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Recoil May/June 2015

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down range

A SEAL, a vegan, and a crossfit enthusiast walk up to you in a bar. Which one tells you first? RECOIL is no stranger to controversy, which is why in this issue we feature an exclusive interview with the SEAL formerly known as Mark Owen. An ostensibly polarizing figure within the SF community due to writing a pair of bestselling books, the decision to interview him was not taken lightly. As part of our due diligence we took input from other Naval Special Warfare guys and compared the content of No Easy Day to material leaked by the White House in furtherance of the incumbent’s 2012 reelection campaign. In short, we concluded that the Pentagon’s accusations that he compromised operational security were hypocritical at best and a politically motivated character assassination…

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1 We all love SureFire torches, but not everyone has the bank account to afford them. Fortunately, there are other manufacturers making solid illumination tools for those who hope to satiate their seared ahi appetites with Chicken of the Sea budgets. LA Police Gear is one such company. For a reasonable $60, its Operator L1 Flashlight delivers up to 800 lumens at 200 meters, thanks to its Cree XM-L2 LED. It has four modes, including strobe, and is waterproof up to 3 meters. It comes with two CR123 batteries and a nylon holster. MAKE: LA Police Gear MODEL: Operator L1 Flashlight MSRP: $60 2 We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — the AR-15 platform is the best LEGO set ever invented. Strike Industries takes that to heart with their new Ultimate…

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a long time coming

The single-stack 9mm Glock 43 has been a long time coming. No other Glock pistol to date has been quite so anticipated or talked about — nor the subject of such speculation, grumbling, and contention. Many people were dismayed, even angered, when it did not show up this year at the SHOT Show. So let’s answer the two most obvious questions: “Is it worth the wait?” and “Why now; what took so long?” We’ll get to the former question in a bit; first we’ll answer the latter. WHY NOW? Of course, part of it is the juxtaposition of import laws and Glock USA’s recently developed production capacity their facility in Smyrna, Georgia. Before, when they were assembling and distributing handguns from components built in Austria, smaller pistols like the 42 and 43…

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liège, belgium

When your most famous recent exports include Tintin, the Smurfs, and Jean Claude Van Damme, it’s hard to be taken seriously in the gun world. Fabrique National Herstal (FNH) and the legions of gun-makers that emanated from the city of Liège have absolutely nothing in common with the clown show above, apart from hailing from the same country that came into existence in 1830. Prior to the formation of modern-day Belgium, Liège had a political history unique among European cities of the middle ages. Instead of the usual arrangement whereby the nobleman with the biggest army got to grind the faces of poor peasants, those citizens of Liège belonging to trademen’s guilds decided that just wasn’t going to fly, and in 1345 overthrew the local prince. For over 100 years, democracy…

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blade runner

Since we know there's no one-size-fits-all tactical vehicle out there, this month we bring you another "category" to further jostle your imagination as to what exactly you might need. Whether you call it a UTV, ATV, or side-by-side, this type of four-wheeled off-roader is definitely gaining in popularity, and as described in previous articals, they can go places that a fully loaded four-wheel-drive truck just can't. In many states, these vehicles can be outfitted with horns, turn signals, mirrors, and other accessories to make them street legal-furthering their level of practically. And since quite a few of them boast four-stroke motors, you can run straight off pump gas. How wild can you really get with these? Well your vocabulary. As owner of HMP Racing, a builder of aftermarket race components for…

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unusual suspects

Not everything constructed overseas is crap. Conversely, not everything made in the United States is golden. But, it’s certainly comforting to know that your latest gear meets a certain standard that we’ve come to expect from products that bear the “Made in the USA” stamp. When it comes to potentially lifesaving tools (such as firearms, tourniquets, or, in this case, knives), this reliability becomes even more paramount. Plus, as a matter of pride, it’s always an added bonus knowing you’re supporting a U.S. company that employs fellow Americans. With that said, we’re focusing on just a handful of the many knife companies that aren’t as well known in the mainstream, but design and produce high-quality knives stateside. At RECOIL, we enjoy discovering emerging talents or shining the spotlight on hidden gems long…