hardcore Hardware MODEL: BFT-01 MSRP: $345 AUD URL: 6 SUPPRESSOR MAKE: SilencerCo MODEL: Hybrid MSRP: $999 URL: 7 OPTIC MAKE: Trijicon MODEL: AccuPoint MSRP: $1,399 URL: OFF THE COVER 8 BALLISTIC PLATES MAKE: Safe Line Defense MODEL: Hard Rifle Plate NIJ .06 ICW Level IV MSRP: $169 URL:…

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down range

As this issue ships to the printer, we’re about 29 days away from the day when fellow South Park fans must make a choice between a giant douche and turd sandwich. Given the wall-to-wall coverage lavished on these subprime specimens of humanity (dear God, please make it stop) I’m not going to labor the point here. Instead, let us take comfort in the fact that due to the foresight of the men who wrote our Constitution, the president has less power than the media would have us believe. Despite the current incumbent throwing tantrums worthy of a 2-year-old, in terms of meaningful progress to his antigun agenda, he’s managed little apart from mildly inconveniencing gunsmiths and a few importers. Now, this is not in any way meant to minimize the impact…

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1 Nothing causes cursing at RECOIL HQ like disasembling Glock mags. Well, maybe taking a Ruger Mark III apart, but it’s a close call. Glock says to stick a punch in that little hole in the base plate and lean into it to break the little bastard free. Oblonged baseplate holes and broken furniture attest to the efficacy of this factory-authorized method. The Maggclaw, distrubuted by Glockmeister, will change all that. It’s a sturdy tool that grabs the plate and levers it off the mag body with a little more effort than popping a bottle cap from a beverage. We tested it on a brand-new mag and it worked so well, we pulled all our mags apart just because we finally could. The Maggclaw works with most regular sized Glock…

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iowa gold star military museum

To those seeking the highest office in the land, Iowa is where their political dreams rise or fall. Iowa is also about as Midwestern as it gets — it’s truly part of the American Heartland and the only U.S. state to be bordered on both east and west by rivers. While some coastal residents may consider it “flyover” country, Iowa has plenty of attractions. For those in and around the Hawkeye State, or just driving through Iowa on Interstate 80, there’s a must-see museum for military history buffs and firearm enthusi asts alike. It’s the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum, and it easily wins a gold star for its presentation and inspiring displays. It might seem surprising that Iowa would be home to a notable military museum, given that the state wasn’t…

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everyday overlander

2015 TOYOTA 4RUNNER TRD PRO 4L V-6 FIVE-SPEED AUTOMATIC WWW.LAWNDARTDESIGN.COM Vision. It’d be easy to say in hindsight there was a clear, start-to-finish vision for this truck. But, like many project builds, getting from stock to upgraded was an ever-evolving path. For me, a professional filmmaker and pixel pusher, it was about treading the line between daily driver and overlanding. I wanted something that could serve as a utility vehicle for carrying precious cargo comfortably and safely into remote locations. The project began with an infernocolored 2015 4Runner TRD Pro and the balance of its on-road performance and off-road handling. The 4Runner is based on the tough-as-nails, body-onframe, Toyota Prado 150 platform with a manual transfer case and bombproof reliability because ... Toyota. The TRD Pro from the factory was seemingly everything…

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unusual suspects

With vivacious curves and seductive rings, karambits are like the sexy foreign exchange student you know nothing about, but would love to get your hands on. Originally used as a utility tool by farmers and fishermen in Indonesia, this ancient knife (also spelled “kerambit”) was patterned after a tiger’s claw and eventually morphed into a self-defense weapon. It’s become all the rage in recent years among Western knife nuts. The karambit has haters, though. Some complain the curvature makes it a horrible everyday-carry (EDC) knife, while the lack of a straight tip makes it a poor fighting knife. But those who practice Indonesian silat, Filipino kali, and other Southeast Asian systems know better. A karambit is brutally effective at ripping tendons, redirecting limbs, leveraging takedowns, and (cue the groans) disemboweling. It’s not…