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Recoil July/August 2017

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on the cover

COVER PHOTO BY STRAIGHT 8 1 PISTOL MAKE: Para USA / LRK Mechanical MODEL: Recon MSRP: N/A URL: 2 PISTOL MAKE: CZ MODEL: Shadow 2 MSRP: $1,300 URL: 3 BELT MAKE: Safariland MODEL: ELS Competition belt MSRP: $56 URL: 4 HOLSTER MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 577 GLS Holster MSRP: $50 URL: 5 MAGAZINE HOLDER MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 771 Competition Mag pouch MSRP: $30 URL: 6 SHOT SHELL HOLDER MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 086 Shell Holder MSRP: $113 URL: 7 SHIRT MAKE: Hazard 4 MODEL: Battle T Shirt MSRP: $35 URL: OFF THE COVER 8 WATCH MAKE: Brazen Sports MODEL: Military Tactical Chronograph MSRP: $850 URL: 9 KNIFE MAKE: Hinderer MODEL: Half-Track MSRP: $585 URL:…

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down range

Since bursting onto the scene a few years ago, RECOIL has shaken up the world of firearms magazines, growing from a one-off, let’s-seeif- this-works issue to the biggest newsstand gun publication. Along the way, we’ve added RECOIL OFFGRID and CONCEALMENT to our print portfolio, created a killer website with a ton of unique content, branched off into video with RECOILtv, and produced a constant flow of high-quality social media posts across different platforms. At this point, you’re probably thinking, “OK, Harrison, if you pat yourselves on the back any more, you’ll get tennis elbow. So what’s next?” I thought you’d never ask. By the time this issue hits the shelves, our team will be putting the finishing touches to the next item you’ve been asking for. RECOIL CARNIVOREIS COMING. A decade ago, a…

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1Part of what makes 22LR silencers so much fun is that they’re all pretty quiet relative to their centerfire brethren. Something less fun is that most all of them on the market are direct thread, making swapping from gun to gun somewhat of a chore. There’re numerous QD rifle cans, so Gemtech decided to give that ability to your 22LR suppressor, too. The 22QDA resembles a three lug mount, with the noteworthy exception that there are four lugs. Virtually any 1/2x28 22LR threaded silencer and firearm can be used with the 22QDA, making it a pretty versatile piece of gear that goes on and off in only a second. We asked if it could be used with 1/2x28 centerfire silencers, and they asked if we were stupid — 22LR and…

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texas civil war museum

The topic of the American Civil War has become a hot potato for our educational system, since the voices in the social justice crusade seem to forget feelings aren’t facts. Thankfully, there are still outfits providing an unbiased look at this period in our nation’s history. RECOIL was recently offered a glimpse at the preservation efforts of the Texas Civil War Museum, which has one of the country’s most impressive displays of historic memorabilia from this era. Here, anyone can observe, learn, and imagine what it was like to live through this tumultuous time. Texas, with its economy largely based in cotton during that time, became part of the Confederacy during the Civil War — but if you think that skews the museum’s collection or interpretation of the conflict one way or…

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garrison ford

OPERATOR TRUCK 2015 FORD F-150 5.0L SUPERCHARGED V-8 4WD SIX-SPEED AUTOMATIC WWW.ROADARMOR.COM When you hear the term “technical” as it relates to trucks used by thirdworld militants, you probably envision a dirty Toyota Hilux packed with guys holding AKs and a Dushka mounted to a jury-rigged tube cage. But have you ever wondered what an American version of a technical would look like if it were done right? However, we think that term might be a bit insulting when describing the Operator F-150 — it’s not just a technical, it’s a technical knockout! That’s what happens when the garrison fills out a vehicular wish list. After the success of the Green Beret Jeep featured in RECOIL Issue 21, the guys at Road Armor teamed up again with Scott Neil of Operator to…

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unusual suspects

The KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid) is a great defense against having Murphy’s Law jump up and bite you in the nether regions. The more moving parts on a knife, the greater the chance for something to go wrong. But it doesn’t get simpler than the Scandinavian knife design. The grind on this blade is basic: two bevels sloping down to meet and create a wicked edge. This makes the knife a cinch to sharpen. Lay the blade against a flat sharpening stone and voilà! The wide bevel ensures you keep a proper angle. It’s a design that has developed over centuries. Traditional knives in Norway, Sweden, and Finland have been carried by Europeans from the time they piled into longships to raid monasteries and discover North America. Generations of crowdsourcing…