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Recoil July/August 2014

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on the cover

01 CARBINE MAKE: Brethren Armament MODEL: BAP 9 MSRP: $2,850 URL: 02 SIGHT MAKE: Vortex MODEL: SPARC MSRP: $289 URL: 03 MAGAZINE BRAND: HK MODEL: MP5, 30-round MSRP: $90 URL: 04 SUIT BRAND: Brothers’ Tailors MODEL: Handmade custom MSRP: $1,200 URL: 05 SHIRT BRAND: Giorgio Fiorelli MODEL: Dress Shirt with spread collar MSRP: $100 URL: OFF CAMERA 06 BELT BRAND: Galco MODEL: SB3 Dress Belt MSRP: $80 URL: 07 HOLSTER BRAND: Galco MODEL: Combat Master MSRP: $86 URL: 08 PISTOL BRAND: Browning MODEL: Hi-Power Mark III MSRP: $1,070 URL: 09 KNIFE BRAND: Baladéo MODEL: G Series 37 Gram Pocket Knife - G10 MSRP: $58 URL: 10 WATCH BRAND: Smith & Bradley MODEL: SANS 13 MSRP: $400 URL: 11 SUNGLASSES BRAND: Smith Elite MODEL: Lockwood Tactical MSRP: $80 URL: 12 EAR PROTECTION BRAND: 3M MODEL: Combat Arms Single Tip Corded Earplugs MSRP: $16 URL:…

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Way back in Issue 9, we reviewed the SIG SAUER P556 complete with its then-new SB15 arm brace, coming to the conclusion that adding one to an AR pistol was an excellent way to achieve much of the functionality of a short-barreled rife (SBR), but without the nine-month wait for ATF approval. At the time, RECOIL was the only publication with the stones to show that although the device was approved as an arm brace, it worked OK as a stock and could be used as such. Needless to say, we drew a lot of criticism, but we’re of the opinion that you can’t fnd out how big the cage is unless you take a run at the bars every now and then. On March 5, the ATF released a letter…

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1 Every now and then an invention comes along that results in a forehead-slapping moment. The ELSA (Emergency Life Saving Armor) plate carrier is a lowprofle means of carting around a pair of plates and spare ammo for use in an “Oh shit!” event. It looks like a regular laptop case until you unzip it to let the two halves fop open, ready for you to pull it over your head. We tested it with a set of rectangular Level IIIA plates from DKX Armor and a pair of full PMAGs. The whole shebang weighs in at just 7 pounds. Made in the USA. BRAND: Martinson Industries, LLC MODEL: ELSA MSRP: $400 URL: 2Tired of the long wait times and callused thumbs from loading magazines by hand? This device might help. After just a…

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ruag ammotec

With the near-insatiable demand for ammunition in the USA, companies that had once abandoned the market are now looking at the lower 48 again. Europe is home to some of the world’s premium ammo brands, many of which are owned by the Swiss conglomerate RUAG Ammotec, and we got a headsup that its products are about to hit these shores. We’re all familiar with the quality levels that can be expected of domestic suppliers, and indeed some of the Russian manufacturers, but is this Swiss stuff any good? Figuring there was only one way to fnd out, we hopped a plane across the Atlantic to go check out its facilities. RUAG owns several brands, including RWS, GECO, Swiss P, Rottweil, and Norma, and has been investing heavily in new plants in…

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dillon defender

This is, without a doubt, the best tooled-up vehicle we’ve ever featured in these pages. Why? There are many reasons, but we’ll start with three. The kinder, gentler end of the force continuum is handled by a pair of 240 Bravos. But when things get a little hairy, the crew has the option to employ the persuasive power of 3,000 rounds of 7.62mm, courtesy of an M134D minigun. Conceived as a complete bolt-on kit, the Dillon Defender package allows a standard Land Rover GS 110 to transform into a gun truck, requiring only basic handtools and an afternoon’s worth of spannering to complete the job. According to Mike Leavitt, a former Marine and Baja racer who is Dillon Aero’s brains behind the project, Special Forces teams had been using local talent…

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unusual suspects

Peanut butter and jelly. Phones and Wi-Fi. Kate Upton and sports bras. There are some things that are really good solo, but are even better when paired with a natural complement. The same holds true with knives and frearms. In that vein, we take a closer look at frearm-branded knives this issue. While some are licensed products, others are the end result of collaborations between knifemakers and gun manufacturers. Call it brand loyalty, call it recognizing a mark of quality, or call it striking a yin-yang balance in one’s tactical toolbox. And even if you’re not particularly keen on any of the frearm brands represented here, you might fnd out that one of their knives could fulfll your everyday carry (EDC) needs. 1 MAKE: CampCo MODEL: UZI EVN Stone Wash I OAL: 6.5 inches BLADE…