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war graves

Remembering the sacrifices made in World War IIWhen reveille played at 5:30 a.m. on December 7, 1941, the 1,500 men aboard USS Arizona awakened to a warm Sunday morning in Oahu’s Pearl Harbor. Two hours later, some men were still asleep in their bunks, officers were having coffee, and a few crew set up chairs for a church service. The 608-foot-long Arizona was the flagship of the Pacific Fleet. It and seven other battleships — California, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia — were tied up on “Battleship Row.”Just before 8 a.m. local time, Imperial Japanese fighter planes, bombers and torpedo planes launched a surprise attack on the fleet. The attack would kill more than 2,403 Americans. More than half were on Arizona — 1,177 sailors and Marines,…

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dive briefs

Amanda Cotton (left) talks to a Water Women mentee before diving in La Paz, Mexico. (GEMMA SMITH)The people, places and events making headlines underwaterConnecting young women with careers in the dive industryUnderwater shooter and expedition leader Amanda Cotton added one more title to her name in 2014: nonprofit starter. Fed up with challenges in the industry, she decided to empower young women by connecting them with the dive community’s female leaders, thus creating Water Women.Q: What inspired you to start a nonprofit?Amanda Cotton: Frustration. I’ve been a professional underwater photographer for 13 years, and I get in trouble for saying it, but when I look at projects and jobs, the teams hired are often all men.Or, there is one woman on a team of five or 10 people. And it’s…

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wonder women

A look at three of the mentors inspiring the next generation through Water WomenAt the ripe age of 18, Heaney-Grier reached 155 feet on a constant-weight freedive, setting a U.S. record for both men and women. The Women Divers Hall of Fame member has been busy ever since, including appearances on several TV programs.Gemma SmithThis PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer has logged thousands of dives, including many in caves and on closed-circuit equipment. Her passions include archaeology, which led to her role in helping excavate the Greek Antikythera wreckJillian MorrisWhen some folks may shy away, Morris thrives. This shark-lover has dedicated much of her career to diving with and teaching others about the oft-misunderstood fi sh, leading her to being named a Sea Hero by Scuba Diving magazine in 2016…

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a moment in time

The mountains of Norway hide an Atlantis of sorts preserved underwater for more than a centuryNot far beneath the surface of Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet lies a scene frozen in time: a collection of bare apple trees reach toward the surface, stone fences guard against enemies long forgotten, and farm roads lead to nowhere.This dive site near Norway’s west coast is an Atlantis of sorts, but with less flourish and more country charm. About 30 feet below the surface, divers can find the remains of a small community that was trapped in time by a natural disaster.“As I descended, I was immediately filled with joy as I could confirm that the viz was excellent, and I could see the old farms and the fences,” says Norwegian underwater photographer Lars Korvald.“I knew right…

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being green in a blue ocean

Divers can take a stand and make 2017 a great yearJoin us in supporting — and fighting for — these three worthwhile initiatives1. World Oceans Day was first suggested in 1992 by Canada at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit; it officially launched a decade later. This annual celebration to draw attention to the plight of the world’s oceans hosted a handful of events that first year. Today, hundreds of events in more than 100 countries are held June 8 each year, and the day has become a global rallying point. And you gotta believe in the power of social media: In 2016, #WorldOceansDay trended second on Twitter, reaching more than 65 million people; Instagram posts reached more than 290 million people. Show your love for our oceans by using…

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free your mind

Forrest Simon wants everyone to experience the serenity of freedivingUtilizing freediving for photography, recreation and exploration, Forrest Simon has spent decades as a student of Mother Nature. He began his journey of freediving safety advocacy in 2002 and continues to promote that through training courses, public speaking and events.In 2015, Simon started freediving competitively and quickly joined the ranks of the elite, competing on the USA Freediving Team and also achieving the depth of 257 feet (78 meters) using traditional bi-fins, which makes him one of the deepest bi-fin freedivers ever.Q: You represent Team USA competitively. What does it take to prepare for an event, and what does your training entail?FS: For me, preparing for a freediving competition is a unique balance of physical and mental preparation. I tend to…