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Recoil January/February 2018

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down range

I’m cramming in this note between morning and afternoon hunts, sneaking out of the backcountry to grab a little Wi-Fi time while I attempt to catch up with the hectic pace of life in the real world. After a long time of promising myself I’d take advantage of the incredible wilderness this nation offers its citizens, it seems that, even when you’re nine miles from the nearest paved road, work still intrudes. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am, however, taking the opportunity to disprove a common myth perpetuated by various and sundry anti-gun politicians. An oft-repeated trope is that you can’t hunt with an AR, as if that made their possession less legitimate. Leaving aside the fact the Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, using…

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1 Look at it. The new CompM5 is the product of one crazy consensual evening involving the older, proven CompM4 sight and the newer, sexier Micro T-2 reflex sight. Aimpoint took the ruggedness of the U.S. Army’s well regarded M68 close combat optic, shrunk it down and fed it a single, easy-to-source AAA battery that powers the optic for years. It’s got a 2 MOA dot, and 10 intensity settings, the first four of which are designed to work with night vision equipment. While it’s a little longer than the Micro T line, it uses the same mounts, so there’s no shortage of great ways to mount the CompM5 if you pass on Aimpoint’s factory mounting system. It’s a solid upgrade to the CompM4 that reduces size while increasing ease-of-use without…

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right to the point

West Point, or more formally the United States Military Academy (USMA), is known today as being one of the oldest military service academies in the world. The four-year coeducational federal service academy is also home to the oldest military museum in the country. The West Point Museum, which officially opened to the public in 1854, actually evolved from a collection of military items that were used to train candidates. Unlike many other military museums around the country, the primary mission of the West Point Museum remains to support cadet academic, military, and cultural instruction. Until the decade before the Civil War there was no museum, but the collection did exist, and it was spread out over several buildings. It was only formally created as a museum in the middle of the 19th…

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go pound sand

2016 BAJALITE XR TROPHY TRUCK SPEC CHEVY 6.2L LS3 TH400 WWW.BAJARACINGADVENTURES.COM WWW.F-1FIREARMS.COM If you ever hear anyone say that Baja racing is just glorified off-roading, there’s no reason you shouldn’t beat them senseless with a sock stuffed full of their own sh*t. They’ve obviously never been involved in it. There are no nearby paramedics and your chase crew may be minutes or hours away. If you get hurt, you may have to wait till dawn to be airlifted out. The courses change each year, meaning you have a good chance of getting lost and being 100 miles away from civilization at any given time. Plus if you do complete a race and manage to escape serious injury, your body will feel like you’ve been chopping wood for 24 hours straight. As Dion Podgurny, owner of F-1…

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unusual suspects

FLIP THE PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS ON EACH KNIFE. Some folks focus so much on how cool a blade looks that they fail to consider the locking mechanism. After all, a sharp but faulty folder won’t seem so attractive after it’s accidentally lopped off one of your fingers … or three. That’s why we’re examining the classic lockback knife. Barring any manufacturing defects, it’s unlikely to close accidentally. It has a spring-loaded metal rocker bar that hooks into a notch on the bottom of the blade’s spine, preventing it from pivoting. To unlock it, press down on the rocker bar at the back of the handle, which lifts the bar out of said notch. This knife type is one of the strongest locking mechanisms available. And unlike a frame-lock or a liner-lock, a…

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Build Concept: A defensive build based on the newly available Radian Weapons receiver that serves as a testbed for the Dracos Straightjacket barrel and Cerakote’s new Elite coatings. Radian Weapons recently got back to producing its AX556, featuring the ambidextrous A-DAC control system. We were fans of the setup back when Radian was known as AXTS, having shot a few AX556-based builds years ago. We added it to our wish list, but as the company rebranded and focused on building complete rifles, our chances to get one evaporated, only intensifying our desire to own one. Fast-forward a year and imagine our excitement as Radian catches up with rifle demand and releases full receiver sets. Sure, they’re spendy, but our lust was fully fueled by all those discussions board convos about them. And,…