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Recoil March/April 2014

Our magazine is gear heavy featuring guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. Get Recoil digital magazine subscription today for gun evaluations, interviews with industry personalities, shooting tips from the pros, shooting sports, defense, do it yourself articles, and much more. We aim to appeal to the casual shooter as well as the core enthusiast.

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off camera

01 CARBINE MAKE: LWRC MODEL: Six8 IC-PDW MSRP: $23 URL: 02 SIGHTS BRAND: LWRC MODEL: Skirmish front and rear rights MSRP: $218 URL: 03 MAGAZINES BRAND: Magpul MODEL: 30-Round PMAG 6.8mm MSRP: $25 URL: 04 CHEST RIG BRAND: Tactical Tailor MODEL: 2-Piece MAV (with additional pouches) MSRP: $170 URL: 05 JACKET AND PANTS BRAND: Vertx MODEL: Overwhite Set MSRP: $200 URL: 06 GLOVES BRAND: Cutters Gloves MODEL: X40 C-TACK Revolution MSRP: $45 URL: 07 BOOTS BRAND: N/A (U.S. military surplus) MODEL: Mickey Boots MSRP: $54 (cost might vary) URL: 08 EYE PROTECTION BRAND: ESS MODEL: 5B 9.11 Limited Edition MSRP: $100 URL: 09 FLASHLIGHT BRAND: SureFire MODEL: EB1 Backup MSRP: $220 URL: 10 KNIFE BRAND: Benchmade Knife Company MODEL: Griptilian (customized) MSRP: $135 URL:…

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down range

Truly, the year has flown by. Since being given the enormous honor and responsibility of heading up the best firearms publication in the United States, I have seen the past 12 months disappear in a blur of empty cases, tight deadlines, muzzle flashes, exhaust fumes, and departure lounges. During this past year, we gun owners as a community have weathered one of the most serious threats to our proud heritage and way of life since the early ’90s. And we came out on top. Despite throwing enormous amounts of money and influence into passing firearms laws that would have done nothing apart from inconvenience the law-abiding, for the most part anti-gun politicians came away with the square root of bugger all to show for it. In fact, some have gotten their…

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1 Looking to add a quick-detach swivel to your long-gun? Not enough, or any, Picatinny rail for your light and laser? Kill two birds with one stone with the Hogue Extreme Series Picatinny Cuff. Made of aluminum, the cuff fits on any standard 2-inch fore-end tube and provides a secure mounting platform for a sling and various accessories. BRAND: Hogue MODEL: Extreme Series Picatinny Cuff MSRP: $100 URL: 2 Metallic Cartridge Handloading: Pursuit of the Perfect Cartridge is not an instructional manual. It’s an authoritative source on all things reloading and covers everything from improving casings and seating primers to bullet casting and internal ballistics. Written by Mic McPherson, this 425-page softcover includes hundreds of photos and drawings. BRAND: Safari Press MODEL: Metallic Cartridge Handloading: Pursuit of the Perfect Cartridge MSRP: $40 URL: 3 As usual, RECOIL gets hands on the innovative gear first, and we’ve been playing with Tac-Con…

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national firearms museum

What’s on your list of places to go and places to see? Perhaps Disney World with the family. Maybe the Grand Canyon to see Mother Nature’s majestic beauty. But have you ever thought about making the NRA National Firearms Museum a destination? If you’re a gun enthusiast, it’s one box you must check off your bucket list. The National Firearms Museum is working constantly to preserve American history and the guns that have played a role in it, and the collection traces the evolution of firearms over six centuries of development. The guns range from the earliest of hand cannons to the latest in technology, like the .50-caliber M82A1. Did we mention it has a collection of more than 7,000 pieces? Now do we have your interest piqued? On our recent visit to…

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hagglunds bv206

This beast can tackle some brutal landscapes. A mountainous plateau bombarded by a relentless blizzard? Check. A backcountry path pockmarked by boulders and felled trees? No biggie. Dirt roads and asphalt make this ride laugh. The Hagglunds Bandvagen 206 — or Bv206, as it is more commonly known — is a multipurpose, tracked small unit support vehicle (SUSV) capable of handling extreme terrain and offering accessibility to some of the world’s most remote locations. Built as a successor to the Bv202, made by Volvo, the Hagglunds Bv206 met the Swedish government’s need for an all-purpose vehicle with more power and lower maintenance issues than its Volvo counterpart. While the Volvo Bv202 tracks were iron and easily rusted out, the Hagglunds Bv206 features a track made of reinforced nylon, with some of the…

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neck knives

1 1 MAKE: Magnum by Boker MODEL: Lil Friend Clip Tanto OAL: 4.63 inches BLADE LENGTH: 2 inches BLADE MATERIAL: 440 stainless steel WEIGHT: 1.6 ounces MSRP: $26 URL: 2 2 MAKE: TOPS Knives MODEL: Mini Scandi OAL: 6.13 inches BLADE LENGTH: 3 inches BLADE MATERIAL: 1095 high-carbon steel WEIGHT: 2.2 ounces MSRP: $90 URL: 3 3 MAKE: BLACKHAWK! MODEL: XSF Micro OAL: 6.2 inches BLADE LENGTH: 3.2 inches BLADE MATERIAL: AUS-8A stainless steel WEIGHT: 1.5 ounces MSRP: $30 URL: 4 4 MAKE: Spartan Blades MODEL: Enyo OAL: 6.25 inches BLADE LENGTH: 2.69 inches BLADE MATERIAL: CPM S35VN stainless steel WEIGHT: 2.8 ounces MSRP: $150 URL: 5 5 MAKE: Columbia River Knife & Tool MODEL: SPEW OAL: 6.25 inches BLADE LENGTH: 3 inches BLADE MATERIAL: 5CR15MoV stainless steel WEIGHT: 3 ounces MSRP: $45 URL: 6 6 MAKE: CampCo Inc. MODEL: UZI Covert Neck Knife OAL: 8 inches BLADE LENGTH: 3.75 inches BLADE MATERIAL: 3cr13 420 stainless steel WEIGHT: 2.9 ounces MSRP: $20 URL: Welcome to RECOIL’s first ever jewelry buyer’s guide. But instead of polishing pearl necklaces or gawking at gold chains with diamonds, we’re zeroing in on an ornament that is decidedly manlier: the neck knife. Dangling at sternum height, this type of accessory is something we’d be glad to model at the nearest gun range, campsite, or dark alley. But neck knives are more than just…