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Recoil November/December 2015

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off the cover

1 RIFLE MAKE: SIG SAUER MODEL: MPX MSRP: $1,575 2 OPTIC MAKE: Leupold MODEL: LCO MSRP: $1,250 3 AMMO MAKE: SIG MODEL: V- crown124gr 9mm JHP MSRP: $22 4 PLATE CARRIER MAKE: Crye Precision MODEL: JPC 2.0 MSRP: $360 5 BELT MAKE: Ares Gear MODEL: Aegis MSRP: $111 6 PANTS MAKE: Under Armor MODEL: UA Performance Chinos MSRP: $80 7 KNIFE MAKE: Strider MODEL: Johnny Noveske limited edition MSRP: $475 URL: knife no longer available 8 GLOVES MAKE: Mechanix Wear MODEL: Original 0.5mm MSRP: $28 9 T-SHIRT MAKE: Follow Through Consulting MODEL: Men’s T MSRP: $20 10 SHOES MAKE: Salomon MODEL: Speedcross 3 MSRP: $130 11 SLING MAKE: Blue Force Gear MODEL: Vickers M249 SAW sling MSRP: $83 12 BODY ARMOR MAKE: Crye Precision MODEL: Platebag Soft Armor Insert MSRP: $143 each 13 HAT MAKE: Follow Through Consulting MODEL: Jack Ball Cap MSRP: $22…

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down range

It’s not often that a firearm comes along that threatens to change the market in a big way. The SIG MPX on the cover of this issue is one such gun, as it’s likely to supplant the venerable MP5 as the definitive 9mm submachine gun in police and military circles. There are comparatively few examples of the weapon in circulation and there may well be flaws that don’t rear their heads until a couple of thousand have had the snot beaten out of them, but we were impressed by both the design and its execution. Despite being pressured by end users, SIG did the right thing by not releasing their new model until they were confident all the bugs had been worked out, then sent the first batch of pistol variants…

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1 Few of us think the end will come in the form of a wadded up T-shirt or floppy leather holster. But, it could. The Gadget replaces the Glock slide plate and adds a short arm on a hinged plate that rests on the cocked striker. Any rearward trigger movement pushes the striker back into The Gadget’s arm, raising the hinged plate. Holster the gun with your thumb on the plate, and you’ll feel (and resist) any movement of the trigger as it enters the holster. This is akin to holstering a 1911 with a thumb on the hammer. It’s not an invitation for sloppy holstering, but it might make you worry less about your favorite T-shirt killing you. MAKE: Tau Development Group MODEL: The Gadget Striker Control Device MSRP: $60 2 Oakley’s Chamber…

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cody firearms museum

The Cody Firearms Museum has a problem. It’s not due to their collection, which is one of the most comprehensive in the country. It’s not down to their building, which offers 45,000 square feet of guns, and, as part of the Buffalo Bill Center, is located on a 7-acre exhibition space. Rather, it’s due to the perception it only deals with “cowboy guns,” and therefore probably doesn’t have anything to offer the black rifle enthusiast, which is about as wrong as it’s possible to be. Less than an hour from the east gate of Yellowstone National Park lies the tourist town of Cody, surrounded by the kind of topography that makes cubicledwellers pine for the great open spaces of American West and draws thousands of ski bums, incurable romantics, and those…

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green barrage

2014 JEEP JK RUBICON 6.4L HEMI V-8 SIX-SPEED MANUAL WWW.GREENBERETFOUNDATION.ORG WWW.ROADARMOR.COM WWW.STARWOODMOTORS.COM Raising awareness for a charity is no easy feat, particularly one focused on helping a group that doesn’t seek attention and prides itself on being “quiet professionals.” The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) was started in 2009 to give back to those who’ve served in its ranks and their families, as well as get the public interested in who the U.S. Army Special Forces are and what it takes to become one. When the idea was tabled to build a vehicle that could tour various events and get people excited about the organization’s cause, you can bet that it was going to be as resilient, practical, and ballsy as the soldiers it was representing. In other words, trailer queens need not apply. Mark Hanson, owner of Road…

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green beret foundation

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Providing assistance to those who are trained to put others first and not ask for help is indeed a unique challenge that would probably explain the absence of an organization specifically focused on the U.S. Army Special Forces (SF)…until now. The Green Beret Foundation was created to fill the void and provide direct and continuous support to the SF community and their families. “We look at each case individually and develop care and transition plans,” says Jen Paquette, executive director of the GBF. “We call this a family business, it’s Green Berets supporting Green Berets.” Paquette knows firsthand the wide gaps that exist in the system after her SF husband was injured by an IED. During that time she, her husband, fellow Green…