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Recoil November/December 2017

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on the cover

1 KNIFE MAKE: MilMak MODEL: 3Finger MSRP: $120 URL: 2 SLING MAKE: Grey Ghost Gear MODEL: SD GT Sling MSRP: $45 URL: 4 BASE PAD MAKE: Taran Tactical MODEL: Standard Sized Glocks 9/40 MSRP: $42 URL: 3 JACKET MAKE: Viktos MODEL: SEREous Softshell Jacket MSRP: $175 URL: 5 RIFLE MAKE: Nordic Components MODEL: PCC MSRP: $1,600 URL: 6 MAGAZINE MAKE: Glock MODEL: Gen 4 9mm 33-Round Magazine MSRP: $36 URL: 7 OPTIC MAKE: Leupold MODEL: LCO MSRP: $910 URL:…

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On a recent trip to Chicago I was reminded that despite having made great progress in the past decades, as gun owners we still have a long way to go. Numbers of licensed CCW owners are at an all-time high, the ridiculous and oft-ignored Clinton-era scary black rifle ban is but a fading memory, and the arbitrary and capricious restrictions placed on us by the National Firearms Act of 1934 have been challenged by recent product innovation. And yet, there’s still a myriad patchwork of laws that seem to exist solely to ensnare the well-intentioned gun owner, or else demonstrate lawmakers’ almost complete ignorance of the subject at hand. Pro tip: When someone in public office claims a piece of legislation will “send a message,” they should be publicly tarred and…

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1 First Spear is pushing the “gearvelope” with its latest mag pouch. The new MultiMag incorporates BOA adjustment technology, the same ratchet-fit system found on high-end footwear. The idea is one pouch for many missions. Stuff a mag in and twist the dial on the bottom till you get the retention pressure you want, then forget it. You can crank it in anticipation of vigorous activity, and just pop the dial to release the pressure when you need your gear. The system easily holds AR-15- and AR-10-style mags, and other similar shaped mags and items, like a radio. First Spear is also offering inserts to accommodate a pair of pistol mags. For cats with positive retention needs, there are loops to run a tabbed bungee cord, also sold as an accessory. Make: First…

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idaho military museum

If you’re in the Boise area and looking for a healthy sampling of vehicles and weaponry to check out, you’re in luck. You can even save a few bucks doing so. History and firearms buffs will definitely want to pay a visit to the Idaho Military Museum. And since admission is free, that’s about the only “paying” you’ll be obligated to do. “One thing we pride ourselves on is we don’t charge an admission into the museum. We go into it feeling that military history has already been bought and paid for, and we’re trying to make it available to the public so they can see what their fathers and grandfathers utilized in their careers,” says Jeff Packer, chief curator and executive director of the museum. Opened originally in 1995, the Idaho…

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self preservation

1994 TOYOTA land cruiser FJ80 5.9L CUMMINS DIESEL 4WD, MODIFIED ORIGINAL AISIN TRANSMISSION There was a time when cars (and many other things) were built to last as long as you maintained them. Unfortunately it seems as if planned obsolescence has become the manufacturing industry’s purview and buyers are brainwashed into believing that “new” is synonymous with “better.” Things are pretty disposable now. The general paradigm has gone from repair to replacement, depriving people of any willingness to fix what’s broken or modify an aging piece of equipment. So what does this outta sight/outta mind mentality say about people who never learned how to repair anything? Their lack of resourcefulness, coping skills, and self-reliance is as obvious as Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish. Think about how they’ll react if things break down on a Great…

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unusual suspects

FLIP THE PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS ON EACH KNIFE. When looking for a knife, it often seems like there are just two choices when it comes to picking blade steel: high-carbon or stainless. But what if we told you there’s a third alternative? That is, knives made from tool steel. Indeed, many knife enthusiasts seek out blades made from this material. Tool steel is primarily used to make dies and cutting instruments, according to Ed Severson, a sales manager for steel company Böhler-Uddeholm. In other words, they’re the tools “designed to make other things,” he said. Depending on the application, manufacturers use tool steel to create tools that cut metal, or make a die that can be used over and over without wearing out or deforming. So it turns out that tool steel’s…