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Recoil November/December 2013

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on the cover

01 PISTOL MAKE: SIG SAUER MODEL: P556 SB15 MSRP: $1,340 URL: 02 MAGAZINE MAKE: Magpul MODEL: PMAG 40 AR/M4 GEN M3 MSRP: $20 URL: 03 OPTIC MAKE: SIG SAUER MODEL: STS-081 MSRP: $199 URL: 04 MUZZLE DEVICE MAKE: Sintercore MODEL: Auxetik Muzzle Brake MSRP: $399 URL: 05 BELT MAKE: Ares Gear MODEL: Aegis MSRP: $80 URL: 06 MAGAZINE POUCH MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 774 MSRP: $32 URL: 07 MAGAZINE MAKE: Troy Industries MODEL: BattleMag MSRP: $15 URL: 08 WATCH MAKE: RESCO Instruments MODEL: Patriot Gen 2 MSRP: $1,650 URL: OFF CAMERA 09 SHIRT MAKE: Under Armour MODEL: Coldblack Tactical SOAS Polo MSRP: $65 URL: 10 PANTS MAKE: Arc’teryx MODEL: Drac MSRP: $289 URL: 11 KNIFE MAKE: Benchmade MODEL: Tumult MSRP: $285 URL: 12 EYE PROTECTION MAKE: Smith Elite MODEL: Director Tactical MSRP: $125 URL: 13 HANDGUN MAKE: Glock MODEL: 19 Gen 4 MSRP: $549 URL: 14 MAGAZINE RELEASE MAKE: Vickers Tactical MODEL: Gen4 Magazine Release MSRP: $20 URL: 15 SLIDE STOP MAKE: Vickers Tactical MODEL: Vickers Slide Stop MSRP: $20 URL: 16 MAGAZINE BASEPLATE MAKE: TangoDown MODEL: Vickers Tactical Floor Plate MSRP: $19 URL: 17 FRONT SIGHT MAKE: Warren Tactical MODEL: Tritium Front Sight MSRP: $50 URL: 18 REAR SIGHT MAKE:…

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down range

I’m filing this letter from Europe, at the end of a trip where I visited one of the most extensive firearms collections in the world (look for a full report in an upcoming issue of RECOIL). There I was reminded of why I left for the USA, and just how restrictive and oppressive gun laws on this side of the pond can be — it’s a sobering realization when you consider that it’s taken less than a century to go from zero restrictions at all, to a total ban on handgun ownership, all in the name of “sensible gun-control laws.” The only thing preventing the same situation occurring Stateside is a motivated and informed citizenry. That would be you, dear reader. RECOIL continues to go from strength to strength and, in my…

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1 Lube is not a particularly exciting topic, at least when you’re talking about firearms. But if you like the idea of a non-toxic, odorless solvent that will keep your guns running cleaner and longer, check out FIREClean. Its Advanced Gun Oil makes quick work of carbon fouling and maintains lubricity to very high temperatures. FIREClean conditions metal and is very efficient, working well with light, thin coats of oil. BRAND: FIREClean MODEL: FIREClean Advanced Gun Oil MSRP: $30 for two-pack URL: 2 The SlatGrill is portable and stores flat, but assembles into a lightweight, durable, and convenient grill that lets you use your preferred fuel source, including wood, charcoal, and butane. There are three models — from the 2.8-pound Scout that’s made of stainless steel to the Summit, which is titanium and weighs…

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springfield armory national historic site

Springfield Armory. What image do these two words conjure in your mind? For some, it’s synonymous with the polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns imported from Croatia. Others might equate the name with 1911-style pistols. Many might recall the line of accurate semi-automatic rifles that sprang from the M14. That’s the modern Springfield Armory, Inc., a commercial enterprise based in Illinois and founded in 1974. The original Springfield Armory was established in Springfield, Massachusetts, during the Revolutionary War to store armaments. In 1794, President Washington paved the way for smallarms manufacturing in addition to the storage of weapons. An arsenal had become an armory, and a legend was born. There’s now a museum on the site where the armory once produced firearms, and we took a visit one sunny Friday to step back in time.…

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extreme rock crawler

No warrior likes the idea of retreating, but let’s be real for a second. If there’s a potential nuclear meltdown as in Fukushima, mass looting and lawlessness like after Hurricane Katrina, or an inbound natural disaster similar to Superstorm Sandy, it’s clear that GTFO is often a good option. And for some, the only option. But how do you bug out when the airport’s shuttered, the freeways are clogged, or the streets are littered with downed power lines? You’ll need a nimble yet powerful vehicle to get you out of an urban jungle quickly if a FUBAR situation arises. But don’t expect your truck with a measly 3-inch lift kit and stock axles — let alone your Toyota Prius — to do the same job. It takes serious engineering, sizeable resources,…

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unusual suspects

We prefer an everyday carry (EDC) knife that is slim and built to last, with a quick opening. But there is some logic in carrying a slightly brawnier knife if it can do more than just slice or penetrate. This month, we shine the spotlight on rescue knives, from those that help extract an accident victim trapped in a car to the kinds that can give you an edge in a survival situation. There’s sure to be an EDC blade you’ll find worthy, whether you’re a first responder, a service member, or just a prepared citizen. 1 MAKE: Buck Knives MODEL: Redpoint Rescue OAL: 7.13 inches BLADE LENGTH: 2.75 inches BLADE MATERIAL: 420HC WEIGHT: 2.9 ounces MSRP: $55 URL: 2 MAKE: Kershaw Knives MODEL: Funxion EMT OAL: 7.25 inches BLADE LENGTH: 3 inches BLADE MATERIAL: 8Cr13MoV WEIGHT: 5 ounces MSRP: $60 URL: 3 MAKE: CRKT MODEL:…