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Recoil September/October 2015

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on the cover

1 RIFLE MAKE: DPMS MODEL: Gen II Recon MSRP: See page 62 URL: 2 JACKET MAKE: Beyond Clothing MODEL: Lochi Jacket MSRP: $462 URL: 3 SHIRT MAKE: Beyond Clothing MODEL: A9 Mission Shirt MSRP: $155 URL: 4 PANTS MAKE: Beyond Clothing MODEL: Helios Brokk Pant MSRP: $200 URL: 5 BELT MAKE: Safariland MODEL: ELS with 578 GLS holster MSRP: Varies according to accessories URL: 6 PISTOL MAG POUCH MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 773 Competition Open Top Magazine Pouch MSRP: $29 URL: 7 SHOTSHELL CARRIER MAKE: AP Custom MODEL: QL 8C Shotshell Carrier MSRP: $105 URL: 8 SHOTSHELL CARRIER MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 085 Shotgun Shell Carrier MSRP: $30 URL: 9 BIPOD MAKE: Versa-Pod MODEL: Model 923 MSRP: $232 URL: OFF THE COVER 10 BACKPACK MAKE: Arc’teryx LEAF MODEL: Khard 60 Pack MSRP: $549 URL: 11 WATCH MAKE: Smith & Bradley MODEL: Ambush MSRP: $645 URL: 12 BOOTS MAKE: Reebok Tactical MODEL: Rapid Response MSRP: $140 URL: 13 EYE PRO MAKE: Rudy Project MODEL: Genetyk Shooting MSRP: $375 URL: 14 AMMO MAKE: Polycase MODEL: ARX Inceptor 114gr 45ACP MSRP: $25 URL: 15 PISTOL MAKE: Para USA MODEL: Black Ops Combat MSRP: $1,325 URL: 16 RIFLE MAG POUCH MAKE: ITW MODEL: FastMag Heavy MSRP: $35 URL: 17 RIFLE MAG POUCH MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 774 Rifle Magazine Pouch MSRP: $18 URL: 18 KNIFE MAKE: TOPS Knives MODEL: Back Bite MSRP: $165 URL:…

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In this issue, we get serious. While it’s always fun to look at the latest and sexiest gear, the most potent weapon we wield is information, and sometimes it pays to knuckle down and present topics that at first glance might seem dry and academic. While most of us would rather gargle razor blades than study an insurance policy, we believe in giving you the tools to cover your ass if you’re forced to use the hardware we all own and enjoy. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of blades, bullets, and babes to counterbalance the grown-up stuff, but we’re duty-bound to bring you content you can’t get anywhere else. Walking down the aisles of my local bookstore the other day, I was impressed by not only the quantity of firearms magazines, but…

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1 Sometimes a T-shirt or a morale patch just ain’t enough. Sometimes you need more flare. Enter Brim-It Hat Clips. These anodized aluminum clips with various logos slide onto your baseball cap visor and help express more of your personality, whether it’s your love of country or your dedication to the Second Amendment. You can even order a custom clip with your own design. A portion of all sales are donated to the non-profit Wishes for Warrior. Made in the USA. MAKE: Brim-It Hat Clips MODEL: Various MSRP: $10 each URL: 2 If you’re looking to build an AR-15 that doesn’t feel like you’re running and gunning with a cylindrical kettlebell in your hands, get ready for Guntec USA’s 12-inch free-floating handguard that weighs 9.1 ounces (including the barrel nut). Set for a September release, it features heavy-duty…

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welcome to the rock

Of all the places in the United States to find what is perhaps the best collection of small arms, the state of Illinois doesn’t likely spring to mind. Chicago, the state’s largest city, has some of the strictest laws on gun ownership, while all Illinois residents must have a firearm owner’s identification card to purchase a firearm. Yet, the land of Lincoln is also home to one of the finest collections of military small arms anywhere in the world. This collection is housed at the Rock Island Arsenal, a 946-acre island located on the Mississippi River between the cities of Rock Island, Illinois, and Davenport, Iowa. The island was first established as a government site in 1816 with the construction of Fort Armstrong, which was one of a chain of western…

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you are what you drive

2011 FORD F-250 SUPER DUTY 6.7L DIESEL V-8 6R140 AUTOMATIC WWW.5TOESCUSTOM.COM, WWW.ROADARMOR.COM, WWW.STARWOODMOTORS.COM In RECOIL Issue 19, we profiled John Wayne Walding, a decorated Green Beret nearly killed in the Battle of Shok Valley who also became the first amputee to complete Special Forces sniper school. While his commitment to his country and the Army speaks for itself, honoring an individual like Walding with a vehicle to commemorate his service and approach to life is no easy feat. First, you need the right concept. Second, you need the right materials. And last but not least, you need the right builders to combine all these elements into something practical, personal, and robust enough to make other Special Forces operators say, “Hey, I’d drive that.” Mark Hanson, CEO of Road Armor, first began conceptualizing a truck along…

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unusual suspects

Tanto, clip-point, spear-head — we’re often asked, “What’s the best blade shape?” To which we reply, “It depends on the purpose.” Like using a 12-gauge for long-range shooting, picking a knife for the wrong purpose could result in diminished performance at best and catastrophic results at worse. Invariably, the next question is always, “Then what’s the best blade shape for self-defense?” Our first answer is the old saying, “The one you have in your hand.” Our follow-up answer is a bit more complex, because so many factors can affect a given confrontation (i.e. your training, your skill level, your environment, and the local knife laws, just to name just a few). But if you ask Michael Janich, the answer is simple: a Wharncliffe. This preeminent combatives instructor, RECOIL contributor, and co-host…