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Recoil November/December 2012

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on the cover

OFF CAMERA 01RIFLE BRAND: Desert Tactical Arms MODEL: Stealth Recon Scout with 22-inch, .308 Win Conversion Kit MSRP: $4,126 URL: 02 SCOPE BRAND: Leupold MODEL: Mark 4 ER/T MSRP: $2,999 URL: 03 BIPOD ADAPTER BRAND: LaRue Tactical MODEL: Harris Bipod Adapter LT130 MSRP: $85 URL: 04 BIPOD BRAND: Harris Engineering MODEL: HBRMS Bipod 6 to 9 inches with Notches (Swivels) MSRP: $130 URL: 05 WATCH BRAND: Suunto MODEL: Core MSRP: $299 URL: 06 GLOVES BRAND: Wiley X MODEL: Paladin Glove MSRP: $150 URL: 07 KNIFE BRAND: Gerber MODEL: Combat Fixed Blade MSRP: $154 URL: 08 PISTOL BRAND: Sig Sauer MODEL: P226 Elite Dark MSRP: $1,218 URL: 09 PISTOL MAGAZINE BRAND: MEC-GAR MODEL: P226 High-Cap Flush Fit MSRP: $37 URL: 10 MAGAZINE CASE BRAND: BLACKHAWK! MODEL: Double-Stack Mag Case MSRP: $24 URL: 11 JACKET BRAND: The North Face MODEL: Mountain Light Jacket MSRP: $249 URL: 12 PANTS BRAND: REI MODEL: Taku Pants MSRP: $169 URL: 13 HOLSTER BRAND: Blade-Tech MODEL: Dropped & Offset Holster with SRB Loop MSRP: $70 URL: 14 BACKPACK BRAND: Mystery Ranch MODEL: 3 Day Assault BVS MSRP: starting at $345 URL: 15 HAT BRAND: Smartwool MODEL:…

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down range

The ability to change or adapt readily and/or to have many applications. Here we are at Issue 5 already, and we hope you’ve gotten something different out of each edition of RECOIL. Editorially speaking, versatility is certainly this issue’s theme. Nothing exemplifies this more than Desert Tactical Arms’ Stealth Recon Scout (SRS), at which we take a closer look on page 42. There are few precision rifles available that are more versatile, more adjustable on-the-fly than the SRS. With its bullpup configuration, this long gun has a more compact design than other rifles in its class without reducing the length of the barrel. This attribute gives its user more mobility and doesn’t affect the rifle’s performance. If that weren’t enough, the SRS can easily be converted to one of seven calibers…

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the second amendment

Our founding fathers carefully crafted the Constitution to set forth the form of government and fundamental laws for the United States – and added the Bill of Rights to clarify that certain basic civil rights and freedoms for all Americans must always be guaranteed. Of them all, it is the Second Amendment that serves as the brick-and-mortar foundation to help secure the rest of our constitutional rights. Within that one powerful sentence, it is clearly evident that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Whether you’re a first-time gun owner, a seasoned shooter, or don’t even own a firearm, it is important that every American fully understands the Second Amendment, and why it is so critical to our nation and way of life. Moreover, defending…

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1 MultiTasker is always at the forefront of creating pioneering tools with shooters in mind. Its latest innovation is the Tube — it looks like a pen, but hidden inside is a four-prong AR-15 front-sight adjustment tool, which is replaceable with any standard hex driver socket bits. Unscrew the other end to reveal a bolt carbon scraper. The scraper can be replaced with other optional tools, including Otis brand cleaning devices. Plus, the Tube’s pocket clip doubles as a surprisingly strong screwdriver. BRAND: MultiTasker MODEL: Tube MSRP: $45 URL: 2 Made to carry small items, the E9 Mini Flat Pouch features a zippered pocket and can be attached to slings, belts, or even Echo Niner’s own line of military-grade camera straps. It is covered almost entirely in loop material, making it perfect to help…

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a gathering of eagles

Even sitting on the ground, planes like the XB-71 Valkyrie, B-57 Hustler, and F-102 Delta Dart look like they’re screaming past you at Mach 2. In that power of still beauty, these iconic aircraft pull you back to their time, when the skies were filled with a variety of military vehicles we’re likely to never see again. That’s the power of the National Museum of the United States Air Force. A GATHERING OF EAGLES The museum opened in its first incarnation way back in 1923 and has since evolved into a massive collection of aircraft, parts, and related memorabilia that represents the history of the world’s greatest military air power — from its infancy through the early 21st century. If you love airplanes, military aircraft, and aviation history, this is your Graceland. A GATHERING…

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bug-out dino

Having lived through the chaos of the 1992 Los Angeles riots and been taught to respect and appreciate guns since grade school, Victor Carrillo knows firsthand the importance of having a firearm and a vehicle that can help him GTFO of any situation as quickly and safely as possible. And now that he works in downtown L.A. just blocks from Skid Row, he’s always prepared for any threat lurking in the concrete jungles of Southern California. But, he’s also a lifelong off-road enthusiast. He has pounded out thousands of backcountry miles on dirt bikes, four-wheelers, buggies, and trucks all over North America. So, when he was building his ultimate bug-out vehicle, Carrillo knew it had to not only be agile on the blacktop and capable of securely housing his firearms, it also…