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history in a lamp

In late March, Malena and I took a trip to Las Vegas, and I shot a few features for R-USA and visited a few ad clients. One morning, we left the MGM and headed to Main Street, situated between downtown and the LV Strip. The area is filled with antique and retro shops, restaurants, and more. We stopped at a shop that had consignment vendors with an incredible amount of antique pieces. We spotted one vendor that featured lamps made with taillamps, gauge panels, cameras, etc. We purchased one of these works of art, which was made using a 1950s Sunbeam kitchen mixer. I came close to buying one of the camera lamps, but something told me to wait. On our drive back to Tucson, I told Malena that I would call…

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coupes are for chickens

Roadster guys and gals are a hardier group than us coupe owners. After all, most of us coupe people stay covered up, warm, and cozy under a hard shell with glass windows, heaters, a/c, stereos, and cushy interiors. However, roadster owners are pretty much exposed to the uncontrolled conditions of mother nature, the road, and speed. Please permit me to give you a prime example of this robust segment of rodding. Many years ago, I was attending a show in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. The weather is usually consistent, HOT. However, that year it was pleasant, which means the area north between Palm Springs and Los Angeles was cool or even worse. The show we were attending was The Doctor George Charity run, put on by the Palm Springs…

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helmuth brothers coupe

Having just graduated college in 2011 from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, John Helmuth moved back home to start his new career as a Graphic Designer. While wanting to save some money for living, investing in himself would be nice at this stage of life. Growing up in a family filled with motorheads, John was constantly around muscle cars, hotrods, pickups, and street rods, so it was only a matter of time that he would build his car. John knew that with his Dad on board, the ability to build whatever car they wanted, given the budget was realistic for John, would be achievable. There was no rush to build it, so John would take as long as necessary to make the car perfect. The plan was to…

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1930 ford coupe

OWNER: John Helmuth - West Deptford NJ CHASSIS: 1932 Ford SoCal Speed Shop step boxed frame. FRONT SUSPENSION: 4-inch SoCal dropped axle / Durant Monoleaf spring, hairpins, Panhard bar. REAR SUSPENSION: ‘40 Ford buggy spring with ladder bars and Panhard bar. TIRES: Front 4.50/4.75, rear 7.50 Firestone bias ply. WHEELS: Front 16x4.5, rear 16x6 gennie rims. ENGINE: 350 small-block Chevy, 290hp Goodwrench, 7-fin Corvette valve covers with four mini Eelco breathers, early 60’s Weiand aluminum intake. TRANSMISSION: 700R4 with Limeworks 3-speed style column shift. BODY: Chopped 4-inches by Jerry McCarthy and John Helmuth and channeled ¾-inch at the front to eliminate the body gap between the body and the ‘32 Ford frame. PAINT: PPG UPS Brown (P18C) by Dennis Fox. INTERIOR: Stewart-Warner tach, oil pressure, water temp, fuel, Schroeder Bell-style steering wheel, IDIDIT hot rod column, original Model A coupe…

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midwest run 2021 roadster

If you watch television at all, you have probably seen commercials touting Facebook groups. While none of the groups in those commercials captivate my interest, one that is continually picking up new members is Roadsters of America. As this is written, the group includes 3.4K members. Not that all of them have roadsters, but you can bet that many of them do. The Midwest Roadster Run 2021 was held June 4 and 5, in and around Alton, Illinois. roadsters, cabriolets, and phaetons came from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. The Long Distance award is the only one given at the event, and Bart Caliaro was the recipient. He drove 1,200 miles from Vermont to participate. Past experience shows that this hearty group will arrive…

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havasu speed equipment

Dan Van Auken has been in the automotive industry for many years building performance race cars, hot rods, motorcycles, offshore boat engines, and prototype vehicles. His first modified car was a 1963 Plymouth Max-Wedge 413, which he raced at Detroit Dragway in 1963. In 1968 he was a fabricator and engine builder for Ramchargers Racing and their fleet of championship race cars. Dan was one of the co-founders and partners in the Troy, Michigan-based Wheel to Wheel, Inc. company which built proto type and concept cars and trucks for General Motors. Many of those cars have been featured at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. They also built and maintained pace cars for NASCAR and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At Wheel to Wheel, Dan built hot rods for Dale Earnhardt, Tim…