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Recoil September/October 2016

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on the cover

1 RIFLE MAKE: Century Arms MODEL: C39 SBR MSRP: $1,000 approx. URL: 2 MAGAZINE (SHOWN HERE) MAKE: Magpul MODEL: PMAG 30 AK Gen3 MSRP: $27 URL: 3 MAGAZINE (COVER) MAKE: US Palm MODEL: AK 30 Magazine MSRP: $20 URL: 4 JACKET MAKE: Adidas MODEL: Superstar Track Jacket MSRP: $70 URL: 5 RING MAKE: Starlingear MODEL: Monkey Puncher MSRP: $625 URL: 6 BRACELET MAKE: Starlingear MODEL: Bracelet MSRP: $2,000 URL: 7 BRASS KNUCKLES MODEL: Copper knuckles MSRP: $100 URL: 8 NECKLACE MODEL: Walmart MSRP: Chinesium Gold Chain MSRP: $8 URL: OFF THE COVER 9 PANTS MAKE: Adidas MODEL: Superstar Track Pant MSRP: $65 URL: 10 KNIFE MAKE: Steve Ryan Knives MODEL: Model 1 MSRP: $1,200 URL:…

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down range

The past decade has been an interesting one for AK aficionados. Once the low-budget AR-15 alternative, import restrictions have squeezed supplies to the point where the economic argument for their acquisition is no longer valid. But as students of all things firearms related, a passing familiarity with the world’s most ubiquitous assault rifle should be a necessity, even if it’s only with the neutered, semi-auto variant. That is why in this issue we’ve cast our beady eyes over what’s available to the U.S. market, as well as how to improve and make the most of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s brainchild. We’ve not neglected our usual departments, either. Summer means it’s time to hit the trails, so if you’ve been thinking about adding some rough country kicks to the wardrobe, check out our…

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1 AR cleaning kits are a dime a dozen, but AK owners finally get some love with the RealAvid AK cleaning kit. The kit comes with all the 7.62mm bore brushes, swabs, and scrapers you’ll need to clean your AK like a proper Ukrainian farmboy. It features a double-ended chamber brush that’ll reach into the chamber and a scraper made especially for the contours of the AK bolt and piston. The gear, plus a bunch of patches, all store neatly in a compact, zippered case that might keep you from losing something. Maybe. MAKE: Real Avid MODEL: Gun Boss AK47 Cleaning Kit MSRP: $111 URL: 2 This is no coffee table book. Iannamico has collected the history, facts, and photos of nearly every variant of the AK-47 produced. Worried the Yugo you bought might…

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heartland museum of milirary vehicles

There are plenty of museums that are truly off the beaten path, but the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles (HMMV) in Lexington, Nebraska, isn’t exactly one of those — at least not if you’re driving on I-80 through America’s heartland. While not perhaps as well known as Fort Bennett or West Point, this museum is absolutely worth the trek for anyone with an interest in military vehicles, anti-tank weapons, or just happens to be a fan of M*A*S*H*. Run by a nonprofit organization, staffed by volunteers, and funded entirely by donations and grants, the HMMV isn’t the largest military history museum in the country, nor does it have the most extensive collection of military vehicles. However, this free-to-visit museum, which is open year-round (except for Christmas and New Year’s Day) is…

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two-track mind

Let’s face it, who hasn’t fantasized about having their very own tank without being subject to the usual prerequisite of military service or stealing one from a National Guard armory? Schwarzenegger’s YouTube charity videos might make you think he’s the only one with the money and connections to be able to personally own and operate some decommissioned iron, but there’s hope for those of us who’ve felt that same indescribable yearning that could only be satisfied by having tracked armor. Dead Air Armament founder Mike Pappas is living proof that the average civilian can realize that dream as well — assuming your local laws permit such a thing. If not, perhaps it’s time to move or write to your congressman. After looking at different options for surplus military vehicles on the…

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unusual suspects

For some people, carrying a 4-inch tactical folding knife that swings open with a flick of a wrist or the press of a button is a fantasy. Thanks to fear-mongering of Hollywood in the ’50s, switchblades were banned. In places like New York City, one-handed opening knives can earn you an uncomfortable experience with NYC’s finest. And in restrictive European nations like Germany, the law dictates knives can’t lock. As a result, some manufacturers have returned to a classic design: the slip-joint folding knife, sometimes called a nonlocking folder. Choosing an everyday carry (EDC) knife for jurisdictions with strict knife laws comes with its challenges. Usually, the blade must be short. Short blades are often attached to short handles — not friendly for fullsized hands. Plus, a nonlocking folder means there’s…