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Recoil July/August 2016

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When you’re offered the first look at a new version of America’s most popular rifle, it’s hard to say no, but with a slew of new models introduced every few months by the biggest names in the industry, sometimes you have to draw a line for the sake of variety. Which is why for the next couple of issues, there won’t be a single AR-15 featured in the pages of RECOIL. Sure, we’ll come back to them in due course, so long as you guys keep buying them, and we’ll continue using ARs in various competitions and matches across this fair nation. It’s just that, after a few weeks of eating steak, you hanker for a pizza. So the menu for Issue 25 consists of a starter of Colt’s latest 9mm…

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1 Want to add a little more texturing and beavertail to your Glock? All you’ll need is a Glock Armorers Tool or 3/32-inch pin punch and a small armorers hammer. Instructions on Grip Force Products’ website walk you through the easy installation that’ll fit standard and compact Gen 1, 2, or 3 series Glock frames. According to their site, it’ll also fit the new Gen 4 pistol over the top of the factory-supplied medium grip panel. If used on the Gen 4 SF frame with no factorysupplied grip panel, you’ll need to use some RTV silicone to secure the grip. Available in Flat Dark Earth or black. MAKE: Grip Force Products MODEL: Gen 123SC Grip Force Adapters MSRP: $27 URL: 2 Along with an included 3V-CR2032 battery and two mounting bases, this 2 MOA reticle from TRUGLO offers…

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mke industry and technology museum

We try to balance this section of RECOIL by bringing you up to speed with places to visit in the USA, but also look beyond our own borders to places that are just a little off the beaten path. The rewards of doing so are many fold — we gain a perspective on history from different sides that allows a more complete understanding, particularly valuable when studying armed conflicts. We also get to see how weapons development is carried out in cultures that differ from our own, learning the good and bad points of both. If we were to consider a chunk of real estate where recorded history stretches back to the 6th century B.C., then there’s a good chance we might be able to learn more from its place in…

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texas instruments

FULL METAL JACKET/ CAL 50 JEEP 2014 JEEP WRANGLER SUPERCHARGED 3.6L V-6 FIVE-SPEED AUTOMATIC WWW.STARWOODMOTORS.COM It’s been said that everything’s bigger in Texas. Sometimes the Lone Star State seems like the last refuge for true freedom. You won’t find the tyrannical firearms regulations there like the ones many of us face elsewhere in the country. Its residents are blissfully beyond the reach of rules that blame misspelled words on one’s pencil. Do you car buffs also get emails from SEMA tipping you off to proposed legislation under the pretense of safety and environmental protection that limits the modifications you’ll be able to make to your vehicles? Try making those same ideas fly in Texas. You’ll quickly be told not to let the door hit you where the good lord split you. So aside from my diatribe that retirement…

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unusual suspects automatic knives

Who doesn’t like automation? Technology has given us ATMs, motion-sensor doors, and belt-felt full-auto M240 Bravos. Naturally, we love automatic knives, too. Sadly, they’re highly regulated in the United States and around the world. Many politicians fear this genre for the same reason they fear guns: ignorance. So let’s drop some knowledge. Automatic blades open, well, automatically when you push a switch, lever, or button. While there are variations, they can be lumped into two categories: folding and out-the-front (OTF). The former looks and works similarly to a common pocket knife. The latter has a sliding blade that shoots out the top of the handle. A double-action OTF can both eject and retract the blade using a switch or lever. A single-action OTF will only automatically eject the blade and requires…

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MICROTECH UTX-70 411: Microtech is known for automatic-knife innovations. Their Ultratech model is a modern classic. The puppy we’re testing here is the low-carb version of the Ultratech, reduced in size by 30 percent (hence the name UTX-70). It’s the smallest and lightest one in this buyer’s guide. Like its bigger brother, the UTX-70 is a double-action OTF with a spring that remains at rest in both the open and closed positions to minimize fatigue. Made in the USA. PROS: • Brilliant engineering matched with topquality materials. • The auto action is lightning fast, opening and closing with a satisfying “thwak” sound. • The 6061-series aluminum handle and sharp Elmax blade are available in various options. CONS: • While quite comfortable to carry in your pocket, it’ll feel like a Q-tip in the hands of those with huge…