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Recoil March/April 2015

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on the cover

1 SUBMACHINE GUN MAKE: Brügger & Thomet MODEL: APC9 MSRP: $2,250 to $2,500 URL: 2 RIFLE SIGHT MAKE: Aimpoint MODEL: T1 MSRP: $753 URL: 3 VERTICAL FOREGRIP MAKE: Brügger & Thomet MODEL: Vertical Foregrip MSRP: $85 URL: 4 PDW MAKE: Brügger & Thomet MODEL: MP9-N MSRP: $1,850 to $2,510 URL: 5 SIGHT MAKE: Aimpoint MODEL: T1 MSRP: $753 URL: 6 AMMO MAKE: Geco MODEL: 9mm Luger 124-Grain FMJ MSRP: $15 (Box of 50) URL: 7 JACKET MAKE: FirstSpear MODEL: Prototype jacket MSRP: N/A URL: OFF THE COVER 8 PANTS MAKE: 5.11 Tactical MODEL: Ridgeline Pants MSRP: $71 URL: 9 SUNGLASSES MAKE: Smith Elite MODEL: Grey Man Tactical MSRP: $160 URL: 10 HOLSTER MAKE: G Code MODEL: HSP INCOG MSRP: $70 URL: 11 HANDGUN MAKE: FNH USA MODEL: FNS-40C MSRP: $500 URL: 12 HANDGUN AMMO MAKE: Nosler MODEL: Defense .40 S&W Bonded JHP MSRP: $21 URL: 13 BELT MAKE: 5.11 Tactical MODEL: Apex T-Rail MSRP: $65 URL:…

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down range

Happy birthday to us. RECOIL celebrates its third anniversary this issue, so we pulled out the big guns. Firearm publications are like dogs — granted, some more than others — so that would make us 21 in human years. To help us celebrate, please turn to page 136, where our friend, funny man, and actor Mark Christopher Lawrence, advises on selecting the right tequila for birthdays and really any occasion. Of course, if we’re of legal age to drink, then we should be able to take to the road as well, assuming you’re sober. What better frst ride than something quintessentially American, like a ’79 Bronco with a big-block V-8. And a minigun. The Ballistic Bronco marks the start of what we hope is a series of collaborations with some of our…

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1 As you know, one of the biggest improvements you can make to your AR rife is to swap out the stock trigger for one that doesn’t feel like dragging an anvil down a gravel driveway. KE Arms’ Drop-In Trigger is wire EDM cut from A2 tool steel, through hardened to RC 55-57, and then titaniumnitride coated for a long service life. It’s also user-adjustable for take-up and reset, without having to remove it from the gun. The pre-production sample we played was a solid value single-stage unit, coming in right around 4 pounds with a crisp break and short, tactile reset. It’s hard to fnd a quality trigger for less than two bills — this one works well, should outlive the rife it’s ftted to, and won’t break the bank. MAKE:…

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armed forces history museum

Every town has its own hidden gem, but how many small cities can claim to have a 35,000-squarefoot museum dedicated to our nation’s armed forces? Situated in an industrial park in Largo, Florida, the Armed Forces Museum is the culmination of one man’s lifelong passion. More than 50 years ago, John Piazza Sr. started collecting military memorabilia after receiving a couple of hand grenades following his service in the U.S. Marine Corps. With that simple start, his passion for everything military took off like a Stinger Missile. The museum began in 1996 as a traveling display of military and historical items, gradually morphing into what it is today. About 95 percent of the items on display belong to Piazza, with the remainder coming from private donors, some of whom are local…

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blue oval blitzkrieg

If you’ve been a longtime reader of RECOIL, you’ve seen this Transport column run the gamut from mild to wild, practical to outrageous. We get asked periodically, though, what kinds of frearms us staff guys have in our safes or in the vehicles we drive. Well, this month we’re answering one of those questions. Our Grand Poobah Iain Harrison wanted his own tactical vehicle that could be had on an editor’s budget, but still have some semblance of practicality, versatility, and style. Since Iain is about as subtle as a Sam Peckinpah movie, you can bet that his mode of transportation would follow suit. That’s right, just good ol’ fashioned American iron. 1 LIGHT BAR MAKE: 4 Wheel Parts MODEL: Three 8-inch 130-watt halogen URL: 2 BUMPERS MAKE: Rob Bonney Fabrication MODEL: Custom PHONE: (602) 370-7955 3 NITRIDING MAKE: H&M…

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unusual suspects

If you carry a folding knife for self-defense purposes, one of your primary concerns is probably how fast you can deploy it. After all, the sharpest and most expensive blade in the world will do you no good if you can’t get it out before a bad guy smashes your braincase. With that in mind, we’re focusing on fippers — folding knives with a tab that you can push with your index fnger to fip open the blade. Purists might argue that thumb-stub openings are faster because they don’t require readjusting your grip. Others still could contend that an automatic knife or a blade with an Emerson wave-shaped opening feature allows for faster deployment. These types of debates are akin to the dreaded 1911-versus-Glock discussions. Ultimately, we’ll always make room in our…