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Recoil March/April 2018

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down range

Ah, January. That time of year when people in the real world are cursing their commute, once again gorked up by snowfall. When heating bills provide a mild shock when pulled from their envelopes, and we’re counting down the days until venturing outside to do something worthwhile doesn’t require eight layers of clothing and a flask of brown liquid. The firearms industry is, of course, in the midst of its annual trip to Vegas to show off its wares. No doubt we’ll be regaled by breathless pressers touting the latest groundbreaking version of a 40-year-old design, only this time — gasp — it’s in Coyote! Buried amongst the hype will obviously be some true innovation and original thinking, and you can count on RECOIL’s staff to wade through the hyperbole and…

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on the cover

1 PLATE CARRIER MAKE: Crye Precision MODEL: Airlite SPC Plate Carrier MSRP: TBD URL: NOTES: As well as the shirt and pants across the page, Crye’s also releasing a new version of its Airlite plate carrier for 2018. The Airlite SPC, short for Structural Plate Carrier, offers the capability of Crye’s JPC 2 but has the structural support of a standard plate carrier. When Crye made the original Airlite plate carrier five years ago the goal was to make lightest plate carrier possible. It was under a pound, but Crye wanted to increase the amount of weight the rig could comfortably carry. 2 GUN MAKE: Knight’s Armament Company MODEL: Light Assault Machine Gun MSRP: N/A URL: 3 GUN MAKE: B&T MODEL: Universal Service Weapon MSRP: $2,350 URL: 4 HELMET MAKE: Crye Precision MODEL: Airframe Helmet MSRP: $844 URL: 5 BELT MAKE: Armageddon Gear MODEL: Brokos Belt MSRP: $150 URL: 6 CLOTHING MAKE: Crye Precision MODEL: G4 Combat Shirt and Combat Pant MSRP: TBD URL: NOTES: New for 2018, Crye Precision’s fourth-generation combat uniform features updates in design and materials that, the company…

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1 High-magnification variable-power scopes are often huge, especially when they have a front focal plane reticle. The latest offering in the Vudu line from EOTech reduces this long footprint into something a bit more manageable; this is particularly important with a smaller rifle or those who use a clip-on thermal or night vision device. The new Vudu 5-25x50mm Super Short is just over 11 inches long,making it one of the shortest magnified optics of its kind. It’s a first focal plane, illuminated optic featuring locking turrets with EOTech EZ Chek zero stops, with 0.1-mil clicks. EOTech will offer the Super Short with two reticle patterns initially when it ships to dealers this spring. MAKE: EOTech MODEL: Vudu Super Short 5-25x TUBE SIZE: 34 mm FOCAL PLANE: First Focal Plane MSRP: $1,999 to $2,199 URL: 2 Steep and rocky on your horizon? Salewa…

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chickamauga and chattanooga military park

Not only was the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Park the site of the battles that marked the beginning to the end of the Civil War, the U.S. military also uses it as an outdoor classroom for commanders to study the conflict and to keep prepared for an all-out war. For any admirer of rare guns or student of the firearms that made this country, they’ll find a gem at the Chickamauga Visitors Center in the form of the Fuller Gun Collection. Don’t be misled by its free admission. The amount you can learn from the battlefield and see in the gun collection is limited only by your curiosity and the time you have to spend. The Civil War was “The watershed moment in our nation’s history,” said Jim Ogden, National Park Service historian…

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spare no expense

SURVIVOR TRUCK 3 2014 RAM 1500 4X4 CREW CAB 5.7L HEMI EIGHT-SPEED ELECTRONIC WWW.SURVIVORTRUCK.COM WWW.ONESTOPSURVIVAL.COM If we could indulge our vehicular interests in the same manner we do our firearms, then it wouldn’t take long to amass a fleet that’d rival our childhood Hot Wheels collection. With our daily drivers, though, we can usually only afford to buy one that can accomplish a variety of tasks. With each survival-oriented vehicle we cover in this publication, the point is to give you, dear reader, some inspiration to start thinking about what would best suit your individual needs and budget if you could only pick one. Some people, however, aren’t limited to just one. You’ll probably recall the name Survivor Truck if you’re a regular reader of RECOIL. We previously covered owner Jim DeLozier’s first two iterations of…

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unusual suspects

A folding knife isn’t particularly heavy in and of itself. But when you consider your daily loadout of keys, wallet, smartphone, concealed pistol, holster, extra magazine, and — well, you get the picture. So, we’re balancing the pros and cons of lightweight folding knives which, for the sake of argument, we’ll call anything 3 ounces or lighter. A lighter folder won’t bog you down as much as a hefty one. Plus, it tends to be made of fewer components to keep the weight down, so it takes up less pocket real estate. On the flip side, a tool that weighs next to nothing doesn’t provide sufficient leverage for heavy-duty chores. And there’s something to be said about accidental droppings. No, we’re not talking about “sharting.” We mean letting it slip from our hands.…