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Recoil March/April 2017

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the next generation

MORROW/WATERHOUSESTUDIOS.COM“AS PARENTS, SOMEONE’S GOT TO STAND UP,” SAYS HATTIE. “IT’S AN NCAA SPORT. LET’S TEACH OUR KIDS FROM AN EARLY AGE AND GET RID OF THE FIREARM STIGMATISM.” We’d like to thank Robby and Hattie Johnson for lending us their daughter, 11-year-old Jenavee, for the cover of our Next Generation-themed issue. When we decided on the next-gen theme for the first RECOIL of 2017, we wanted it to be a tribute to the people most important to us all — those who’ll pick up where we leave off. We spent weeks searching for the right cover model when a friend of the magazine suggested Jenavee. We’d come to find out she was born and raised by a couple of true American shooters. Hattie Johnson learned to shoot with her father and began competing at…

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down range

By now, 2017’s New Year’s resolutions have already been broken, the festive booze supply has been depleted, and you’re probably tired of having to jockey for space at the gym with the folks who, like swallows to Capistrano, show up every January to crap on the place then disappear. On the national political front, now that the hubris surrounding November’s election result has subsided, we’ll all get to see whether our new president will live up to promises made on the campaign trail. If the Hearing Protection Act is passed and national CCW reciprocity becomes a reality, then this could wind up being a banner year for gun owners. If not, well, history is a harsh critic. Speaking of elections, we’ve taken the unusual step of endorsing a candidate for the…

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1It finally happened. Geiselle made a singlestage trigger. We’ve been shooting one since October, and we can sum up the feel in one word: instant. The break is immediate and clean. Geiselle specs it at 3.5 pounds, but ours breaks at 2.9. There’s zero roll, then about a millimeter of overtravel — maybe less. Reset is authoritative and just as fast; a couple millimeters reengages the sear surfaces. Gesielle uses a full power hammer spring, so no worries about light primer strikes that can be an issue with singlestage triggers, even on military primers. As far as single-stage safety, there’s a sear catch on the hammer lobe to arrest the hammer in case the trigger loses contact with the primary sear in a drop. For guys who tried the Geissele…

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old idaho penitentiary

When the rest of the nation thinks of Idaho, potatoes might be the only things that immediately come to mind. However, the state is not only home to picturesque vacation areas and some of the best freshwater fishing in the country, but is indeed a gun lovers paradise, both in legislation and recreation. Before RECOIL ventured out that way, we got word of some locations that most people beyond the state’s border never hear about and don’t get the publicity they deserve. We were privileged to go behind the scenes at one museum in particular that firearms enthusiasts are sure to devour. This J. Curtis Earl Memorial Exhibit is an impressive assortment of weapons, some of which date back thousands of years, and is tucked away in what could have easily…

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oregon trail

2016 FORD ERATHR3 F-150 5L V-8 W/ WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER SIX-SPEED MANUAL WWW.ERATHR3.COM In this column you’re typically used to seeing a helping of tactical vehicles, mainly done as one-offs by gun enthusiasts looking to make their rig more … shall we say ... practical for this lifestyle of ours. But what if a gun company churned out a truck that was as much about performance and perfection as their line of firearms were? Those of you familiar with the EraThr3 name know them as a purveyor of boutique guns and goods that’s all about precision and letting freedom ring. Did you know they build vehicles too? Their latest unveiling at SEMA 2016 was another extension of their engineering expertise on four wheels. The idea for this truck began with Jason Hulst, cofounder and designer of EraThr3…

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unusual suspects

FLIP THE PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS ON EACH KNIFE. When shopping for a tactical knife, most pick one with a tanto blade, according to knifemaker Allen Elishewitz, whose designs have been produced by companies like CRKT and Hogue: “I’ll admit, a tanto looks sexier. It looks like it could do some damage.” It’s not hard to see why. In slashing, the blade shape excels. The tip edge may be ground at a steeper angle, making a beast that can punch through chain mail. The tanto got its start in feudal Japan, where it served as the backup knife to the backup sword of the samurai. This genre experienced an explosion in popularity stateside in the 1980s when its historically smooth lines gave way to straighter, more angular blades. But there are disadvantages. Sharpening takes…