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Survivor’s Edge prepares you for real world disasters with the skills and knowledge to take on whatever comes your way

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stay in touch

Because of a $400 error in a newspaper advertisement, I purchased my first mobile phone in the Fall of 1991 for only $99. It was a Panasonic EBJ-1114 “transportable mobile phone,” a monolithic brick that required its own backpack in which to cart it around. I used it only once, and the allure to be always available faded. Plus, CompuServe, AOL, and Prodigy had all just recently opened easy passage to the Internet. Times were changing. Now we take for granted the device in our pockets that gives access to the entirety of human achievement, from shopping, communicating, and calculating, to researching, gaming, and watching cat videos. Long gone are the archaic relics of a bygone era, like beepers, encyclopedias, fax machines, 9600-baud modems, VHS tapes, and floppy disks. Comparing the changes…

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about the authors

ARMANDO BASULTO has been a combatives instructor for various government agencies and has co-authored a combatives training manual for the Special Operations community. He is a 2nd Degree Black Belt Professor in Gracie Jiu Jitsu as well as competitive kickboxer in Europe and the US. N.E. MACDOUGALD is a U.S. Army veteran who performed classified duties with the 519th M.I. Bn. in Vietnam. He is one of five instructors for a series of survival videos produced by Panteao Productions. THOMAS RAY grew up in rural South Carolina. His youth was spent outdoors in the Broad River Basin area. His interests include history, aboriginal studies, survival, primitive arts and frontier life. He has taught numerous primitive skills classes and has presented a multitude of interpretive programs to a wide audience. MICHAEL D’ANGONA is a…

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good gear

1 5.11 Tactical Revolver Reversible Jacket Any outdoor enthusiast knows that on the trail, the temperature can change in an instant. With the reversible Revolver jacket from 5.11, you won’t even flinch when you start to feel that cool, crisp fall breeze creep up your back. The jacket has internal concealed carry access, so you go from outdoor explorer to city dweller in a snap. ▸ REVERSIBLE METAL TWO-WAY FRONT ZIPPER WITH WEBBING PULLER▸ SIGNATURE PEN POCKET ON LEFT SLEEVE▸ PATCH HOLDER PANEL ON RIGHT SLEEVE▸ LEFT AND RIGHT CHEST READY POCKETS▸ 100 PERCENT POLYESTER HEATHER FLEECE INNER JACKET▸ AVAILABLE IN DARK NAVY AND TDU GREEN STARTING AT $140; FROM 511TACTICAL.COM 2 5.11 MISSION READY CHUKKA Đ Disaster can strike at a moment’s notice, so you need to be ready for it. With the Mission Ready Chukka…

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isurvived september 11 special edition

Will Jimeno was one of the first responders from the Port Authority to arrive on the scene of hell at the WTC. Once again we learned that survival often is determined by the human spirit that refuses to accept defeat or die. One of Will Jimeno’s buddies just had died in the rubble resulting from the two airplane attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. Parts of Jimeno’s body were crushed. So thirsty he felt certain he’d die from his injuries and lack of fluids, 32-year-old Jimeno of Chester, New Jersey, saw a miraculous vision and resolved, “I won’t die. If I die, it’s not because I’ve given up but rather because I’ve tried to get out of this…

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concealed carry 101

Sub-second pistol draws. Rapid transitions between multiple targets. Shooting while moving and around barricades. We’ve all seen videos where professionals crush these challenges and we’ve wondered how they could be so fast and so smooth. We have to remember, at some point, every one of those Instagram firearm guys and gals with thousands of followers sat in a basic handgun safety class. At some point, the most impressive operators, marksmen and trainers were amateurs. Even the best shooters have to start somewhere. If you’re a novice now, remember, the best out there were once just like you. With all the cool gear that comes out each year and with the viral videos spread all over the internet, sometimes it’s easy to let run-and-gun aspirations get ahead of realistic concealed-carry training…

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reality training

As much as possible, your training should reflect your reality as a civilian concealed handgun carrier. The reality of concealed carry in this day and age means addressing threats and treating injuries with discretely carried gear in the capacity of a civilian, not a law enforcement officer. Ideally, you should not have to be the first to respond and you should not have to treat your own injuries but nothing about fighting is ever ideal. That said, you should invest in a solid holster you can carry your pistol comfortably in as well as a quality tourniquet/tourniquet trainer to practice with it. You should try your blue gun presentation skills against a training partner closing the reactionary gap on you. You should learn to address threats with more options than…