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Recoil September/October 2017

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on the cover

1 RIFLE MAKE: Patriot Ordinance Factory MODEL: Revolution MSRP: $2,700 URL: 2 BRACELET MAKE: Croft Leather Cuffs MSRP: $25 URL: www.handfnmade leathercuffs. 3 VEST MAKE: Safelife Defense MODEL: Concealable Multi Threat Vest NIJ .06 Level III A MSRP: $399 URL: www.safelife 4 HOLSTER MAKE: Eaton Tactical Innovations MODEL: ETI IWB G19/G23 R MSRP: $55 URL: www.eatontactical 5 PEN MAKE: Benchmade MODEL: 1100 Aluminum Series MSRP: $125 URL: 6 KNIFE MAKE: Hinderer Knives MODEL: MP-1 Black MSRP: $450 URL: www.rickhinderer 7 LIGHT MAKE: PK DesignLabs MODEL: PK-PR1 MSRP: $79 URL:…

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As gun owners, we’re living in the best of times. While we’re still awaiting progress on the Hearing Protection Act and concealed carry reciprocity, prices on the kind of firearms and accessories we love have dropped to historic lows. At the national level, we still have a somewhat friendly Congress and ahead of the mid-term elections next year, little political appetite for the kind of idiotic grandstanding favored by pig-ignorant and duplicitous Bloomberg lackeys. And then there’s California. As if to prove that no gun control law is too onerous or barkingly mad to be rammed through by the Democratic supermajority, Californian gun owners were forced to make a decision on July 1, whether to become criminals or to hand over their regular-capacity magazines. Law-abiding citizens were given the choice of either…

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1 Have you ever hung up your range gear, wetsuit, or three-piece suit only to have the plastic hanger snap on you? Or the wooden hanger separate from its metal hook? Well, kiss those annoying breakages goodbye. Ontario Knife Company is now offering the Jericho Hanger, a clothes hanger on steroids. Made of a souped-up polymer, it can hold up to 250 pounds, plenty of capacity to stow your tactical, hunting, or outdoor sports kit. And there are J-hooks at the bottom for holding belts, backpack straps, etc. Word to the wise: While some might want to buy this to hang up their body armor, be sure to follow the instruction manual from your manufacturer, as ballistic vests should be cleaned, dried, and stored flat in a cool place for longevity…

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getting tanked

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a tank in motion. The deep rumbling roar of the engine combined with the squeaks, squeals, and chinks of the treads. Before it’s even in sight, you know something strong and primal is coming. Taking in these sounds, one begins to understand just how bizarre and foreign this modern war machine must have seemed when it first debuted on the dirty, rough battlefields of World War I. The idea of what a tank exactly is seems to be a generational thing. Since I was born in the early ’80s, the word “tank” conjures images of giant cartoon G.I. Joe battles intermixed with footage from Desert Storm. A firsthand look wouldn’t happen until much later when in the military, and even then they were mostly…

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the element of surprise

When it comes to describing the Chevy ZH2, we hesitate to label it with the term “concept.” Most vehicles bearing that moniker never seem to get beyond being displayed on a carousel at auto shows with sultry-voiced booth babes telling everyone it’s the next generation of automotive engineering or something else grandiose. After all, even though we’ve seen several concept versions, we’re still waiting for the El Camino’s comeback so we can relive our high school days in full midlife crisis mode. In the case of the Chevy Colorado-based ZH2, there’s no bait and switch. We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it (after listening very carefully), and believe it’s a sign of things to come. It’s easy to be skeptical whenever advancements this drastic go from drawing board to testing environments, which…

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unusual suspects

The butterfly knife is the original fidget spinner. While the latter will be a distant memory this time next year, the former will remain as coveted as it was when American G.I.s brought them back from the Philippines after World War II. In recent years, balisong fans have grown into two camps: the collectors (mostly martial artists and knife nuts) and the flippers (who focus on the sport of twirling the knife). While its future lies along these two branches, its roots are less clear. Practitioners of the Filipino fighting arts say that the balisong originated in the Philippines hundreds of years ago, possibly more than a millennia ago. Others argue that they first appeared in France in the 1700s and spread to Spain, where colonialists brought them to the Southeast Asian…