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Recoil March/April 2016

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on the cover

Right now, the world around you is threatening your life. We don’t mean in a dramatic, face-shooting sorta way. No, we’re talking about more of an inevitable, slow-roll toward doom fashion. Be it on a tropical beach, a snowy mountainside, or even in your own living room, the sun’s rays slowly bake you, the cold causes metabolic changes that, unchecked, will lead to your demise, and a seemingly harmless skin abrasion is an invitation for bacteria to reward your domestic clumsiness with a life-threatening case of cellulitis. Your defense against nature’s sinister onslaught isn’t what you think. It’s not an emergency tin containing waterproof matches, a signal mirror, and a space blanket. No, basic survival gear begins with clothing. Nowhere is this idea more obvious and urgent than for those operating on the…

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You might have noticed something a little different about this issue’s cover. It came about as a result of getting not one, but two exclusives on a pair of new guns from companies that are leaders in their field. Instead of having them duke it out for space, we did something that, to our knowledge, no one else in the gun rag trade has ever done — and let you, the reader, pick which one you’d rather have. Of course, we had to make them look good side by side, too. It’s our first issue of 2016, so we decided to once again throw down the gauntlet to the rest of the publishing industry. Since RECOIL burst on the scene four years ago, we’ve gotten a reputation for shaking things up…

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1 This is the Agency Edition of the S3F Solutions barrel. It’s a light, match-grade barrel with what they describe as a tighter-fitting hood so it will go into lockup better. Although it’s built with octagonal fluting on the crown and length, there’s a portion of the barrel left round to ensure there’s no degradation of accuracy caused by the loss of its cylindrical shape (and so it will cycle as it should). Said crown is cut 35 degrees and sports a high polish and the feed ramp is also highly polished for optimal feeding. The new Agency barrel is designed for the Glock 19 and Glock 17 with a twist rate of 1:10. Built of 416R stainless steel, the rifling is pulled broached/SAAMI spec 9mm. Optional threading is ½x28. MAKE:…

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the new mechanix wear t/s glove line

Preventing scraped knuckles and burns has always been the province of Mechanix Wear. Its first pair of gloves were prototypes made to protect the hands of NASCAR pit crews in the early ’90s. The pit mechanics’ battle is against a clock, not an armed enemy, but their fight involves grabbing and manipulating angry bits of metal while chaos cranks all around them. Sound familiar? Mechanix Wear’s brand-newfor-2016 Tactical Specialty line is purpose built to suit the needs of warriors and law enforcement officers. Common features include hella strong pull-on loops, highdexterity 0.6mm leather palms, no drip or melt flame resistance, touchscreen compatibility, and baked-in articulation for better fit and a bunch-free grip. 1 The T/S Azimuth is the Mechanix Wear answer to the ground guy’s love of the NSN flight glove. Assaulters…

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greece is the word

Greece is a beautiful country with amazing culture. Most have seen pictures of the islands, beaches, or possibly experienced the hospitality and food first hand. The capital, Athens, is a modern city that never stops. It’s one of the world’s oldest cities with its recorded age being close to 3,400 years old. Athens has several museums of remarkable quality and content. It’s the perfect playground for the student of history. When sightseeing in Athens you’ll be visiting some of the oldest historical findings that define the human race. The War Museum is located near Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located in front of the Parliament and is guarded by the Royal Guard. There’s an elaborate change of the Royal Guard every 30 minutes. The…

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2011 TOYOTA TACOMA TRD SPORT 4X4 4L V-6 AUTOMATIC 1 LIGHT MAKE: Golight MODEL: Stryker HID URL: 2 LIGHT MAKE: Pro Comp MODEL: Pro Comp 7-inch HID URL: 3 LIGHTBAR MAKE: Zero Dark Lighting MODEL: 20-inch LED lightbar URL: 4 LIGHT MAKE: Zero Dark Lighting MODEL: 3D Rocket Pod URL: One of the fun things about covering vehicles like this is hearing stories of how our Transport articles also inspire readers to start their own build. In this case, Chris Pate of San Antonio, Texas, befriended an individual whose Tundra had appeared in our Issue 12 of RECOIL, and it got him thinking about what his dream vehicle would be. Having served 10 years in the Marine Corps, much of which was as an infantry squad leader in Iraq and Afghanistan, and participated in MMA, Chris wasn’t about to spend his deployment pay on…