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Recoil July/August 2015

Our magazine is gear heavy featuring guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. Get Recoil digital magazine subscription today for gun evaluations, interviews with industry personalities, shooting tips from the pros, shooting sports, defense, do it yourself articles, and much more. We aim to appeal to the casual shooter as well as the core enthusiast.

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on the cover

1 RIFLE MAKE: Accuracy International MODEL: AX Covert MSRP: $6,916 URL: 2 PANTS MAKE: Vertx MODEL: Kryptek Tactical Pants MSRP: $110 URL: 3 SHIRT MAKE: Vertx MODEL: Gunfighter Shirt MSRP: $120 URL: 4 BELT MAKE: Shellback Tactical MODEL: Cobra Buckle Riggers Belt MSRP: $70 URL: 5 PISTOL MAKE: ZEV MODEL: Deliberate Dynamics Glock 23 MSRP: $1,300 URL: 6 HOLSTER MAKE: TCR Custom Works MODEL: OWB Holster MSRP: not available at press time URL: not available at press time 7 MAG POUCH MAKE: TCR Custom Works MODEL: OWB Double Mag Pouch MSRP: not available at press time URL: not available at press time 8 GLOVES MAKE: Mechanix Wear MODEL: M-Pact Gloves MSRP: $35 URL: 9 PISTOL MAGAZINE MAKE: Magpul MODEL: PMAG 17 GL9 MSRP: $16 URL: 10 KNIFE MAKE: Hogue Inc. MODEL: EX-F01 Fixed Blade Knife MSRP: $240 URL: 11 HAT MAKE: Flexft MODEL: V-Flexft MSRP: wholesale only URL: OFF THE COVER 12 WATCH MAKE: Garmin MODEL: tactix MSRP: $370 URL:…

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down range

In a landscape dotted with once-proud titles that have either folded, gone entirely digital, or stagger on like B-movie zombies, RECOIL keeps growing from strength to strength. It’s an of repeated axiom that print is dead, but I guess that if you give people what they want, they vote with their wallets. And we plan to keep on giving you what you’ve asked us for. One of the items that kept cropping up in previous discussions was expansion of our preparedness content, so we created an entire magazine around it — if you haven’t checked out OFFGRID yet, the newest issue goes on sale June 26, and it’s a great read. We also recently turned our attention to the topic of concealed carry, and you might still be able to find…

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1 Todd Rexford is a young cat who’s quickly making a name for himself thanks to innovations like the Rexford Utility Tool (RUT). Made in the USA, the RUT holds a razor blade, a fat-head screwdriver, and a bottle opener. In fact, the screwdriver and bottle opener can be used in tandem as an improvised can opener. Plus, there’s a lanyard hold so you can turn it into a key fob or attach it to your pack. Its titanium body is about the size of two sticks of Wrigley’s Double mint gum pressed together. MAKE: Rexford Knives MODEL: Rexford Utility Tool MSRP: $135 URL: 2 Andrew Bawidamann is a design wizard, bringing a unique perspective and diverse artistic skills to everything from knives and tactical gear to apparel and corporate logos. The Die Walkure Skuld T-shirt is one…

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pearl harbor

You know the story. You’ve learned about it in school and read the details in a well-researched book or two. At the very least you’ve watched a documentary about the event (and not the cornball movie by Michael Bay). Still, it bears repeating…lest we forget. In the early hours of Sunday, December 7, 1941, the United States’ Pacific Fleet was attacked by Japan while its ships were moored at the U.S. Navy’s headquarters at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The devastating surprise attack killed more than 2,400 people, wounded over 1,100 others, and damaged or destroyed 18 ships — including five battleships and close to 300 aircraft. Today, Pearl Harbor acts as an enduring symbol of both the reason for the USA’s entry into World War II and the nation’s resilience in the…

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unidentified fighting object

We know what you’re thinking. Is this Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s tactical vehicle or some addition to Area 51’s security feet? We’re going to keep you guessing for the moment and speak to a belief that often gets reiterated in the pages of RECOIL…ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. So when it comes to dreaming up your bug-out/survival vehicle blueprints, while it may seem like a good idea to pile on every single piece of cool gear you can dream of (after all, you might need it), it may actually interfere with mobility more than you think. Would you believe this actually started life as a 1975 Chevy ½-ton pickup? We certainly had a hard time wrapping our heads around that, but when its owner/builder John Kanicsar started telling us what…

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unusual suspects

It used to be that titanium was unobtainium — extremely desirable for a variety of applications, but just too damn expensive to acquire and manufacture. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, the metal sometimes known by its chemical symbol of Ti isn’t as cost prohibitive to fabricate anymore. It’s now seen in all sorts of products, from dental implants to bolt carrier groups (see page 128). It’s no surprise then that knife-makers are incorporating titanium in their latest and greatest models. But what makes the element so special? Named after the Titans from Greek mythology, titanium is seriously strong for a metal that’s so light. It also laughs in the face of rust because of its high corrosion resistance and doesn’t conduct heat or electricity very well. Plus, it’s non-magnetic. All of these…